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My stepdad went off in an ambulance today. December 29, 2008, 8:32 pm
Early this afternoon my mom had to run off to pick my stepdad from work, because he called complaining about having trouble breathing and his face swelling. When she got him he said he felt fine until they got home and he collapsed at the front door. That's when we called the ambulance.

My mom just called me and said he's coming home for tonight, but with a heart monitor. They took a bunch of samples for tests, and so far haven't found anything wrong in the tests but something obviously is. The whole time he was in the hospital his entire upper body was very red and his blood pressure would act very weird, shooting up for a bit then going back down. He's on his way home right now and I'm worried as hell. The doctors can't figure out whats wrong with him and he has to keep the heart monitor on at all times due to risk of a stroke if his blood pressure starts acting up again. In a couple days he will return to the hospital for some heart tests.

I really, really hope this ends well. At first I thought it was maybe a small problem with his medication and that he would be fine but I can't help but think something else is majorly wrong, considering how weird this condition sounds. Does anyone here have a clue what this could be?

[EDIT] He is home now and seems to be doing a lot better. I won't say better for sure but whatever happened was some pretty scary stuff.

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