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Discontinuing my DW Blog August 8, 2007, 3:49 am
Yet another tie severed as I have noticibly drifted away from the Doom Community (I blame lack of serious interest in developing Zdoom for OS X). I have decided to register with a blog that, while not likely having any significant readership, will be open to a wider range of readers, not just doomers.

If it wern't for #zdoom and the IRC channels, I wouldn't even exist here anymore.

Farewell, for now.

Mayonaisse Poll (Why do I Doom?) May 19, 2007, 2:28 am
Am I Doomworld's biggest lurker?

Seriously. My last reply wasn't that much. My most recent posts are always in the Blog section, and I am unable to remember when the last time I posted in a regular forum was, especially the regular Classic Doom forums.

Not that I've really had anything to say on the subject. When I do play Doom (which is very rarely now), it's on the Doomsday engine, which I use out of shear lack of decent OS X-compatable ports. Zdoom developers have been blatently slow and apathetic to covering this OS. It's a shame, because I used to really love using zdoom for multiplayer games on CSdoom, zdaemon, and skulltag in my Windows days. Doomsday is pretty much laughed out of that field, and Legacy is only good for one thing: the Nimrod wad. As I'm not a developer, Odamex is useless to me, and it's early alpha stages put me off it for now.

(I'm going to make a small not here about Fraggle's Chocolate Doom: While idealistic and cool, it does not permit the openGL effects and all around beauty I expect from a modern doom engine. Sorry)

So if I don't doom anymore, why do I still use DW as my main blog? Most of it has to do with the day Linguica or BS opened the Blogs forum, which provided me with a free blog page at the time to vent, but ultimatly cost me more trouble than it was worth.

And look, my total postcount is still under 820. Not counting the +1000 posts I originally made as Sleepy_Boy when I initially joined the forum in 2000, or the fact that Lut decided to award me -999 posts on the old forum software, and I painstakingly worked back those posts until my account mysteriously stopped working, and I re-registered as Insomniak. Blog posts don't add to the total.

But for some strange reason, I stay. I lurk. I vent on #zdoom even though I don't use the engine and hardly post on DW at all, much to the chagrin of the moderators, developers, and more affluent members. I'm not even too sure why: maybe it's out of some form of social acceptance that I used to get in this community. Maybe it's because x-chat is just a part of my old startup routine, and the channels I visit are set to autojoin.

I am really starting to question my whole purpose here.

And yet, I can't just up and leave. Six years on an internet forum and you develop what might be described as freindships, but that just sounds too creepy. It's people like [s]BBG[/s]Naked Snake, Danarchy, Darknation, Quasar`, Isle, Bloodshedder, zarkyb, Ralphis and deathz0r, just to name a few off the top of my head, that keep me here. Most of you are interesting people with some of the same interests as me.

but I just don't get the same thrill I used to when I load up E1M1 and start shooting shit. The magic of the game is gone for me.

Would any of you really notice if I never came back?

Would my presence have made any difference in any of your lives?

Why should I keep playing Doom?

A Squid Eating Dough... April 14, 2007, 12:30 pm a polyethylene bag...

...Is fast and bulbous, got me?

Housing Crisis part Deux March 15, 2007, 10:51 am
Just when I get comfortably settled, albeit in an awkward arrangement with my gracious female roommate (gracious in that she hasn't given me the boot for being a stupid pothead, working the night shift, or moving in under the guise of being a student), in this awesome little apartment, it looks likely that i'm going to have to move again.

The apartment is great, but old. I have very few complaints about it, mostly that the plumbing is bad (old, rattling pipes in the walls, my room being right above the boiler room, radiators that are prone to freezing and need to be kept on, an archaic toilet that doesn't flush or fill right, tap water with a disturbing oxygen content, taps that pour hot before running cold, etc.), and I got used the the smell within the first week. It's very close to downtown, 10 minutes walking time to work, close to the college, the bars, the greyhound station, the bus terminal. A very good apartment for a man my age.

But my lease expires at the end of April. I am subletting from Heather, my roommate. The apartment costs $700 a month, with a $700 damage deposit, plus utilities & internet. She paid $600 of damage deposit, and will get it back when she moves out (also end of april). I paid $100, which is a bargain, and we both split the rent.

I wanted to keep living here after she moves out, and asked her about being able to transfer the lease over to me. She talked with her parents (her dad paid the DD), and she said it wasn't possible, at least not without her being able to get the DD back. I offered to pay it back to her, but then she told me how much it was. :S

I don't make that much right now. I work part time, 5 days a week, and barely have enough to pay the rent and feed myself. I've been blowing too much money on luxuries recently (like beer, or laundry detergent, or yellow mustard). There is no way I could save up $700 before the end of april and still be able to pay the rent, do my laundry, and feed myself.

There is also another issue: noise. I play guitar, and I havn't been playing as much as I used to recently due to a number of constraints, like my need for new strings, my tiny practice amp, and the other tennants in the building. Our apartment is right underneath the landlady's son's apartment, and I *******ly don't want to be pissing him off. I can't bring my rowdy friends home with me from the bar because Heather is trying to sleep. I can't wail on my axe like a mofo, or even have a jam session with my friends.

I'm going to talk with my parents later this week, and then my grandparents next week, about what my options are. As much as I like this apartment, the downsides like the plumbing and the inability to be loud are enough that i don't think I would want to live here much longer, especially not in the summer and with the friends I have.

Here are some options I have determined:

1: Stay here. Get some money from my family to pay Heather's DD to her or pay it myself, Put up with the ancient plumbing and the square neighbours, and stay in a nice little apartment downtown.

2: Move in with Josh. Josh is a friend of mine from college, a musician, actor, artist, and hobbit. He has a sweet house in neerby West Park that his parents own, and it has 2 extra rooms that he rents out. One of these rooms is rented to Mark, our mutual friend and a very talented musician. The other room is currently being rented to Josh's deadbeat friend from high school, who they are thinking of kicking out because he hasn't been paying the rent on time. I have asked Josh if he would consider me if he does give the guy the boot. Last I talked to him, he was still thinking about it. I'm going to need an answer soon. It would be to his advantage: he'd have access to my instruments and talents, and I pay my rent on time. It's close to the college, but quite a bit farther from work.

3: Move in with Jim & Cam. These two dudes are good pals of mine, and we often go drinking together, do karaoke, etc. They live on the top floor of a 3 story apartment in Riverside Meadows (Formerally known as, but still called Lower Fairview a.k.a Lower Harlem a.k.a the Ghetto of Red Deer), where I lived last summer, but back then I lived in one of it's good parts; these guys live right at the crossing where the most crime happens. Their other tennants are probable crack dealers, pimps, lowlifes, etc. and the building has security cameras. The rent is about the same as here, if not a bit cheeper because it's a 3 bedroom apartment. It's close to my job, especially if I use my bike this summer. The downside is, asides from the crime and homeless people neerby, is that they told me the entire building is infested with bedbugs, or some form of ticks. Gross.

4. Move back in with Kris. My hosts this summer, Kris and his dad Doug have a house down in the good part of Lower Fairview, and they rent out rooms to tennants as a means of income. Poor old Doug has this and a farm in Edson that he goes out to every weekend, but he has recently moved back to Edson, possibly permanently, because even with the master & guest bedrooms rented out to 3 people, and a fulltime job at the college, he still wasn't bringing in enough. Now they're thinking of selling the house, but Kris is opposed to the idea. My old bedroom might be available again if Kris' brother moves back to Edson to work. This is a very unstable option.

5: Find a random place to live. Look in the classifieds, the college off campus housing postings, anywhere, to find a place close to work, college, etc.

i wish I didn't have to worry about this shit. My dad doesn't really want to help me move again, another trip to RD for him after helping me move in Jauary and the fiasco that happened in December. I also wouldn't feel too comfortable with him helping me move into Jim & Cam's place, as they're heavy smokers, not very clean, live on the 3rd floor, and have those bugs. I also wouldn't feel comfortable letting my mom check out the place, which I know she will want to. i'm almost 21, and I can live where I please, but i'm getting tired of always trying to make my family happy with my important decisions, and I don't want to have to ask them for any more money ever again.

So, if you please, read over my listed options, and tell me what you think, or give me advice on the subject. Thanks.
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St. Patrick's Day Plans & Resulting Mayhem March 13, 2007, 5:19 am
So, as you know doubt have noticed, the seventeenth of March will soon be upon us. For most of us, this means:

-Green clothing
-Shamrocks (not those annoying ones from CK4)
-people pretending to be Irish
-Green lager
-Irish whiskey
-being able to get away with "Kiss me, I'm Irish"

Myself, I am only 1/4 Irish (1/2 Scottish, 1/8 English, 1/8 German, 100% Canadian), but I am proud of my Irish heritage. My family has made 2 trips to Ireland within the last 3 years, and has gotten in touch with distant relatives, traced their genealogy back to Captain Edward Tubman who came over to Ireland with the Orangemen. Strange, really, because all the Tubman's living over there right now are all catholics, while the ones that emigrated to Canada were all protestant.

This year, St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday, and while I'm not too sure whether or not my favorite watering hole will be open that night, there will no doubt be some rambunctious shenanigans.

I plan on buying a 4-pack of Guinness canned stout (or possibly a 6 pack of bottled Guinness, or even Guinness Extra Strong, if they have it), as long as it has a widget in it, i'm happy. And some good quality Irish whiskey too. I'm not too sure what brandto get, as it's a bit overwhelming (this is why I don't drink Scotch). The 3 most available brands here are

-Bushmills (probably the most expensive, single malt)
-Tullamore Dew

Any advice on this matter would be advised.

and of course, it wouldn't be St. Patrick's day without a little of the Greenage (and I don't mean no clovers)

ROTJ Blows March 1, 2007, 11:35 am
Return of the Jedi is, in my opinion, the 2nd worst film in the Star Wars cannon. Only the shear badness of The Phantom Menace can top it.

Essentally, the film can be divided into 3 sections:

1. Jabba's Palace
2. Endor & the fucking Ewoks
3. Luke, Vader, and da Emperor on the Death Star.

Part 1 is the most impressive, and the most rewarding. It also had the highest budget. The puppets for Jabba, the Max Rebo Band, and the Rancor are awesome, the sets are great (the palace, the sand barge, and the rancor pit), and yes, we get the best Boba Fett fix, but it has it's share of cheesiness. With the exception of the well-choreographed sand barge fight, Luke comes off as an arrogant tool, giving ultimatums and dicking around. There's a few good scenes, like Han and Chewie in the cell together, the droid torture chamber, and R2D2's fun little moments of heroism on the barge, but these are outweighed by bad scenes like the STUPID Max Rebo Band performance (made even worse by extending it in the re-released version), that annoying monkey-lizard thing with the laugh, and Leia's tastelessly skimpy slave girl outfit.

Then there's 2 brief sections in the middle. Luke on Dagobah, where Yoda confirms that Vader is indeed Luke's father, and then dies (Yoda was so fucking cool in TESP, and kids loved him), and then Alec Guinness does his force ghost thing to clue in Luke. You can just see the hatred of the whole franchise in Guinness's face when he does this scene, it's very deus ex machine to me. The second brief section is the planning for the Death Star assault, where we meet at least 3 new characters without any exposition (Admiral "It's a Trap" Ackbar, Mon Mothma, and General Crix Madine, who at least Dark Forces and Darksaber gave some more depth into this guy).

Parts 2 and 3 happen at the same time, and annoyingly cut between both with bad editing (the soft wipes in ANH and ESP, hell, even in the prequal trilogy, were alot more aesthetically tasteful then these hard cuts). Part 2 is only good for the speedbike chase, which used some cool steadycam work. What ruins it is those damn Ewoks, which, when compared to the advanced puppetry in Jabba's Palace, seem hilariously low budget and cheesy. The attack on the imperial shield bunker is pretty bad too, with these furry little bastards overrunning it with sticks and stones. Do you really expect me to believe this shit, Lucas?

Part 3, Luke vs. Vader, would be the best part of the movie for me if it wern't for The Emperor's lousy acting. Sure, when you first saw it, long before the prequel trilogy came out, he seemed pretty imposing and frighteningly ugly, but in retrospect, all he does is sit around, brooding and taunting Luke. Family Guy was right to mock this scene with the "something something something Ultimate Power..." flashback. The set is awesome, very dark, mechanical, and with cool lighting, especially when Luke's hiding from Vader.

There's another thing, too. When Luke surrenders to Vader on Endor and they take the shuttle back up to the Death Star, I can't help but wonder what they talked about on the trip. The conversation probably went something like this:

Luke: So, you're really my father then, eh?

Vader: That's right.

L: Okey. Then who was my mother?

V. Queen Amidala of Naboo.

L: No shit? What happened to her?

V: I killed her, or at least that's what my master told me.

L: You bastard. Why do you put up with that old freak anyways.

V: You don't know the power of da Dark Side.

L: Yeah, uh huh, whatever. So what's up with that suit?

V: I need it to live.

L: Why, what happened?

V: Obi Wan tried to kill me...

L: Yeah, Right. More like you tried to kill Obi Wan, but got pwned, isn't that right?

V: ...

L: So what do those buttons on your chest do?

V: They control my life support systems.

L: Really? What does this one do? *click*

And so on and so on.

Of course, the climatic scene of this whole movie is when Luke removes Vader's mask, which i'm pretty sure if you were seeing this movie for the first time, on drugs, you would freak out and run out of the theatre screaming. From the very beginning, Vader was such an imposing figure. If you were watching ANH for the first time, up until Like meets Obi Wan, you don't even know if Vader is human or not. He could be an alien or a robot for all you know, which gives him that great mysterious feel. Removing the mask, while dramatic, is sort of a letdown. With all these imperial officers running around in the cargo bay, panicking because a huge freakin' Super Star Destroyer just plowed into the station, you'd think one of them would've noticed some kid in black hauling Lord Vader's body down some halls and onto a shuttle.

Despite it's big budget scenes, Princess Leia in a metal thong, and a sense of closure, ROTJ is still one of the weakest entries in the Star Wars franchise. It's almost like they ran out of money halfway through and had to resort on midgets in fursuits to finish it off.

Getting a Credit Card February 23, 2007, 8:57 am
I need advice on this. My roommate is moving out at the end of april, and i've asked her about transferring the lease on the entire apartment to me. Naturally, this is a major financial transaction. The kind, yet very elderly landlady, is probably going to need me to have this.

I have no idea about the process involved, how long it would take for me to be approved, if my current job situation would allow it, if I have any credit I can use from the phone which is in my name.

it would be < $700 for the two-bedroom apartment; electrical bills, internet, living expenses, etc are seperate. I would need to find a roommate to live with me (preferably someone with some music knowlage and some instruments), and split the bills. I would move into the master bedroom.

It would also be useful to have a credit card to pay for expensive shit like guitar amplifiers, new stereo etc.

This is a really sweet location and I don't want to lose it. Close to my job, close to alot of really cool shit in the downtown area. What advice can you give me?

Brb fbi February 21, 2007, 9:50 pm
so there I am, walking up the hill past the hospital across the street to go to my friend Devo's place, and this security van from the hospital comes up behind me. He slows down and looks at me, and I look back and continue walking up the hill. He pulls up a block ahead of me stops. I continued walking up the street and around the corner, and he starts slowly following me! i walk another half block and have to cross the street, and i'm getting tired of this creepy bullshit.

the van pulls up sharp in front, and the driver got out. He was significantly more security looking than some commissionare or mall cop. He had a cop walkie talkie, huge flashlight, and what could have possibly been a night stick. He tells me to stop, and to get on the sidewalk. I follow the instructions because i am a good, law abiding citizen.

out of nowhere, 2 RCMP cruisers come around the corner streets, and blocade off the street. I also notice one of the cars moving around in the parking lot is an unmarked car. Two officers, an older male and a younger female, get out of their respective cars and walk towards me.

"No, this isn't the guy," says the older cop. "Looks nothing like him". Mentions something about whoever they're looking for is wearing sweatpants. I ask the female officer if i'm free to go, and she says yeah. I cross the street and the 4 emergency vehicles take off past the hospital doors.

I continued on my way to Devo's to get drunk and tell this tale.

The Hunger February 11, 2007, 12:28 pm
oh wow, here's the total what I have in my cupboards and fridge:

-half package of spaghetti noodles, uncooked
-jar of generic spaghetti sauce (with mushrooms, as I just found out today on the label)
-packet of Lipton onion soup mix
-2 cans of Clover Leaf Flake Light Tuna
-half a box of Quaker Instant Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal
-1 small bag of generic rolled oats
-1 can of Magic baking powder
-half bottle of artificial vanilla extract
-1 large onion, probably gone bad
-half a jar of generic peanut butter
-1 packet generic ground cinnamon
-1 packet of my mom's homemade curry powder
-1/2 cup white flour
-1/2 box Minute Rice (but no small pot to cook it in)

-1/8th of a container of Imperial margarine
-1/2 jar Cheese Whiz
-1/2 jar Miracle Whip
-1/4 container grated parmesan cheese
-1 bottle French's yellow mustard
-1 3 oz. container of ranch dip (very likely expired)
-1 packet lemon-lime Kool-Aid (but no sugar)

Do I have enough to keep me from either starving to death or passing out at work from malnutrition? You tell me; i have to make it last me 4 days from now, when i get paid.

Challenge: Come up with meal plans for the next 4 days, with 3 meals a day, little repetition, and a balanced diet.

La Vie Provenšal January 18, 2007, 4:16 am
I was welcomed back. Never had so many people been so happy to see me in Red Deer. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.

I was in Calgary for almost 5 weeks, counting christmas & new years. it took 2 weeks to find a place to live in Red Deer for under $400/month CAN. I was VERY lucky to get this place. 2 bedroom apartment, mid 50's with an art deco feel. Directly across the street from the hospital, specifically, the tall smokestacks of it's furnaces/incinerators that remind you instantly of Pink Floyd's "Animals" cover. Near downtown, equal distance away from The Vat, the Greyhound depot, the cheep 2nd run cinemas, and a recently renovated Safeway with an amazing deli & bakery. Can you say "fresh baguettes every morning" ?

Close to the college, too, about a mile away. Took me 15 minutes to bike there today (winter biking on my thin tires is a bitch), and get back once I saw that they shoveled the bike path. Close to bus routes, close to pretty much everything I could ask for right now. Just what I wanted, being out of school with a downtown apartment.

So now the search is for a new job, a bed or futon, and a desk. A bed is my immediate priority, as I need a place to sleep. the sleeping bag on the hard floor isn't working, in fact, it downright sucks. Should have remembered to bring that blue foamie up, not that it would do much good. I've managed to make a makeshift desk out of milk crates and my old drafting board, but I want to keep the board in good condition for resale next fall. My ass is falling asleep on my milk crate stool.

And the roommate. Heather, a girl who I randomly e-mailed regarding a vacancy posting on Nexopia. She's always busy with her call center job or college, so I never see her much, but she's pretty hot. I wonder how long until the relationship becomes more intimate than either of us needs, and then things go sour, and I get the boot.

won't happen. I'm not looking ATM for any kind of relationship. I need a fulltime job. RC Superstore is hiring for the graveyard shift doing shelf stocking. They're like a non-evil version of those super Wal-Marts in the States, non-evil because they're Canadian based, have superior selection, more ethnic variety, and less homogenous products from China. I know this, I have, in the past, worked for both Wal-Mart Canada's and Western Grocers (a division of Loblaws, the same company that owns and distributes to RCS) distributors as a order picker at their warehouses in Calgary. I'm a shoe-in the door.