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I lost all my WADs, it's official now. February 12, 2014, 1:35 pm
Previously I've mentioned that I had a blackout because of losing one of my winchesters.

Now I could restore it but sadly, it didn't have any datas on it anymore. I stored my games on it, which is not a big loss - but all my WADs, with more than 3 GBs, that I've selected by hand during 4 years, and also all my Doom projects...

...well, they are.

So I'd like to ask your help! Is there anyone who owns any versions of my megaWAD projects (Somewhere in Time) which has unfinished map? I really need at least MAP04 and MAP11, those are the maps in which I put the most effort.

I had a blackout, what happened in Doom since? February 4, 2014, 8:10 pm
My computer was broken from Christmas to now. Maybe I lost all the WADs I've ever collected AND CREATED, but I still hope that I can save them. I'd get a heart attack if I'd lose the unreleased Nukepolis map from Somewhere in Time...

...anyway, what happened in the world of Doom since?

20 years of Doom in 2 hours December 9, 2013, 9:33 pm
For celebrating the 20th birthday of Doom, I played through the whole game, in UV difficulty!

If you just want to know my most important thoughts, then go to 2:28:30 - everything I should write down here was explained in the last 9 minutes =)


Did Youtube cheat with subscribers? November 18, 2013, 9:40 am
God damnit, Youtube.

What do you think about it?


Two decades October 21, 2013, 6:58 pm
Another 22nd of October. There are 3 birthdays today (at least), mine, NoneeLlama's and purist's b-day. However, mine is a bit different.

Because today I have become 20 years old. Gosh, two whole decades. Internet almost didn't even exist when I was born! So long ago, and even just a small piace of a human's life.

Also, for now, the number of the years even officially start with number 2 - partially, this is the final end of my childhood. A bit disturbing to be honest.

Anyway, I should explain some serious things now, since this number is so important...but I don't want to do it somehow. I'm damn lazy.

One day I may regret that I didn't explain my inmost feelings, but in fact, it's not even that important. A part of me can be found even here. And a lot of smaller pieces around the world. Either on the internet, or in my real life, I have an impact (even though sometimes I didn't agree with it...damn lack of self-confidence), and I've explained my most important feelings and opinions several times before.

I've even had an interesting, semi-agressive discussion with Antroid because of that. :D

Anyway, I'm still not a whole human; I mean, I have several missing pieces. It can be reasoned with the past 20 years exactly; but I don't want to blame anyone: neither myself, nor my parents, nor anyone. The only I can do (and the only that makes sense) is to hope, and wait. Not for the miracles, but for the future. I think I can find those missing pieces through the flow of time.

And if not...well, I don't know, what's then.

I will decide about it later.

With 20 years of craziness, idiotism, enthusiasm, hope and brainstorming,
Zoltán "Katamori" Schmidt

One year of doing Doom LPs October 19, 2013, 9:49 am
I still don't have audience, lol.


People can NEVER live in peace?! August 8, 2013, 1:42 pm
(my first blog post)

Compared to most of active members on the Doomworld Forums, I'm a (kinda) freshman. The third year anniversary is coming for me within 9 days. I don't want to make any special thing for that, since it's not more than just forum membership...

...except this post. Because it makes me remind that I have to tell something.

Obviously, 3 years isn't much from the whole history of DWF, threads we can see in /vb is not even the whole stuff (if I know well, pre-2000 stuffs are from another place) which means at least 15 years of forum history. That's helluva lot of days, months, threads, posts, members (some of them aren't even among us - think of Espi), discussions, argues and events that had happened. And I missed a lot of them!

Of course, I have nothing to blame for it. I'm just too young. I have the chance (and the ability) to write previously happened discussions and comments.

Things are getting worse when I'm doing it.

I've played some of the third part of Community is Falling and read a bunch of threads, opinions and posts here (and on other places too) and I seriously can't get, what the hell is going on.

With a kinda accurate suggestion (at least accurate IMO) the average age of members must be around 25-30, maybe even more. Though, a lot of childish, ridiculous and terrible argues have happened here - BrutalDoom, Graf Zahl's ragequit, the constant hatred between "old-school Doomers" and "ZDoomers" , atred between Zandronum and ZDaemon users, the bullshit around deathz0r (actually it's didn't happen on DW), et cetera.

Maybe "argue" is not the right word for it, but please, I'm sorry that with my decent English knowledge, I can't find any words for those shameful, strongly annoying behaviours and unnecessary series of useless and trollish shitposting I've seen.

I love being here anyway, I just can't get the behaviour of some people - and mostly, I can't get,why people can NEVER live in peace?!

What do you think when you heard: Armageddon? April 30, 2011, 7:55 am
Anywhere (even in the Stronghold WAD) when I hear or read the word: Armageddon, I immediately associate to this fantastic metal soundtrack:

What do you think is it a strange habid?
Also, do you like the music? :D