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Started my new-old doom webpage February 24, 2014, 12:03 am
So it's official now, some days ago I uploaded my Ugly Doom webpage were I'll post my short crappy reviews/opinions of wads, talk about other projects, my own projects and misc, everything I do there is doom related... or me-related, I also have plenty of Doom links too.


It has a creepy old style structure and visuals, it's my first time with a personal webpage so don't be so rude :-P
Anyways there it is, my personal doom space in the web, i'll update it at least every week... I hope.

UPDATE 07/03/2014

I've added downloads for 3 projects (one of them is on the unreleased/cancelled section) and one of them is multiplayer.

I got this Metallica CD and Maiden T-Shirt February 21, 2014, 8:17 pm
I got this Metallica CD of their first album Kill 'em All (it's my favourite!) for only US $10 with 2 extra songs: Blitzkrieg and Am I evil?, both of them are covers, originally by Blitzkrieg and Diamond Head.

Here is a photo (WARNING: BIG PHOTOS!):


And this Iron Maiden t-shirt that has the Futureal single cover (originally a poster that came with the single) made by Derek Riggs (BIG photo again):


So this anime made me cry at it's first episode... January 20, 2014, 11:57 am
I'm talking about Yu Yu Hakusho, I used to watch this anime a lot when I was a kid, never understood too much, but it sure entertain me.

I found a web page to watch this again but with japanese original audio with subs, I readed what was this show about, so basically the protagonist died at 14 when a car hit him trying to save a litle kid that was playing football and etc.

I watched the first episode, but I didn't expect to cry, 'manly' tears started to fall when he was a ghost and he went to his own funeral, and his mother started crying, almost everybody was sad, even me, but I couldnt contain myself of crying when this little kid saved by him and his mother went to the funeral and he said thanks for saving him.

Sure, silly thing you can say, but it mean a lot, there aren't too much animes that made me cry, like... 3 or 4, and I watch anime from the 80's to now (last anime I saw, and still airing is nagi no asukara), and this is the first one that made me cry in it's very first episode.

when everything went wrong December 12, 2013, 1:31 pm
So this year was pretty sad to me specially for my football (well, for some people is 'soccer') team that has 'won' 3 second places this year, 2 finals against other teams and one of them was by not scoring enough goals.

That makes me so freaking sad, mangry, etc. I don't think that we have bad players, coach, etc, it's maybe some kind of magic thingy that doesn't allows us to win anything this year...
I've cried a lot for my team, it's like a passion, few people can feel this like me... and in the otherside, deaths, family deaths, this years has been so shit for me.

But, not at all, some things have been good, like my grade, finishing games (silly, but makes me happy)family and friends reunion, etc.

I just hope I will have better times next year, but this year, has been like crap.

In other news I will probably finish some project (of anything, doom maps, work things, etc) in the next days.