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Computer Problem :( May 1, 2011, 1:56 pm
Hello, yes I know this is a website /w a forum for a game... but I have seen tech threads here before and I know you are all knowledgable :) so I was wondering if you all could help me out.

I am currently having computer issues...
System Spec's
OS: Windows XP sp3
VidCard: Nvidia 6800 GT
CPU: 3200 AMD Athelon x2

I have just recently bought a new Wacom Tablet and Adobe photoshop elements 9 and tried upgrading it to adobe photoshop CS5, but I can't because the photoshop version I bought seems to need adobe photoshop elements 4, 6, 7, or 8... So I left the installer running before leaving to work. I get home and...

Problem Synopsis:
Dr Watson Has crashed, uTorrent has crashed, and Data Execution Prevention is going crazy... so I shut my computer down... then suddenly as the post check is running, it says that it's RAM R/W Test failed and its checking NVRAM then it continues to boot to windows, where I encounter the same problems of Dr.Watson Crashing.

Then I proceed to use another computer in the house to make a boot disk with memtest86 and I test each stick indavidually. after 2 passes, no errors... also one passes the POST R/W check, and the other fails the R/W Check. When I stick both in, and do a memtest86, after 2 passes there are no errors but again, a R/W fail.

Dr.Watson crashes
something about data execution prevention
Ran memtest on each stick seperatly and together for 2 passes, no errors
One stick passes R/W POST check, the other fails.

AUGH! I just SPENT like 800$ and I get this! :(
Please help!


Thanks for the help thus far, I will be posting a reply with an update on what else I have tried and more system specs. Thank's to Laim or Little faith (I guess) for moving this to blogs. I am just worried that no one will be able to see it as I hardly ever went to blogs my self as a part time lurker.