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How do you know if your ex is on the rebound? May 7, 2015, 5:46 pm
How are you gentlemen!

My ex and I split up by mutual agreement without bad feelings. Unfortunately, over the weeks, I came to realise all the things about her that I really missed. She's called me a few times just to talk (not about getting back). But she's got together with someone else.

She tried to hide it from me. She says it was a respectful period after we split but I reckon it must have been pretty soon afterwards. He is her male best friend and she never talked about him with any affection - I once got mad with her over it, as he did a lot for her and she barely noticed - and she described him as "a weird trainspotter".

Why would she hide it from me, and (possibly) pretend it happened later than it did? Why does she keep calling me just to talk about random things? Is she on the rebound, or am I being taken for a mug? Or is this what women do, and she's genuinely treating me as a friend?

Starting ADHD meds this week April 21, 2015, 11:23 am
Hi all, I am starting medication for ADHD this week, most likely Strattera. I have struggled all my life with severe anxiety, racing speech, racing thoughts, inability to focus or concentrate, outbursts of energy with accompanying weird/immature behaviour, etc etc.

Well now it's been given a label, and I'm glad of that, because it has helped me to make sense of a lot of things. Labels can be extremely helpful at times.

In the past I've been variously diagnosed with depression, dysthymia, general anxiety disorder, attachment disorder and so on. But none of it seemed realistic: I had no reason to be any of these things, and when I started treatment for them, they tended to clear up straight away (except for anxiety, which has been severe and lifelong).

My executive functioning (how my brain works) is impaired to a level normally seen in people with brain damage.

I've been told that ADHD medication will clear up much of my anxiety, make me feel comfortable in my own skin and massively improve my concentration, confidence, productivity and ability to hold down relationships. It could reduce my cognitive impairment by such a degree that I will no longer even be classed as impaired (quite an improvement from "brain damaged"). I've also been told the improvements usually start from day one.

Unfortunately, I am dreading the potential side effects. In fairness, people who abuse it, which I won't, tend to get the really bad ones. My therapist is convinced I won't have any, or they won't be severe. I guess this is anxiety's last throw of the dice, hoping to scare me off before I take a medication that will destroy its hold on me.

So on Thursday morning I will take my Strattera, and it will either help me to realise my dreams, or it won't.

Wish me luck.

Excessive attention from girlfriend December 29, 2014, 3:07 pm
How are you, gentlemen!

I am having some relationship issues, so naturally, instead of talking them through with my girlfriend, I'm going on the Doomworld forum!

I've been seeing a girl for about six weeks. I really like her. She's got a kind heart, she's extremely loving and she is much more into me than anyone I've ever been out with. But it's getting a bit much. As an aspie, I am not really used to having close romantic relationships and I need a bit of space to process everything that happens when we are together. (This is not the same as the "I need space" excuse people use to end a relationship.)

In a good way, she has turned my life into a bit of a carnival, life is never dull when she's around, she is funny and quirky, it's just that she lives quite a long way from me, life can be a bit TOO exciting when she gets involved, she wants to see me a lot and she calls me several times a day. Sometimes I can't get things done because we're on the phone - she rang as I was taking my trousers down for a dump today. Our conversations can be LONG, eg 90 minutes or more, and I'm often doing something when she calls. I nearly shat myself today.

She has inspired me to get writing again and stick at it; she is going to brush up on Doom mapping to help me get my Panophobia maps done; in short, she is everything I've ever dreamed of in a woman, I just don't always feel I can hack the pace.

So is it me being selfish or a ponce? Or should I find a way to tell her I need some processing time? But how can I tell her this without upsetting her or making her think I want to split up?

EDIT: Sorry, I meant to post this in Blogs to start with.

Windows 8 for Mobile July 27, 2013, 10:28 am
Greetings! Just wondered if anyone else finds the latest range of Nokia phones strokes their emotional wangulum.

There are a ton of features missing in WP8 compared to Android. I hate people who complain about those who request a notification bar. Why should people spend ages trying to track down what just happened on their phone when we're living in the age of convenience? Notification menus should be mandatory for every OS.

It's nice to actually own a solid, heavy phone, rather than the lighter-than-air stuff everyone else is shovelling onto the market. There's something reassuring about my 820. Also you get to change the case whenever you want, which adds a surprising amount of mileage.

Being able to change the gorgeous Live Tiles to suit your mood is a nice touch. I just keep looking at my yellow 820 with its yellow tiles and thinking that I've never actually been in love with a phone before. Even my One X was missing something compared to this.

With Windows 8 getting a couple of updates in the next 6 months, and Android offering such a range of features, it's almost impossible to see why people still buy Apple. I sell phones for a living and I cannot think of a single reason why you should get an iPhone 5 in a world of Lumia 1020s, Galaxy Note 2s and HTC Ones.

I want to see the Loser forum (without being a Loser) February 23, 2013, 2:28 pm
Is there any way to access this? I feel like I'm missing out on something... even though, from what I recall, I'm not.

Crapple September 20, 2012, 10:26 am
I want to vent about the latest iPhone. I'll try to do this in a politically correct way to avoid offending those of you who use iPhones. Actually, feth it, I'm going to speak my mind, you're grown up enough to know I don't mean any of this personally.

I work for a mobile phone network in the UK. I am upgrade and retention trained so basically I can upgrade you (if you're due), and I can also try to stop you leaving and then upgrade you (if you're due). I have also worked in customer service. Basically I know a bit about everything.

It can hardly fail to escape one's attention that the world holds its breath for the latest iPhone. When that breath is released, people who work with mobile phones (except, perhaps, Apple staff) and people who review mobile phones let it out in a sigh of disappointment.

Customers, herd animals that they are, are generally iPhone for life and think that the latest iPhone is a total beast of a phone and must be obtained at the expense of anyone who gets in their way!

They think this, of course, because they have never dared to try another phone. They have iPods (not sure why when they've also got an iPhone), iPads (which they need as their iPhone screens are too small to be much use for anything) and tons of apps and accessories, all of which they paid premium money for.

Because mobile phone reviewers cannot crow about a dual core processor and Apple keeps most of the specs to itself (so people don't find out the iPhone "only" has an overclocked 1Ghz or 1.2Ghz dual core processor when upcoming rival phones are clocking at or almost 2Ghz with quad cores), the review sites instead talk about the "experience" of using the phone as if no other handset in the world has the indefinable allure of an iPhone.

While this may or may not be true, at the end of the day the latest iPhone is tall but not wide so you still need your iPad. The ones being released in the UK and parts of Europe are still 3G-only so you will need to buy new 4G ones next year, which will conveniently allow Apple to say it's sold, say, 30 million i5s instead of 15-20 million. People are more than retarded enough to do this.

When we upgrade a customer to a Samsung or Sony, they are generally over the moon with excitement about the price, the deal and the freebies such phones sometimes come with. When we have an iPhone customer there are ALWAYS issues: the price of the phone is too high, the tariff is not good enough, the warranty is shit, the insurance and excess are too much, our rivals are cheaper and they're such LOYAL customers who've been with us for years but would obviously sell their grandparents for 1 off per month.

Not to mention almost EVERY customer who calls with a phone that's having signal problems, or reliability problems, or battery problems, is an iPhone user... especially the iPhone 4, or a 3GS that was upgraded to OS5 (my advice: DON'T!!).

I really hate Crapple iPhones, iPads and whatever other same-old-crap they're selling. I hate the secrecy of Apple which puts its sellers in such hot water with customers. I hate iPhone zombies who cause so many complaints. Still, they keep us in business I suppose, I just needed to give Crapple the middle finger. Congratulations if you read all of that.

My date (from hell) August 25, 2012, 10:05 am
Greetings! Now HERE I have a gem that is bound to have AT LEAST one troll posting a sarcastic "Great story" or its popular variant, "Hey, great story."

I would like to share with you the experience of my date last night so that, no matter what wretched travesty of a love life some of you may have (no offence), you will forever be contented with the safe and warm glow that comes from knowing "At least it's better than Major Rawne's!"

Just so you understand the slang: "Pissed" is Brit slang for drunk. (Oh yes, there was alcohol involved.) We do not use it to describe anger unless the word "pissed" is followed by "off".

I was at fault to start with because I was 45 minutes late. I agreed to meet her at a pub in Leeds. For non-UK residents, that's a city in the County of Yorkshire in the North of England a city that is now basically a foreign colony, but that's another story. I was stupid enough to drive to Leeds without realising you cannot get a parking space unless it's miles away from where you need to be. My fault so that's one-nil to me already.

Unfortunately my date had used that time to consume an entire bottle of wine. When I (reluctantly, in view of how much she'd just necked on her own) offered her a drink, she wanted another wine "I think they only sell it in bottles," she said. Well this is Leeds, not the tourist area of the Algarve, so the bottle of wine was only three times more expensive than my cola. That's either cheap wine or pricey cola.

Anyway, I had also failed to take into account that it was a Friday night in Leeds city centre, so we had to have our conversation with shitty modern pop-noise blaring in our ears. They don't make music any more, they just make noise with a woman singing and an out-of-place male rapper joining in halfway through (for some reason).

My date became quite excited, yelling at the top of her voice as she told me about how many fist-fights she's had (this month). Then she told me how the love of her life had broken her heart several months ago. She told me she's had a fight with her neighbour, which her neighbour really did start, and the neighbour went to the local school, told the headmaster, then the headmaster got them both in a room and told them to stop fighting! (They're both 29)

Unfortunately by now she had finished her second bottle and was becoming amorous. She called me Mr Grey after a character in some porno. That's the second time I've been compared to him by a girl this week I must come across as a cultured and intelligent millionnaire who loves to make women into his gimps not really sure how a person actually delivers that impression, but that's the female mind for you. She wanted me to take her home and spend the night, never mind the fact that I had to get up for work at the crack of birdshit. In fact, her elegant solution to this problem was to "fuck work off."

I can quite honestly tell you I have NEVER been pleased about having to go to work early in the morning until yesterday. I spun an elaborate and brilliant tale of how I'm on my last chance there and if I lose my job I've lost everything, but she was so pissed by this point I could have told her I was a weather girl called Summer Sunshine and she'd have totally ignored it.

We went outside because I was trying to get her back to the train station so I could run back to my car, go home, get in bed and pull the covers fearfully over my head. Unfortunately I am possessed of great conscience and she could barely walk, so I volunteered to drive her home. This was in many ways a mistake because she thought Christmas had come early for her.

I told her I don't do that stuff on a first date, so she got it into her head that I was such a gentleman she must bone me immediately, right here in the street. She started trying to give me love bites and stick her tongue down my throat. I tried to half-guide, half-carry her along crowded streets where she relentlessly made an arse of herself in front of the population of Leeds. She kept shouting that she hoped I didn't have masking tape and a rope in my car weirdly enough I actually did have masking tape but that was to tape my lights up when I went to the track. I strongly considered putting some across her big mouth.

And then her fucking teeth fell out!

Yes, her entire top row of teeth was a falsehood. She put them back in quickly but the damage was done: she'd drooled all over her chin AND SHE TRIED TO KISS ME LIKE THAT.

Just because I had finally got her in the car didn't mean the night was over! No, there were still 40 painful and terrible minutes to go. All the way home she kept saying how much I must hate her and think she's a bad mother, which incidentally she'd been saying over and over again for the last hour. I spend some of my spare time helping people who suffer from depression and other issues and I realise a chronic lack of self-esteem when I see it, but you CANNOT do anything about this when they're drunk.

I finally got her home, stupidly agreed to go in with her, then she shoved me on the settee, sat on me and tried to snog me, by which point I'd had quite enough and buggered off so fast I had to actually stop myself from running.

EDIT: When I got home my brother was watching a strange but very likeable American painter called Bob Ross. It's not been a good night when the best part of your date was getting home in time to see the last five minutes of Bob Ross painting a mountain with a log cabin right in the middle of the scene for some reason.

So that was my Friday night. Please join Plenty of Fish and you might have many more experiences like mine!

Job interview May 31, 2012, 4:05 pm
Hi, perhaps not the place to post this stuff but I've got an interview with the Games Workshop tomorrow as trainee store manager. Feel free to wish me luck or curse me for a fool etc. I am rather nervous and may need incontinence underpants.

Car games June 11, 2010, 2:35 pm
When I get a racing game I always tend to go for normal, average front-wheel drive saloons (sedans) and do them up. I usually hate using RWD sports cars except for the Honda NSX.

In GT2 my main cars are a Honda Prelude, Peugeot 406 and Nissan Primera estate (station wagon), all modified into their racing versions.

In fact I recently spent 800 points downloading new motor packs for Forza 3 mainly to get the Peugeot RCZ (which I later realised was available as a free download) and the Vauxhall Insignia VXR.

I believe other people would be more interested in the Ferraris and Aston Martins that are also available in these packs.

Does anyone else prefer the less powerful, ordinary cars to all the "dream" cars in their racing game?

Or am I setting my sights in the gutter, when they should be in the bright constellations of Maserati and Lotus?

I hate Facebook. And women. May 2, 2010, 3:36 pm
Listen to this! I've been having a crap time lately cos of some so-called friends, right, so I was happy when things seemed to be turning around this afternoon.

I got a Facebook friend request from a gorgeous girl who said we used to know each other 13 years ago, and she's been trying to get back in touch ever since. She said she used to find me attractive and never thought she had a chance with me. (Considering we live about 100 miles apart, she might be right.)

So we were chatting and she was properly gushing about how excited she was to be back in touch with me etc. You can imagine what a boost this is, after all women don't usually bother to do stuff like this, especially the pretty ones. It's normally down to the bloke to do the donkey work. (That's equal rights for you!)

So I was looking through her photos and I was "You're really pretty", and she said I looked "Sweet" in my pics. I made a joke: "Uh-oh, sweet, that's girl speak for unattractive!"

It turns out I was right. Her reply was "I don't think you're ugly." And then she told me she thought I was gay.

I hit the "Remove from friends" button so hard my laptop imploded and formed a miniature black hole.

So that's how my self esteem was stepped on this weekend. Tune in next week, when I become an emo kid and write some dark poetry!