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Building a New Computer October 17, 2010, 11:53 pm
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I've been told I should come here with this. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Hardly visit these forums, but I do find them to be valuable.

Anyways, I am currently formulating plans for building EDIII (a new computer). I haven't built a computer for five years and my choices in parts now, compared to then, are mind boggling and somewhat overwhelming. It looks like I can build a computer that's at least twice as fast for about half the price of what I built this one. I want to build a new one because I am starting to feel the pull of newer games, but this computer (EDII) has no chance of running them.

As for budget? I'm not looking to spend more than $400-$500. I know I want to get 4gb ram, and I know I want at least a 3ghz clockspeed processor.

I need your guys' help! You can help me by answering these questions:

Are there products (specific brands/makers) I should stay away from? For instance, Nvidia vs Ati, Intel vs AMD, etc.

Are there products (specific brands/makers) that I should definitely go for?

How important is it to get a high memory video card? How much is enough when it comes to video cards? How important is clock speed on video cards?

I will be searching out advice from elsewhere on the web, but I figured I'd ask here, first.

Anything else you guys can think of to add would be great.