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No longer a virgin to it November 16, 2014, 7:30 pm
I can say I am no longer a virgin to pot now, I'm not that high but it was a nice experience to smoke a little bit with one of my brothers who I found smokes it.

ITT: Against rules to post that I first tried it?

The pranks have to stop now October 11, 2014, 9:40 am
Whoever is doing the prank calls has to stop now. It is bordering on harassment (if not harassment now) as it's been going on for about 3 weeks. Someone ordered Domino's online and some poor delivery guy showed up at 10 AM to my residence.

Somebody who knows my BVV Facebook page apparently did that and the post was 6 hours ago but the contents of the user's post didn't appear hostile but it did address me by first name, which is nowhere on my Youtube FB channel page but on my Steam (which I cleared just now).

The person is male and always has a heavy accent, according to my mother.

Treasure Trove of MIDI discovered October 6, 2014, 6:45 pm

I even found shit like Amon Amarth and other heavier artists on here.

This is a metric fuckton of MIDI files, more than I have ever seen. So far all the music I have played is legit, so it's a grand find for me and others.

When observing with a MIDI editor, most of these songs are complete, having an alternate/multiple alternates and/or incomplete versions (usually drums) next to finished songs.

For the metalheads. Went through just over 3,000 songs and put them separate directories for convenience.

More experiments with camcorder October 3, 2014, 7:42 pm

Yea, I am behind the camera due to the lack of actual space to get myself with them scrunched together in the shot.

Ghost Pepper Gumballs October 1, 2014, 7:02 pm

Friends and I (cameraman) try this. I would have joined them but I could not fit myself in the shot with all of them.

Hookah bullshit highlights WIP September 27, 2014, 12:55 am
Me and my friends have a fucked up sense of humor. I am behind the camera hence why I am not seen other than in first person camera mode.

Hookah bullshit from last Tuesday (9/16) September 21, 2014, 7:40 pm
Yea, some random crap here:




I am behind the camera here. The lighting isn't the best and I did not realize this until I reviewed the footage.

666 subscribers September 6, 2014, 3:25 pm
My stupid channel has attained 666 subs as of today, woo.
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Music compilations OK? June 21, 2014, 12:28 pm
Since 2008, I have been creating Doom music compilations from a whole bunch of authors who have their music available on the web and on Doom websites. I've been wondering if it would be OK if I can post download links to the WADs in a thread? I have also enclosed a CREDITS lump in the later (5-7.5) versions of the files.

Out of all of them, I have 10 versions for Doom and 3 versions for Doom 2. The first 3 for Doom won't be used because a couple of songs do not loop properly.
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Heh May 30, 2014, 9:08 pm
I love how anons just 0 rate my works simply because I am associated with being a Brutal Doom user, well not as often as I used to be.

If you're gonna 0 star it, at least write why it is and not some cop-out "This is shit" and no further detail.