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Funny DooM images May 3, 2004, 9:08 am
Those who visit somethingawful often may have seen this a long time ago.
There was a little something called MS Paint Video Game Characters in Their Old Age that made parody of videogame characters.
Our very own DooMguy was made fun of here and here.

Smells like something s burning. April 4, 2004, 3:42 am
Last night night when I did my "forum and email round" I smelled something.
It smelled like burnt dust or something.
I didn't reflect on that and started to check me emails.
Then suddenly it happened... My monitor bursted into flames.
A thick and unhealthy pillar of smoke raised up from the inside of the monitor.
I quickly unplugged everything and grabbed the burning monitor and threw it
out in the corridor outside my aparment.
My neighbour came home from a party and wondered what I was doing
bent over my smoking monitor in the corridor. I had no good answer to that.
It's kind of scary that my monitor started burning for nothing.
It was at least 6 years old, so I guess that a lot of dust has gathered inside over the years.
Lucky for me that I was awake and could handle it.
What had happened if I was asleep when the monitor caught fire.

Now I resume "work" with my neighbours old monitir, that he borrowed to me right after the incident.
It's a whoppin' 14" screen compared to my old bigger 17" screen.
It's so very old and bad that the letters I write now is blurry.
I won't even see if I make any typos...

I wonder if I can open the burnt monitor and blow all the dust away using a compressor or something.
But it probably would be VERY VERY stuopid to do so.
An old monitor like that could very well be a small electric bomb waiting for me to poke me finger inside and give me a highvoltage kiss of death.
I really liked that monitor. But alas... I guess it's lost.

My Location November 23, 2006, 4:51 am
It would probably kill some stats, but according
to me who only have like 2 posts in this entire thread,
I think it would be nice to delete the whole thread and
remake it where the latest "tree" is in the first post.

I also have a request of the subcategory of Scandinavia
to be added, which would host Iceland, Sweden, Finland,
Denmark and Norway.

If the above is not possible, then I only request an
update on my info. I moved from Gävle to Uppsala.
Who cares... But right shall be right...