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Swimming... uhh.. November 7, 2012, 11:30 am
So I just went swimming. It was kinda crowded and it's a small pool, only 5 lanes and 25 meter long. 2 lanes were used by some that were practicing some swimming stuff. 1 lane was for slow swimmers. 1 lane was for water-running.. and the remaining 1 lane was for regular/fast speed swimmers.

As I swim ok fast, I go the regular/fast lane. There were two others who swimmed about the same speed or a bit faster than me.. and one who was a complete moron who apparently could not read or realize how slowly she was swimming. She didn't even go to the slow lane when that lane had become completely empty. Earlier when I looked at the people in the slow lane.. even they swimmed faster than this dummy.

Then I constantly needed to stop at the ends of the pool and wait.. Finally I was totally cold and shivering.. and even the sauna felt cold after that, I had to throw one bucket of water into the kiuas to feel warm again.. and then another bucket to feel like I had been in a sauna.

Yea, next time I need to go earlier, so that the pool is more empty... uhh...

The ticket selling lady was nice.. and hot :D

Fog, it was creepy! November 3, 2012, 5:30 pm
Fuck, It was really creepy fog out there tonight. Not much people around, but still felt like something was behind me. I was constantly expecting aliens, zombies or some other monsters to swarm around me with no way to escape.

Few days ago, I was walking out too in the night. Then suddenly I saw some strange dark mass in front of me. I was like:"WOAH!" and then it was just my own shadow. Then I felt embarrased of being spooked by my own shadow.

Two days ago, I was walking out too in the night in the same place. Then suddenly I saw some strange dark mass in front of me. I was like:"WOAH!" and then it was just my own shadow. Then I felt like Déjà vu.

When I look back upon my life October 24, 2012, 11:58 am
Everything I've ever done, everything I ever do... it's a shit.

I don't know what to do anymore. When I was younger, I got interested in making games, so I taught myself everything related to it. Everyone around me thought I was wasting my time. I guess it made me doubt if I'm doing the right thing.

Then some years later I finally got to a school about making games and through it I got into a job at a game company. But the damage was done, I was only half-interested, I just forced myself through the school, and worked part time, could have gone there full time when the school ended. I just wasn't feeling like it anymore.

I thought people around me would take my game making interests more seriously when I was at the school & job. But no.. I still got the negative attitude from them.

Now it's been some 4 years at least, and I have not accomplished anything. Every couple weeks I get so depressed/bored for a week or two that I can't do anything, or nothing interests me, sometimes so much that I don't even care to play games. Also I no longer have any friends, as they slowly turned into alcoholic/drug addicts.

Well, there's one thing I like to do, even if I'm totally depressed/bored.. tough physical exercise, and punching walls.. eh..heh..

Outside no one ever comes to talk to me, unless they're some old people saying things like:"Good evening" or "Oh, my, you have a nice brisk walk"... yea whatever.. or people who want to tell me about their religion, or people who want money/food or are just apologizing for interrupting me.. well, then don't interrupt me! I don't care for stupidity.

Outside I never go talk to anyone, because if they weren't interested in me when I was doing something.. why would they be interested in me when I'm not doing anything?

About all my skills are related to game making, so the logical choice would be to make games. I tried think that my current project would be something I would sell when it's complete, maybe that would have motivated me more, but it didn't.

My other skills are making music, dancing and martial arts, and none of them are useful in any kind of job. I don't make good music. Maybe I dance pretty good, but it's doubtful that anyone would want to pay to see it, and my martial arts skills are probably equally unuseful in getting any kind of job. So, to conclude: I have no useful skills.

It seems I have become what Chandler Bing was afraid of in that one episode of Friends... Crazy Man With A Snake! Am I going to die alone, should I get more snakes, should I call them my babies?

Well, whatever, I've thought that I should improve my life before I'm 30, so I have some 2-3 years to improve. I just don't know how...