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Make Like a Tree, and Leaf January 10, 2010, 2:07 am

I don't do a lot of posting on these forums but I figured I'd do my first blog here in a while to advertise my new movie. Awesome.

Well this is Trees III: The Treelogy. It's a comedy/action movie which draws parallels from Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. It's not at all meant to be taken seriously, and was made purely just for fun.

Watching the older movies isn't necessary, but it'd help you get the series a bit better. This was my first time editing something for this length, and my first doing some of these special effects (nothing too exciting, just gunshots and Wesker-dodging).

Hope you enjoy it and I encourage you to share it around, criticism and comments highly welcomed!

Wow...I've never had that reaction before. January 30, 2007, 6:43 am
It seems that UGO is promoting the Grudge 2, so of course, with my ad blocker and crap, I managed to see one BANNER pop-up that slipped by. So I was scrolling along a random thread, reading, and suddenly, a fucking pop-up shows up. The thing with this one is, it was also for the Grudge 2, not sure if any of you have seen it. It's kind of like a shock website in some way because it just suddenly pops-up out of nowhere. My initial reaction, however, to seeing the ad, led me to punch my monitor. I'm not sure exactly WHY I did it, but my monitor seems to be fine. Heh.

Figured I share that with you guys :P

ACTION DooM Advertising Campaign September 29, 2005, 3:26 pm
Back when Action Doom had all the cool posters and stuff coming out, I put some in my binder along with a pic of Scuba Steve. Today I dug out those papers(again) and put them on my binders front cover sleeve. Then people started coming up and asking me who the guy is on the sleeve.

Kid: Hey, who's that guy on the front cover?

Me: It's Scuba Steve.

Kid: Who's Scuba Steve?

Me: Excuse me?

Kid: I said who is Scuba Steve?

Me: How did you go through your life not knowing who Scuba Steve is?

Kid: Dude, your gay.

Me: Nice Halloween Costume by the way.

Kid: Wha?

Me: It's not Halloween yet so you can take off your jackass costume.

Kid: *Walks Away*

Kid: Hey, who's that guy?

Me: It's freakin' Scuba Steve.

Kid: Cool.

Me: You play Doom?

Kid: Isn't that the Halo Rip-off?

Me: Jesus Christ.

Hot Chick: Hey is that Scuba Steve?

Me: Yeah.

Hot Chick: Rip and Tear!

Not much point in that. Whatever anyway.