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Happy Esselday September 7, 2012, 4:39 am
I'm moving house and will have no internet so I wanted to get in early.

Happy Esselday for Saturday!

Until then, have this:


Mechanical Keyboards August 25, 2012, 7:27 am
So a dude at work is selling a mechanical keyboard he bought and doesn't like. It's a Filco Ninja with Cherry MX Brown switches.

It's called a Ninja because it has blank keytops and the printing is on the front.

I don't like this particular keyboard because it has no numpad, but I do very much like typing on it. Going back to my regular Dell workstation keyboard feels like typing on a flimsy sponge.

I've seen these online before, at places like but never got the balls up to spend the money on one.

I'm now considering ordering a full size one of these. I'm unsure whether to stick with the Brown switches, or switch to Blacks or Reds, or if it even makes much of a difference.

Do any of you use mechanical keyboards? Which ones? Am I being an elitist keyboard wanker?

Microcomputers & Binary Clocks January 3, 2012, 6:26 am
I recently read about MicroBee Z80-based microcomputers being remade with modern features like SD Card, ethernet and dual processors.

For the home hobbyist, it appears microcomputing has never died. I had a friend who used to make all sorts of things with PICAXE controllers and of course these days there's Arduino which has a large following.

For those who want something less "embedded system" and more "conventional computer", the home-made Maximite seems to have become the de-facto standard with several SoC clones available. This little thing runs a BASIC interpreter on a 32-bit 80MHz CPU and also has USB, host serial, PS2 keyboard, VGA out and SD Card storage.

All these little things amaze me. They sound so cool and seem to have a world of nostalgia in store. I've always wanted to get one except I had nothing to actually *do* with it.

Lately, a workmate came across someone who had the ThinkGeek Binary Clock on their desk. I love the idea of binary clocks but the "Binary Coded Decimal" of the ThinkGeek clock is stupid. I prefer "True Binary" like this guy's clock which he hacked into the middle of an old hard drive.

So, sometime in the next year or two I hope to make a binary clock which is powered by either USB or PoE, and uses its host power to communicate to an NTP server. Libraries and interfaces exist for the Arduino to do all this, the rest is just me learning to code and putting it all together.

Do any of you guys play around with old micro/embedded computers like these?

From Linux to Windows October 9, 2011, 4:47 pm
I was recently sitting on IRC bitching about how I couldn't run the latest Minecraft because of a bug in the Linux ATI drivers, couldn't run Doom Builder 2, was sick of messing around with Wine to get my Steam games running and I thought "Fuck this, I'll just start using Windows 7".

So a week later, everything is fine. I've been Minecrafting away, opening maps in DB2, finished Shadowgrounds and everything's happy.

Except one thing - playing Doom.

Under Linux I used the terminal to create aliases, so typing doom2 was the same thing as typing /home/superjamie/doom/prboom-plus- -iwad /home/superjamie/doom/iwads/doom2.wad and so on. This makes it easy to chuck PWADs on the Desktop and launch them in whatever order I want (doom2 -file file1.wad file2.wad) and to play/record demos (doom2 -playdemo file.lmp or doom2 -record file.lmp).

Under Windows a similar command would be "C:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad "C:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\IWADs\doom2.wad" which is way too long for my liking. I played around with the frontend ZDL for a while which is good cos it lets you order wadfiles but has no facility for playing demos beyond typing in a (long) command. I also tried CDL which plays demos but doesn't order wadfiles. Jodwin kindly lent me the source but evidently C# is beyond my skill and patience level. Surely there is some way I can just type doom2 in a box and have things work the way I want them to.

There is!

I created a file called aliases.bat and filled it with the aliases I had under Linux but using DOSKey. For example:
@echo off
cd C:\Users\Super Jamie\Desktop
doskey doom2="c:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad "c:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\IWADs\doom2.wad" $*
doskey doom="c:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad "c:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\IWADs\doomu.wad" $*
doskey plutonia="c:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad "c:\Users\Super Jamie\Documents\doom\IWADs\plutonia.wad" $* others for chocolate-doom, zdoom2, zstrife, etc
The $* passes all additional parameters on so -file and -record work correctly.

Some instructions here indicate how to have it auto-start when you run a Command Prompt window.

Now I can again just chuck stuff on the Desktop, type doom2 -file pwad.wad or play demos or whatever and it even has tab completion. Win.

Old PC hardware giveaway September 27, 2011, 8:24 pm
I can't be assed listing any of this on eBay, if you want it PM me your address and I'll send you a Paypal request to cover postage only. I don't know if any of it works so caveat emptor.

I'm in Australia so it'll cost like $15 to America, maybe a little more to Europe, posting to deep in the jungle of the Congo is probably unfeasible.

Things with the [s]strike[/s] have been claimed.

- [s]ISA CT2230 Sound Blaster 16 w/ IDE controller (OPL3)[/s]
- [s]ISA CT3670 Sound Blaster 32 PnP w/ 2x 30pin RAM slots (OPL3)[/s]
- [s]ISA CT4390 Sound Blaster Awe64 Gold (not OPL3)[/s]
- ISA Crystal CS4232 2 channel (OPL3)
- PCI CMI 8738 4 channel (non-genuine OPL3)
- [s]PCI Yamaha XG YMF724 (OPL3)[/s]

The following is old garbage that probably only Maes will be interested in. These will go in the bin if nobody takes them:

- [s]AGP GeForce 5200 with DVI and VGA port[/s]
- [s]PCI GeForce 5200 with DVI port and optional low-form-factor bracket[/s]
- PCI 3Com 3C905 100Mbps NIC (two of these)
- PCI Intel 100Mbps NIC
- AGP TNT Vanta 64
- [s]PCI S3 Virge DX 4Mb[/s]
- [s]PCI 3Dfx Voodoo 2 16Mb with VGA passthru cable and SLI cable[/s]

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