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Thinking of getting a new monitor soon-ish September 9, 2014, 12:48 pm
Oh, great spirits of Doomworld (at least the ones who bother to check blogs), grant me your wisdom (if you feel like it, I guess).

My shitty CRT just isn't cutting it anymore. It's dim, the top few lines are distorted leading to a very noticable stretching, it has subtle color distortion on the right side that won't go away no matter how much I degauss it. I just can't deal with it anymore, especially with most modern applications being optimized for 16:9. I'm not looking to spend more than $500 USD ($650 absolute tops, but I don't want to go near that if it can be helped), and it'll likely be a few months before I can save enough to get a new monitor.

Here's a list of attributes my ideal monitor would have, in order of priority.

1. LED-backlit IPS is a must.

2. I want studio-accurate color (at least 95% sRGB range, properly pre-calibrated or easily calibratable with minimum margin of error in correctness), good contrast, deep blacks and very bright whites (at least 300 cd/m2, but the higher the better so long as blacks are reasonably deep).

3. I want it to be large, so the closer to 30" diagonally, the better.

4. Display port or out-of-the-box G-sync support would be nice to have. I cannot stand tearing.

5. Refresh rates higher than 60hz would be nice to have, as I can indeed see the difference between 60hz and 120hz. I know IPS displays have slower response times, so that reduces my chances of getting something like this.

I want it to be a well rounded display for all purposes like playing games and watching movies, but with a strong emphasis/leaning toward content production like Photoshop, vector graphic design, digital video editing and game art. Also, should I just wait for 4K OLEDs? I'd like to replace my monitor by the middle of 2015, and it does seem that OLEDs are taking quite a while to become affordable.

I've been looking at maybe getting these, but if there are any better suggestions I'd like to hear them:
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Idiot attempting to migrate to Linux (requesting help) April 22, 2014, 10:20 pm
So, I've been using Mint for a little while now.

I wanted to compile Slade 3, but there was no configure file that I could find in the tarball. Slade is multiplatform, right? If I'm missing something like the absolute idiot that I am, please let me know.
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New mouse April 17, 2014, 11:28 pm
I just got a Kensington Expert trackball mouse. Before I replaced it with the Kensington, I was using a Logitech M570, but started experiencing an annoying double clicking behavior a few months after getting it. It was my second one, and I got it to replace the first after experiencing the same thing, hoping that it was just a bad apple. Nope, turns out they're all shit, and I'm far from the only person with that problem using an M570. I really should've done my research.

This time, I did do my research, and decided that the Kensington Expert was the best choice for me. The scroll wheel is a bit disappointing like many reviews say, but it did kind of "break in" to being better after a few hours of use, which is consistent with a review that I read. It's much more usable now, but I wish I could get rid of that "sandpaper" feel...

Ranting, raving, venting (emo loser thread) April 8, 2014, 2:05 pm
I don't want to derail the 'Reasons not to tip' thread, so I'm making this a blog instead.

I'm not exactly satisfied with what's going on here. Corruption and bribery is pretty much legalized, and the mainstream media acts like it's perfectly normal to tip the scale of elections with loads of cash and that we shouldn't be complaining about people like the Koch brothers. Employment opportunities already suck and are only getting worse, costs of education are through the roof, and police brutality continues mostly unscathed (paid leave is NOT justice).

I haven't gone to any post-secondary education yet, as I'm unsure of what I'd study and don't want to accrue piles of debt, especially if my degree doesn't actually help in getting jobs when there's so little opportunity out there anyway.

The only jobs I've managed to get so far is fast food (the manager actually offered the job to me, I didn't pursue it beyond taking the offer), and shelf stocking only because they were already short on people. The fast food place shut down because a local university bought it and tore it down to make room for more student housing, and the grocery store tossed me aside at the last minute. They needed the help, but not so badly as to keep me past initial probation.

Australia seems like a nice place, because they speak English, seem to give a damn about laborers, and have a warm climate. I grew up in Idaho (though currently reside in Ohio), so I actually prefer warm climates. Also, it'd give me an excuse to spell properly (labour instead of labor, etc.).

[QUOTE]Captain Red said:
[B]Are you brown and fleeing persecution by boat? If not, boogie on in. At the moment, I would recommend working here over the US at least. Here you only need to do one awful low wage job to live from pay-check to pay-check as opposed to two or three.[/B][/QUOTE]I am aware that Abbot is mostly concerned about refugees, but I got the impression that it's almost impossible to get in as a permanent resident without higher end job experience and/or a college degree, especially if not from a commonwealth country. The US is kinda almost commonwealth, but we rejected the crown early on and inverted many practices, so we're technically not.

The best I could hope for is a work and holiday visa. What am I to do?

Nostalgia and disappointment November 11, 2012, 5:10 pm
I've been going through and playing random bullshit from my childhood. One of the games I used to play was Lego Island 2, and it's so much worse than I remember it. I just want to kill the player character he annoys me that much. I can't find a copy of Lenny's Music Toons, but oh well.

I also remember some weird overhead grid based game with a tropical theme that had something to do with spelling and collecting letters. In the corner of the screen there was some weird old islander guy that would comment on shit. Anyone know what this one is? I think it might've been on some demo disc, with a demo of some DOS Lord of the Rings RPG on it as well.

So, my job sucks October 31, 2012, 6:21 am
I've been working since the summer, and my hours have been slowly dwindling down to 8 per week over time, and they even forgot to give me my paycheck last time it was payday. I try to work as hard as possible to meet the needs and expectations of the customers and my manager. I ask them how I can get more hours, and all they tell me is "work harder". They even gave me an extra 4 hours one week because of it, but have since set me back to 8.

The general manager who hired me likes me, but he manages several stores and isn't around often. The one who is around most often seems to act nice towards me, but I really get the feeling that he really doesn't want me around. I really feel like I'm not valued there and that they're intentionally keeping me away as much as possible. I intend to get another job, and as soon as I'm hired, quit my current one.

I understand that they're just a business and that they're just using the resources that they need, but I felt like expressing my disappointment nonetheless.

What are your thoughts on this? To anyone that has been in the working world for a while, is my gut feeling about this correct?

Early happy birthday to me October 3, 2012, 4:57 pm
So, uh. I'm gonna be 19 on the 20th of this month.

inb4 "you're acting far below your age you piece of immature shit"

I had another strange dream October 1, 2012, 1:47 pm
I had a dream that there was a high school that the US military was evacuating. So all the students were coated in gray colored clay, and loaded up onto elevators to be removed from the clay once they got into the cafeteria. Then the students had to wait for several minutes, then they were made to exit the building through an MC Esher-esque stairwell that went up and down simultaneously. There was paper trash, and bins of rancid shitty liquid strewn about the stairs. At one point, a female student stripped naked, squatted down, and started shitting and pissing at the same time, as the other students just kept walking by and ignoring it. There were some military generals smoking cigars filled with the ashes of pipe tobacco at the exit that were congratulating themselves for doing such a good job making sure the stairwells were clean and not having deliberately placed bins with diarrhea placed in them.

Then I dreamed that I woke up and that my ex girlfriend was nude and laying on top of me, telling me that she drugged me so that I was too paralyzed to move and that she broke into my house so that she could see me again.

Then I woke up for real, and was kinda freaked out. Is there something wrong with me?

Digging through the pantry... September 22, 2012, 2:34 am
So, tonight, I dug all the way to the back of the pantry, and here's what I found:

* Some weird box labelled "Taco Bell Soft and Hard Shell Meal", which despite the cardboard flaps still being sealed, had clear packing tape perpendicularly taped over the cardboard flaps on the top. As I opened it, I found soft and hard taco shells, a bag of preserved meats and vegetables, and one Kool-Aid packet. I'll probably save this for later when I'm hungry.

* An old, unopened (before I found it a few minutes ago) bag of Jack Link's beef jerky, not expired yet (according to the date, anyway), but it sure tastes like it. I think I might throw this one out.

* A VERY old bag of pepperoni slices that were way in the back that had become moldy. I threw it out.

* Two bottles of Grey Poupon mustard, my favorite kind! One of them is almost empty and the remaining mustard is stuck to the bottom, I threw this one away. The other has never been opened before. They both expired three years ago.

*A broken-off piece of a graham-cracker. I threw it out, of course.

Fuck you, space heater September 14, 2012, 10:00 pm
So, for safety purposes, my space heater turns off whenever it unintelligently detects that it's somehow "unsafe" to be on. Thing is, it just won't turn on when I tell it to, because it somehow thinks it knows better than me. I'm cold, damn it!

So, I guess this thread is supposed to be about how much it sucks when technology in general intentionally refuses the user's direct commands.