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Moved Into a College Dorm Room August 21, 2014, 11:03 pm
Hey guys, as of 8/21/2014, I have moved into a college dorm, and I will live there until probably somewhere in 2016. I'll visit my house on some days, but I'm going to live at my dorm for probably two years.

I also brought my computer with me so I can do my homework and such on it. This means I can also make my Doom videos on campus. If you're a YouTube fan of mine, then I'm sorry for the lack of videos. I was busy with other stuff and was waiting for the date to move in to my dorm in my new college campus. This is also my third college campus I've ever attended, and this time I'm living in a single room alone, but I can always talk to other students. I can also keep in touch with my family, but I also have to work harder now.

So yeah, I was pretty busy on this day.
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I'm Back From South Carolina Again June 25, 2014, 9:27 pm
Update: As of 7/1/2014 I am back from South Carolina again, and you can read about it in this journal I made.

This thread was originally called Leaving For South Carolina Again, and here is the original post:

Hey guys, as some of you know I went to South Carolina last year, and I went there because he went to Kuwait in the army. Now I'm going there again because he's back and is going to marry his fiance. I'm going there tomorrow on the 26th of June this year and won't return until the 1st of July. So I'm going to have fun with my cousin once again. Until then, I'll talk to all of you later.

Dammit YouTube... June 13, 2014, 8:07 pm
To all the Doomworld Forum users who know about my Doom WAD playthrough series, I have some bad news. My video "Creepy Doom WADs - 7869.wad" was removed because it had graphic images in the WAD. This happened as someone flagged it, and I got a community guidelines strike that will last until 12/12/2014. I tried to appeal, but the appeal was rejected, and I won't be able to appeal any future community guidelines strikes for the next 60 days. So let's hope I can survive without getting my account terminated.

Here's a YouTube video I made on this bad news:


RIP Bailey the Dog (1999-2014) April 23, 2014, 7:40 pm
Hey guys, I have some unfortunate news. Back in May 2012, I lost Chloe the Cat, and it was sad to lose her. As of today, my dog Bailey was put to sleep due to issues with not being able to get up. He was a cute little miniature pinscher that we loved. He would bark a lot and it would be hard to get him to pee outside sometimes, but I still loved him. He was also sensitive to touch as well. A few days before his death, he started to lose the ability to walk. Then as of today, he was put out of his misery, and this made my mom very sad. When Chloe died, Bailey looked for her for a week, and then gave up after looking for her. And now, after nearly two years, he's with Chloe again.

We still have a Pomeranian named Muffin, and she's healthy right now. I also wonder when she'll notice that Bailey is gone, and I bet she will be sad that he isn't around anymore.

Here's a picture of Bailey:

He will be missed.

So I Moved... Again April 13, 2014, 6:33 pm
Hey guys, I just want to say that I moved to a new house again as of April 12, 2014, and the house is also in a different town that's near our old town. We also moved in with mom's boyfriend, and some of you might wonder why.

You see, we found out that our landlord wasn't paying the mortgage with the rent money mom gave her, and this got the house we got in March 2013 foreclosed. The house was in the foreclosure process before, but the landlord saved the house before it became final. So mom refused to pay the landlord before we moved out, so the landlord gave us a three day notice to try to evict us, but it was pointless for the landlord to do so.

So yeah, we had to move yesterday, and it will take a while to make the house nice to live in.

My Poor Kidneys... March 17, 2014, 7:35 pm
This morning, I felt really bad back pain and I puked as well, and my mom drove me to the hospital. They told me to give them a urine sample, and when I got a sample in the cup, my mom said it looked bad. It was bad, because according to the sample, the doctor said I had a kidney infection. We then did a CAT Scan, and they found kidney stones inside of me. So yes, I am sick and I also stayed home from college today, and I might stay for more days as well.

The back pain started on Thursday, and it went away and I thought it was just standard back pain. Then on Friday, the pain came back, and I took some ibuprofen, and I also puked as well. Then when I went to my friend's house, it went away. Then on Saturday, the back pain came back and it was worse and my mom took me to a different hospital that was closer to town. There, they said I just had a back strain and I believed them. Then on Sunday, there wasn't much pain and I thought it was going away. And then it got worse on Monday as you knew earlier from above.

So I'm going to have to hope for the best and hope that I can heal ASAP.

I'm 21 Years Old Now (As of 12/6/2013) December 16, 2013, 9:43 pm
This is a late post because this has been official for ten days now. But as of Decmeber 6 of the year 2013, I am 21 years old. I haven't had my first full drink of beer yet, but I'm thinking about when the time is right. I'm also interesting in having a cosmopolitan drink too. Anyways, I'm 21 now, and I also wish I posted this much earlier.

R.I.P. To My Old Zune, and Hello iPod 160GB October 23, 2013, 1:10 pm
Hey guys, I have some bad news that's pretty old. I had a black Zune 30GB ever since 2008, and I took it on trips. I even placed over 2000 songs on it. On September 26th this year, it's hard drive gave out, and it made that clicking noise and staying on the step 3 screen. Here's a picture of it with it's faulty hard drive:

I got a new black iPod Classic 160GB that came from a friend of my dad's. She barely used it and it can hold much more media than my Zune ever could. Here's a picture of that too:

So yeah, it's nice to have an music player again. I would get a Zune 120GB, but the only new ones I could find are over $400, and new Zune 30GBs are over $400 too. So yeah, even though I have a new music player, the death of my Zune made me sad.

RIP to my Black Zune 30GB (2008-2013)

My Grandpa's Doing Better August 20, 2013, 9:55 pm
8/24/2013 Update: My grandpa's doing better now and he'll be out of the hospital soon. I thought he wouldn't make it, but he did.

This thread was originally called "My Grandpa's In The Hospital".

Here's the original post:

Hey guys, I have some bad news. My grandpa is in the hospital right now because something's wrong with his kidneys. I found this out when I came home from Waldameer Park & Water World. He's 88 years old as of now and something like this was bound to happen to him sooner or later, but it's shocking to hear that he's sick like this. Let's hope for the best for him and see if he makes it out OK. I'll let you guys know if anything else happens to him with an update journal.

I'm Back From South Carolina July 31, 2013, 5:42 pm
Update: As of 8/7/2013 I am back from South Carolina, and you can read about it in this journal I made.

This thread was originally called Leaving For South Carolina, and here is the original post:

Hey guys, Iím going to South Carolina tomorrow to visit my cousin. I wonít return until the 7th of August, so Iíll be gone for a while. This also means that I won't be able to work on Illuminatus or make playthrough videos for a while, but when I return I'll work on MAP26 of Illuminatus and make a video afterwards. I might let you guys know how Iím doing in South Carolina if I can. But for now, Iíll talk to you guys later.