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Cake November 29, 2016, 10:01 am

This is a mint-Flake cheesecake with an Oreo base.

I really ate way too much of this

if this keeps up I will not live another 25 years

What are your favorite cakes Doomworld?


I'm ten. March 28, 2016, 11:25 am
29th March 2006. A Wednesday.

I signed on to my first internet forum - skulltag.com - and posted some shitty monster recolors, suggesting they should be in Skulltag's additional monster roster, because I was a n00b like that. Like this:

Nothing special of course, but strangely it's still on the R667 Beastiary.

Ten years later...

Well, probably most significantly, I'm in another continent entirely. Have been for 4 and a bit years now.

Achievement-wise I've probably not done bad... I've composed nigh-on 500 tracks for the community, I've mapped a bunch, including a megawad (though I'm getting close to a second) and have so far released one third of the full game project I started even way before joining this community. I was honored to receive Cacowards for both those major projects, and I've managed to involve myself in more than a few high-tier community projects too... also, exactly as it was ten years ago, I still have a kabillion personal projects in the pipeline. :D

(Oh yeah, and ten years later, SLADE can do a much better batch-recolor job than I did with PSP5 at recoloring that cyberdemon, frame by frame. (For some reason I'm still using PSP5, though. Old habits and such.))


I can't believe how fast a decade has gone, honestly. But I have to say that despite my rocky beginnings, I'm pretty pleased with my work for the community. I actually value those Cacowards pretty high up on my list of life achievements... which seems dumb of me to say - given that pleasing a bunch of people in one single corner of the vast, unforgiving realm of the World Wide Web ain't that hot - and given that I never actually drew up a list of life accomplishments. Nah. Gez and Eris kinda did that for me.

But seriously, being part of the online Doom community has definitely been a life-molding experience. My sense of doing good work for a community at large has been heightened. I've been conditioned to think and review the work of myself (and others) very critically, maintaining high standards in terms of design and music alike. I have also overcome intense social anxiety thanks to the outlets of forums, IRC, instant messaging, and more recently Twitch chats. So I do owe a lot to this community.

Thanks for 10 years, y'all. *raises toast glass full of tea*

Here's to another... bunch.

This habit is probably not dying hard - not even with a vengeance.

(this was not meant to be a long post, help)

Am birthday November 30, 2015, 6:00 am

To be honest I'm probably at the point where the yearly incrementation of this number means so little that I feel no older on these occasions, despite the everpresent sense of time's inexorable forward passage, and the lingering dread of my life force ebbing away molecule by molecule every day.

Yay mortality! :D Let's eat cake and stuff.

Bandcamp January 26, 2015, 3:40 am
I'm adding a bunch of my stuff to Bandcamp.

All music on this page is (c) me, all rights reserved.

On that page there is a "Best Of" collection that features 32 of what I consider to be my best ever works from 2008 to last year.

More albums are to come, including the third BTSX album, TNT2, The Adventures of Square, and hopefully Supplice.

With these downloads, you can more easily: add the tunes easily to your music player of choice, listen on the go if you add them to your mobile device of choice, and I fully allow burning them to CD for listening in your kitchen or car or whatever. (So long as you don't be a dicklord and redistribute them. I will find where you sleep.)

Enjoy! :)

XXIII November 29, 2014, 10:11 am

Rainbow Season January 13, 2014, 5:02 am
Some of you may already know of this, but it's the joint musical venture between my brother and I to create an EP of four (formerly five) new songs written by us. Our genre is kind of hard to describe, but it's distinctly pop-rocky. The songs were originally written in MIDI, and then rendered and mixed with digital instruments in Propellerhead Reason. As a result, the songs will still sound "MIDI-ish", there's no doubt about that, but they should hopefully sound like proper instrumentation at the same time.

Please consider buying the EP and spreading the word! We worked really, really, really hard on this and we're finally happy with the result.

Here's a lyric video to the first track off the EP which we had done:

There's a video of us performing live back in October 2012 here.

As a bonus, you can find the MIDIs here:
1. Control
2. In My Box
3. Breakthrough
4. Judgement Day (formerly called "2012")

#. Sleep (no longer a track on the EP)

Credit goes to Thomas van der Velden for the awesome album artwork. Thanks to esselfortium, Seele00TextOnly, Icytux and PRIMEVAL for invaluable feedback throughout the composition and mixing processes.

CDBaby Bio:

Rainbow Season are an electronic music duo originally from Surrey, England, now living in Perth, Western Australia, consisting of brothers James Paddock (writing, composition, backing vocals and mixing) and Ben Paddock (additional writing, lead vocals).

Their style is perhaps unsual, merging the facets of rock, particularly of the alternative and progressive varieties, into upbeat electronic pop numbers. They perform with a range of vocal styles, from quiet to harsh. Their music aims to provoke thought on touchy or controversial subjects such as self-aggrandizement, social introversy, self-humiliation in the pursuit of internet fame, and the prediction of doomsday.

Composition-wise, the songs aim to have a wide spread of sounds, mainly electronic, but not discounting acoustic - as well as complex arrangements, keeping the songs varied with strong instrumental solos, frequent (but non-jarring) key changes, and instrumentation change-ups to allow for maximum dynamic and timbral variation. Most importantly, however, the songs are written with pop-like catchiness and memorability in mind, with the songs being highly melody-driven, the instrumental sections having as much musical diversity as possible, and the sung sections having infectious vocal hooks and powerful rhythms to make sure the songs can be sung along to, and also danced to.

James and Ben Paddock grew up in Addlestone, Surrey, England, before moving to Norfolk for their higher education and finally to Wanneroo, Western Australia, to pursue their interests and careers. Both are virtually completely self-taught in everything they've put together on this album, aside from James who has recently started vocal tuition, and for future Rainbow Season pursuits will be taking a more upfront approach to performing and recording his vocals.

With the release of their debut self-titled EP, they sincerely hope you'll enjoy their take on what music is really all about.

iPad Mini September 12, 2013, 11:54 am
I've just won one, after I entered a draw at my local university's open day last month. Going to collect it next week. I'm pretty chuffed, and kind of excited, because I haven't used any Apple products besides an iPod Nano, and briefly a Mac computer when I used the one in my school's studio (which did affirm my belief that I'll always prefer PCs :P).

However, while it opens up a bunch of possibilities in the form of thousands of iOS-exclusive apps I was never able to use before, I already do everything I need with my laptop, so I don't know how useful one would be to me.

...Aside from the possible uses listed here.

...Anyone use an iPad? At all? Maybe? xP

Jimmydrama May 19, 2013, 7:08 am
Obligatory tl;dr warning.

Family drama just seems to be mounting over here as of late, and I'm just wanting desperately to get away from it all.

Right now, my mum is the only person I can stand. She has seemingly no unlikeable qualities whatsoever and is an absolute saint to all of us. I love her dearly.

My dad, meanwhile, has recently become a ticking time-bomb of rage. If someone dares to speak while he's on a train of thought (ie. all the time because actually he never seems to stop talking) then he'll either passive-aggressively shut up, and just stew in raging silence for the rest of the day... or take out all his frustration on all of us, to the point where he thinks we all hate him and are bored by his very existence. He has some serious demons that none of us can reasonably deal with, because he lets them develop into hideous cancerous thoughts about the world around him that can't be shifted. This came to be obvious to me some time last year when, after I'd become rather frustrated with his constant negative outlook on things, he stayed up all night typing a 2,500 word "letter" detailing how I was an ungrateful little shit who didn't appreciate any of the hard work he'd ever done for me. I don't have said letter any more, but it was the most upsetting thing in the world to read. His thoughts started out fairly honest and reasonable and I initially agreed with how I may have said some wrong things to him, but those thoughts rapidly degenerated into utter madness. I could tell he'd just thought, "James is a bit of a bastard sometimes", when he'd started, but he'd just allowed increasingly fetid and horrible untruths about me and the argument we'd had to spiral out of control from that one thought, and he condensed all of that vitriol into 2,500 terrible words. I spent the whole day feeling wrecked, staying in my room away from him, and seeing no alternative but to write a rebuttal, which amounted to 4,000 words and I had to show him the following day because I spent so long on it.

I realize this all sounds incredibly pathetic. And that things could be much worse, like he could threaten me/the rest of us with actual violence, but the fact remains that it's not normal for my dad to be able to harbor such horrible thoughts so easily, and the way he deals with those thoughts is always so incredibly detached from reality. Could he not just, like, get into an actual argument with me? That honestly would've been preferable.

Meanwhile, my brother seems to be getting increasingly bipolar. Most of the time he's just astoundingly silly and loud, and can be heard at almost any time of the day loudly regurgitating quotes from YouTube videos, or yelling at his TF2 teammates. He also animates with Flash occasionally (which he's still learning), and does voice-overs for other people on a voice-acting board. But even though he has all these things he loves doing, and does them, every week or so we see him drag himself out of bed utterly depressed and then require a lecture on self-improvement from my dad, which won't really reach a conclusion, but will definitely bring up how he's "afraid of success" and all sorts of other stupid bollocks. Neither me or my brother currently go to school or have jobs, so we have all the free time necessary to make whatever we want of ourselves. I'm doing what I love (making music and moving towards finishing our EP) but it's as if he doesn't like doing what he loves, as weird as that sounds. I think he sees it all as work, so he procrastinates chronically. He'll also get upset at the smallest things (like people not putting the biscuit packets back in the cupboard properly - seriously) and make a massive deal out of them. And most alarmingly, today at the dinner table he revealed that he'd been dealing with homicidal thoughts that occurred because people (i.e. us) had the gall to be in his room and he wanted to be alone. But those thoughts were gone now and it was over and not worth worrying about (bizarrely, my dad concurred with this). I'm like, "no, that's actually quite disturbing" - I seriously worry about his mental well-being, sometimes, and this just compounded my concern.

Both these things collided a couple of nights ago when my brother, outraged at how a pack of biscuits hadn't been put back properly, interrupted my dad. At that point I had a bit of an "oh, fuck" moment, because my dad got this look that I can't really describe. After my brother had made a royal song-and-dance about the biscuits, my mum tried to steer the subject back to my dad had been talking about (something actually important, related to our financial position) but he took this as another interruption in the flow of the conversation, and just exploded. He was swearing and throwing insults and making up stuff about what we thought of him, like how he was incompetent and forgetful (he made this shit up on the spot but he believed it!). He has since apologized for the outburst and tried to make amends, but parts of his tirade still hang in my mind, namely how he was so convinced that we all thought he was worthless and boring and stupid, and how when he gets into these moods he can't be reasoned with.

[Rough translation of how it went:]
"You all think I'm boring and worthless."
"No, we don't."
"See? And now you think I'm wrong and a liar."
"No, stop being childish."
"FUCK OFF AND LET ME SPEAK. [insert uninterrupted 4000-word argument here]"

At the end of all this we were all (him included) emotionally drained and thoroughly upset, most of all him because he managed to divert the subject by saying (through tears at this point) that he wanted me and my brother to be successful and not have to work in a boring office job, which is his absolute worst nightmare ever. (This relates back to how he was talking about money before my brother brought up the fucking biscuits.) You may remember that I actually wanted to get a boring 9-to-5 job of that sort at some point because I just wanted to motivate myself to do better and also get some independent financial reward... but that still hasn't happened. And now it looks like if it does, my dad will see himself as a failure of a father.

For some reason my dad's currently talking with his mum on Skype about what happened two nights ago. Which means he's going to dredge up all the emotional turmoil from what happened and get his mum to give her input, which I can't see panning out well because she's likely just going to get him all riled up again. I really hope she doesn't, because for the most part she's really nice, but does have a bit of a habit of unwittingly stirring up a good deal of family drama.

The truth of the matter is, my dad has been on a bazillion self-improvement seminars, during which he's tried to find happiness through all sorts of neuro-linguistic programming, and even religion. But he's still the same person underneath, just unable to really emote like a normal human being. I think he's beyond therapy of any sort and it'll just be another waste of expenses. I doubt that my brother would fare any better, because they just have those kinds of brains that don't take kindly to change of routine of any sort, and just gradually reform back to their original twisted ways again. I really feel like it's autism... because honestly my brother and I had to have inherited our Asperger's Syndrome-esque tendencies from somewhere. (My brother seems to still be affected by it, but I think I've "grown past" my "borderline-AS" diagnosis now.)

Honestly, because I want to help, but feel powerless to, it's getting to the point where I just want to be away from this family. Move. Run away. It's looking increasingly like a preferable option. I don't want to have to deal with people who are so detached from reality they see goddamn biscuits as being the worst thing in the world. It's just driving me mad, and compounding the fact that I don't feel like I live like a healthy human being in a healthy family environment.

I'm sorry for the long post you probably don't care about. I just had to get this bile out somewhere.

Am 21 November 29, 2012, 8:39 am
I will be twenty for another 12 hours.

Earning online November 4, 2012, 4:09 am
Sorry, this is another vent thread.

It's been too long since I last earned anything. I really need to contribute to my family's financial standing since I'm nearly 21 and still living with my parents.

The obvious route for me to take is to earn money online through making music, but I'm really not sure where to begin. My brother and I are taking a small break from our band while we figure out what to do with that next. But in the meantime it would be good if I could start earning money aside from that project as soon as possible.

I've had the idea of earning commission from writing songs for indie game developers. I doubt anyone would pay for MIDIs, though - the only medium of composition I have any real experience in. If I suddenly started charging for MIDI requests on this board I'm pretty sure it would be dick-move of the century. (Well, I don't know for sure. Would anyone agree with it?)

So I'm going to try and get used to producing with Reason as much as I possibly can. I find proper music production very daunting and difficult, though, so it will probably take me way longer than I'm prepared to wait before I can produce satisfactory-sounding songs that people will actually want to buy. I really need to start earning NOW with the skills that I have.

My dad seems pretty intent on me using video marketing to promote myself as an artist, but video production is another gruelling process that I hate. (This is the latest project of his that he's absolutely sure will turn us into superstar zillionaires.) I mean, maybe I could get used to the concept of producing a video every week or so, but I'm sick of using video editing suites that suck, and being as camera-shy as I am.

Basically, I don't really have anything musical to sell yet, and I should do by now. One project that's on the table is for me to remake all my Harmony tunes in Reason, and sell them as an album of their own. My dad's taken the initiative on that project, and he's running the MIDIs through Reason and attaching all manner of custom sounds to them.

Any advice on this whole front would be gladly received. I'm at a total loss as to where the heck to begin.

Oh, by the way, my dad won't allow either of us to get a 9-to-5. He's been an accountant for about 25 years and hated every millisecond of it, so he has told us as long as we've been alive (or at least since he heard you could make money through the internet) that we shouldn't follow in his footsteps.

Not sure I completely agree with his philosophies.