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What's goody. February 1, 2007, 7:45 am
what's up people? I'm sitting here in CAD class with absolutely nothing to do so I figured I'd stop by. Anyone still around that I used to know? Any groundbreaking achievements in source ports/levels? (I havent been around since like fall of 2004, if you need a reference point.)

I am back, kinda. I'm sure you're all thrilled June 10, 2005, 11:47 am
But don't worry I'm not gonna be hanging around the forums too much. I really just want to get my damn level done. So . . . anything big happen since I more-or-less left? (Which was like the end of last summer.) Specificlly, anything big in the realm of editing? RoR or anything like that? ;P

I miss TechTV December 21, 2004, 10:50 pm
I miss the way TechTV used to be. I didn't ever really even see it when it was in its prime supposedly. I started watching it in the summer of 2002. It was still pretty cool then though. You had Chris and Cat on Call for Help, and Leo, Pat, Morgan, Megan, Martin, and sometimes Kevin on The Screen Savers. But then Chris got fired, and they shortened TSS to one hour. Then Morgan moved to X-Play, Megan got pregnent, and Martin went to that stupid Unscrewed show. I stopped watching aorund then. Of course, eventually TechTV and G4 merged. Call for Help got the axe, Cat along with it as far as I can tell, and Leo and Pat left TSS.

Course I didn't know this till I looked around the other night after stumbling upon a tape of the Call-For-Help-athon. It's a shame really. It used to be so cool, and now the only people even around from back then are Adam, Morgan, Martin, and Kevin.

Anyway, that's my little rant. Anyone else miss the way TechTV used to be?

Unlosered October 18, 2004, 5:07 pm
Unlosered. Finally. Did I miss anything good?

poopin outta shadows August 17, 2004, 2:36 am

Ever since I played Splinter Cell I've been obsessed with popping out of shadows and grabbing people from behind like Fisher does in Splinter Cell. In particular I like to do it to my sister.

So I saw my sister get on the computer a little after midnight. I took it as a personal offense for no particular reason. I poked her a few times with a sabre, but she was too busy IMing someone to respond. Now it was war.

She said she was only gonna be on for a bit, so I stealthily ascended the stairs to the third floor. Which was a bitch because it creaks like a motherfucker. Anyway the staircase as like a banister partition thing that keeps dumb bastards from falling into the stairwell. So I hid behind that, trying to make myself real small. Now anyone looking out for me would spot me but as of yet I had not made much noise, plus she would probably be in a bit of a daze, so I figured I was safe.

About a half hour passed and I was insanely bored. So I started goofing off and as a result banged my knee against the partition, making a huge noise. Fuck. Well that was obviously out. So I now I had to find a really good spot to be bale pull it off. I cased out the room where she was sleeping. Nothing. Then I looked at the door. Hmm. Could work. So I hid behind it and waited.

An hour and a half plus half a Jenna Jameson documentry and an hour of VH1's Celeb Beefs later, she still had not fucking come up. (I didn't want to change the channel becuase it might tip her off.) It was hot, and I had to piss, dammit. Plus I realy hate standing, which is what I had been doing behind the door for all that time. I had peeked around the stairwell a few times to see what the fuck she was doing, and made a lot of noise in the process. Given that my room no longer has a door, I figured she would know I was up there. Also you could see me through the space between the door and the wall. So I was worried she would spot me. Fortunately something on Van Halen came on so I wasn't so bored.

Then it happened. I heard her move, then she called my name a few times. She slowly ascended up the stairs. As she entered the room I reached around and grabbed her arm then jumped out while yelling obscenities. She screamed a lot and fell over and got hysterical and I think she went into shock for a bit. Mission acoomplished.

Course, the best way would have been to grab her from behind like I intedned to, but as it tunred out she did check behind the partition, so it was a good thing I moved. I'll get her that way another time.