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aww yeah baby (college stuff) February 6, 2008, 12:13 am
so, yesterday i opened up my mailbox and lo and behold, among the lovely ol' junk mail and offers to save 30 cents on a large pizza, in there was the news that my application to washington & jefferson has been accepted

gonna be starting in the september '08 semester, and for the last 10 years now i've lived in walking distance from the campus, so the prospect of not having to move into the dorms adds that extra bit of icing on the cake

so for everyone here still stayin' in school [s]and just sayin' no[/s], where are you at right now, what are you studying, what are you lookin' to do afterward?

my eternal quest for an el-cheapo laptop December 27, 2005, 12:38 pm
okay kids, here's the story: i've been looking around the interwebs for at least a half-decent laptop for myself, and i've currently got about $480 (possibly slightly more) to spare (i'll be updating this as i get more monies). so far, i've found a few deals i've been considering (i.e. this baby) but i'm not quite sure if they're good choices. i mostly use the comp i'm on now (pretty old) for light-duty work such as irc/gaim, TEH INTARWEBS with the insanely memory-demanding firefox and (very) occasional gaming that mostly consists of emulators (n64 and older) and freeware junk, though i could live without the last one if need be.

so far i've decided that a screen of at least 1024x768, an hd of at least 20gb, some way to make it wireless and usb are a must, and the more ram/usb ports/display res and the less dead pixels the better. linux compatibility and one of those fancy scroll wheel-imitators would be nice things to have (ESPECIALLY if it's running anything below win2k or xp, so that probably rules out anything old with an ati graphics card), and 32-bit display, dvd and cd/rw support would be okay. weight isn't too much of an issue, and thinkpad-style ruggedness, beefy speakers (i'll most likely only be using headphones) and battery life aren't much of a priority so long as the thing won't blow up on me, decide to stop working someday or crumble to pieces when i set a cup on it.

so, any of you lot got any ideas for where to look and what to look for?

i killed it :( May 16, 2005, 7:39 pm
took a shower last night, tried to get the last of the shower gel out of the bottle with little success and much frustration, found an old 2-blade razor, took it to the bottle with a little help from my bare hands occasionally, and took pictures because i felt like it:

shower me with praise and "whatevers!"