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Project: Relic dev blog #2 February 28, 2010, 1:33 pm
Here's another blog. I'll add screens of maps 05, 07, 08, 09, and 12 later.

-Added ENDOOM screen

-started maps 05 and 12

-finished maps 04, 08, and 09

-Working on a new titlepic that's not just some lazy Photoshop job.

I'll also explain why maps 09 isn't really elaborate: it's mostly intended to be a natural level. In the flow of the game, Map07 teleports the player to a cave/tech area and exits at a mountain. The mountain is basically a glorified path wrought with monsters - no locked doors needed. I'll start maps 10 and 11 when I get ice textures (which shouldn't be hard if I just rip off another PWAD for them).

Knee Deep in Chocolate #2: E2/E3 February 27, 2010, 3:08 pm
My two victories over sadistic level design.

E2M1 - Found all the secrets. Finally, a challenging level in this game.

E2M2 - I knew where everything is from playing in ZDoom before. Beat it fairly quick.

E2M3 - Beat this one fairly quick also.

E2M4 - I survived. That's all that counts.

E2M5 - I couldn't go on with just 20% health so I pistol started this level. Got to the secret level in this manner.

E2M9 - This would have been a lot better as a boss fight or something.

E2M6 - This level is just sadistic. But hey, it's called "Halls of the Damned" for something. Another pistol start.

E2M7 - Beat this fairly quick. Not a very consistent episode.

E2M8 - "Come on goat legs. I still need to vent from a couple levels ago!"

E3M1 - I knew where everything is, so I was able to stock up, only to have it wasted next level.

E3M2 - Pistol Start.

E3M3 - I found it pretty easy.

E3M4 - Wow, these names do have meaning in this game.

E3M5 - Teleport Maze. Not so much hard as it is tedious.

E3M6 - I knew the path to the secret level so I could have done this from pistol start. In fact, I did.

E3M9 - This is the only place I cheated, and the only cheat I used was idmus31. This is basically Hell Keep with some shit added to it.

E3M7 - Tedious maze + ammo shortage = tedious slog. Fighting the spider was so worth the slog though.

E3M8 - Pistol Start for several reasons. I had 40% health when I finished E3M7 and no BFG. I figured I'd pistol start for the challenge anyway.

That wraps up the "regular" Doom episodes for me. Next stop - Thy Flesh Consumed.
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Knee-deep in Chocolate February 23, 2010, 12:11 am
No, this isn't a blog about how I landed a job in a chocolate factory. This is about my victory over Doom E1 in Chocolate Doom (UV Mode).

E1M1 - Easy shit. Hit the switch, grab blue armor, kill shit, get secret shotgun, exit.

E1M2 - Got all the secrets without IDCLIP for the first time, but only because I did IDBEHOLDA (Allmap). First Soulsphere and Chainsaw.

E1M3 - I knew the route to the secret level like the back of my hand. Proceed to E1M9.

E1M9 - Found some more shit during this run.

E1M4 - This is where the game started getting harder. I've had to pistol start this level because I didn't want to bother going all the way back to E1M3 then E1M9 just because I forgot to save.

E1M5 - Ha Ha finally remembered to save!

E1M6 - I wonder why I never remember these mazes. Another pistol start.

E1M7 - I must have tried at least ten times, but during these attempts I found out that I have a talent with the Rocket Launcher.

E1M8 - Specters ruined my battle against the Bruiser Brothers (Two Barons of Hell, according to the Doom Bible), but after three attempts, this was completed.

Next stop, The Shores of Hell!

Project: Relic development blog #1 February 21, 2010, 9:31 pm
I figured I'd keep you Doomers updated to my project every Sunday. In the last few days, this project has undergone some changes, but is still not ready for release.

The project will require TNT.WAD
Map32 moved to Map07
Map08 finished
Map09 in progress
Map04 and Map05 are completely going to change because they're shit looking back.
Some textures may change between maps just to abuse TNT's textures.

Development is at a snail pace because of other priorities (or because I have a life outside of editing) and because I'm not a speedmapper.

Screens of MAP04:


The Doomer's Guide to dumb-ass chain letters and why they're stupid February 16, 2010, 10:18 pm
Today I got a chain letter on my school e-mail. I wish I could ignore chain letters in my e-mail but I just feel the need to point out how stupid they really are.

1) "daddy it hurts"
A poem written in the perspective of an abused three-year-old. The same shit I got today. It hasn't emotionally affected me, so apparently I'm heartless and need to be abused. This is stupid for these reasons:

*I have not been abused as a child nor do I know any child who's being abused so it's not in my place to speak up against child abuse.

*People who abuse children are heartless animals who won't listen to reason.

*Child abuse is already illegal.

2) "send this to 25 people and you will be kissed by your crush. if you don't you will die"

Apparently e-mail has this magical property that if you send a certain letter to XX people you'll be kissed by someone you have a crush on, and if you neglect to send the e-mails to others, you'll die in some mysterious way.

3) "send this to XX people or the ghost of this dead girl or some shit will kill you"

Commonly found on YouTube and other sites you can post comments on. Same as 2.

185 people still fall for chain letters.