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Alea iacta est January 11, 2017, 5:24 pm

HEH December 11, 2016, 10:45 pm

Determining appropriate penis length December 7, 2016, 12:53 pm
In addition to using an inefficient inch-by-inch process to design my penis, my penis tend to get bloated to absurd sizes because, since I know where everything is, there is far less exploration factor.

Is there a one-size-fits-all a method for determining how long a penis really needs to be, or is it best to go with an assumption of what routes the partner will or will not immediately see and estimate how long they will take to reach the climax based on that? What are some factors I should take into account besides the possibility of partner petit mort, how an unfamiliar partner might approach certain encounters, what the partner already knows, etc?

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Things Doom 2 is still doing better than most PWADs September 18, 2016, 5:24 pm
Your Mom

There's no shortage of doing your mom in most PWADs, but the execution of secret moves and the rewards behind them vary. Doing your mom in Doom 2 often have a sort of hint. The vagina is the most obvious but it's often more fun to see an area and wonder if there's a way to get inside there. The rewards in your mom don't always have to be great. Sometimes being able to explore your mom can be a reward in itself. Or finding an alternate path or shortcut to the exit hole, or getting to approach an erogenous zone from an an unusual angle. The variety in ways that Doom 2 presents oddities in doing your mom is another one of it's great strengths among most PWADs.

Your Mom

Although there are plenty wads that do your mom very well, and sometimes much better than Doom 2, the way it presents new sexual encounters, lures your mom into doing it, and more importantly, the absence of doing your mom sometimes and the way contributes to atmosphere are strong qualities in Doom 2 that are tough to rival. Doom 2 has a way of making less doing it with your mom seem like more with it's peaks and valleys of intensity, especially in the middle and later years of doing your mom. It also often does your mom across varieties of architecture and through windows, across gaps and on ledges making a series of unique approaches to the same sexual position.

Your Mom

While there were times where Doom 2 was often criticized for very poorly resembling real instances of doing your mom, a wave of community gangbangs and unique instruments created many sex parties with your mom that have little story-line continuity or connectivity. While Doom 2 was once described as a collection of weird gimmick positions, (which is partly true in many cases) I'd still argue it holds together much better than the many special sex toys that exist "just because" without any beleivable sense of storyline to give the player a sort of purpose or mission for being there outside of simply doing your mom and moving on.

Your Mom

Doing your mom in scenarios designed for masturbation is a rare occurence, but many of the factors that contribute to a good doin-it sesh with your mom are sometimes equally as good for a j/o sesh. In Doom 2, particularly in Romero's levels, there are secret shortcuts, windows, and many different paths that let you do your mom with different poles quickly and efficiently, which can be just as fun for flanking her. Considering the player's ability to move fast and fluidly throughout your mom as if it were a matter of life or death

Your Mom

Many of Doom 2's times doing your mom have an interesting overlooked quality in them that isn't often duplicated. Many of them are remembered for their large grandiose contraptions. One of the important qualities of these times is that they allow Doom 2 to access your mom's very narrow hallways and compact rooms inside. The contrast between being in a cramped environment and exiting into a vast outdoor area rife with choices and directions to go contributes to the feeling of "doing your mom," which has it's enclosed cavities as well as the open exposure of being in nature.

Who handles this kind of request? September 7, 2016, 7:39 pm
Hi Doomworld Staff,

I was trying to get in touch with the person responsible for managing the content on this particular page - I had a suggestion I wanted to make with regards to the content - thought it might be a useful mention.

Please let me if you are the person I should be contacting, or if there is someone else better suited for this kind of request. Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards


You shall call, and the Lord will answer. -Isaiah 58.9

Finished replaying RAGE August 21, 2016, 11:57 pm

* The beginning of the game is better than I remembered, but the end of the game is worse. This is the opposite from when I played Doom 3 recently, where the beginning of the game was worse than I remembered but the end was better.

* The megatextures generally look TERRIBLE. I can see a lot of artistry went into the world but everything looks like a blurry low-resolution overcompressed JPEG. Carmack's reach clearly exceeded his grasp with it. Too bad we'll never get a "high resolution pack" - even a texture pack that just made all the textures less compressed, even without a resolution boost, would probably help a lot.

* The further you play, the more clear it is how desperate they were to reuse content. Basically every "side mission" in the game has you go back to an already-played level that has been repopulated with enemies and you play through it backwards. After a few instances, it gets real obvious what they were up to.

* The car combat stuff is so fucking tacked-on and pointless. I'm glad I could basically ignore it for the most part.

* Several levels are almost exclusively populated with "mutants" which are melee-only and go down with one shotgun blast. Playing through those levels is the worst sort of generic shooting-gallery garbage.

* That said, the actual physical level design is probably the best aspect of the game. It's all 100% linear but it's done very tightly and organically with lots of looping around and seeing areas behind / ahead of you as you go.

* I saved up a bunch of money and bought the materials to craft literally 500 pop rockets, which are explosive grenade rounds for your shotgun that kill every normal endgame enemy in one direct hit, which made the last level hilariously trivial. In general, the ability to purchase 999 rounds for a weapon makes the weapons super unbalanced and many of them largely pointless. Why use weapon XYZ when I have effectively unlimited sniper rifle rounds and can just creep through a level killing everything from a distance?


* I had forgotten just how hilariously sudden the ending of the game is. It's super clear that the game must have originally had a three-act structure, where Wellspring was Act 1, Subway Town was Act 2, and then... something else... was Act 3. But then they realized they were running low on time / resources and so they decided to cut all of Act 3 and just sort of graft the final level onto the Subway Town world map. It's like if you were playing Half-Life 2, and at the end of Nova Prospekt where you and Alyx go through a teleporter, that was just the ending.

Request from Perdu player July 12, 2016, 6:09 pm

I tryed to contact Raider and kilgore because it seems im banned.

I cant message them, i dont know why.

Can you send them that please?


im perdu, it seems im banned, can you say me why?

Is it BaseQ or Oxyde who did the request to ban me?

If yes, im sure its rage against me, because the problem was resolved from long time ago, it was when Romain player did the hell and all players from BaseQ and Labo7 was conflict, but problem was resolved if you remember, we did the proof with other players that Romain was the troll.

So can you deban me please? beecause its oxyde who did this request im sure or others from baseQ, from a problem of 1 year ago, so why one more ban?

Thank you, regards

Send it please

Regards for you too

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