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Teeth problems February 10, 2014, 9:51 pm
So...I've had somewhat weak teeth for quite a while, although they haven't caused any real problems for me, but for the past 4 days my mouth was in extreme pain, and I could barely get any sleep, though I still managed to (partially) do some activities... I hoped it was just a temporary thing, but since the pain ended up being continuous for days, I went to a dental surgery. I had an X-ray done; one of my upper front teeth had caused a bad infection in my mouth, due to a cavity. I agreed to have the tooth and infected gum pulled out, which felt awful, but at least the infected stuff is out of my mouth. I couldn't feel half my face after the removal, and now my gum may bleed for the next 72 hours...

I also have 3 other teeth that are at risk of infection, but thankfully the dentists will be able to do more work on those teeth and save them, so I will have to return to the surgery in 2 weeks.

I wasn't really expecting my teeth/gum to get infected so bad. I know my teeth are weak but this is the first time I experienced painful infection. I brush twice a day, and I don't smoke and never drink alcohol, although I do occasionally have carbonated drinks and sweet candies. I think I'll refrain from sweet stuff or any foods that may cause problems.

Well, it's good to be out of pain, and I will take care of my gums and teeth even more carefully now.

W key on laptop keyboard broken January 7, 2014, 9:27 pm
My Acer Aspire--my main computer which I run everything on--has not had any problems for a year, until today when the "W" key on the keyboard just broke. (I am currently copy-pasting the "w"s.) No liquid or such was ever spilled on it; the key just died. At first, I removed the key's cap, and there was no noticeable dirt or anything, but I noticed that the rubber cup thing under the key had somehow gotten partially detached/worn from the board. I lightly pressed the rubber cup a few times with my finger, and the w actually worked. So I put the key cap back on and tried a few times, and the key seemed to work for a short while again--then stopped. Again examining under the cap, the rubber cup had now gotten completely detached, and the thing just won't type anymore. I can't even get the rubber cup to reattach correctly to make it work.

Though the key's breaking was sudden and unexpected, it seems the key was actually worn out over time. All the other keys on the keyboard are fine as far as I know, but the w key was used far more frequently than any other key--I use it for moving forward in practically every FPS game, so it was easily pressed a few thousand times, and probably a few hundred times more often than any other key.

I suppose my only option now is to use an external keyboard...ugh. I really don't want to mess around with trying to "repair" the laptop...

It seems some things just can't be made to last.

Finally got some better sounding SC-55 soundfonts... August 11, 2013, 12:57 am
I've been revering the SC-55 a lot and often tried to get an SC-55 sound for all the classic game MIDIs on my computer, not just DOOM.

Quite some time ago I downloaded the SCC-1 MP2 recordings from DoomWorld to use ingame, but, I still wanted to have an SC-55 synth for regular MIDIs rather than pre-recorded stuff. I then got this "DJ Tony" SC-55 soundfont which barely even resembled an SC-55; it sounded more like the junk Microsoft GS SW synth. Later I got a different SC soundfont (RSC.sf2) which I found from some YouTube video. That one was so much better than the DJ Tony one, although some instruments were off and had only one sample (such as the distortion guitar).

I mainly used the RSC.sf2 for SC-55 music, and also eventually downloaded the SC-55 music packs from the Doomsday Engine add-on page.

Today I finally decided to check for any new SC-55 soundfonts. I found 2 on YouTube: Patch93's, and Trevor James'. I got Patch93's v1.9, and it is an excellent improvement over RSC.sf2. Much more authentic sounding and greatly improved. I also got the one by Trevor James, version 07/04/13. The James one is also a great improvement over RSC.sf2. These 2 new ones are both good and I'm enjoying them, although they are still not perfect and don't have all the extra GS sounds. James' seems to have a harder, drier sound, while Patch93's is more reverbish. I use the soundfonts in BASSMIDI.

The Trevor James SC-55 soundfont was also supposedly updated to 07/05/13 (one day after the previous version) and supposedly has more SC-55 instruments. But, supposedly, that version got "lost".

I'm currently using Patch93's, I prefer its sound over the other one. I'm not saying it's better than James', just "different".

Still, I never had a real SC-55, but these new soundfonts are good enough for now...

Duke Nukem 2 soundtrack remix v2.0 and a couple DOOM remixes April 10, 2013, 12:05 am
Here are two DOOM remixes I made: Mainly just guitars and drums.

Sort of a combination of E3M3 and Slayer's Behind the Crooked Cross.

The Demon's Dead

Duke Nukem 2 remix v2.0 (320Kbit MP3)

Months ago I remixed/"revamped" the Duke Nukem 2 soundtrack. V1.0 was the first release, v1.1 had a few changes, and now I finished v2.0. 2.0 has an all-new sound.

Here's a preview:

He's Back!


First sound cards I used... March 8, 2013, 12:23 am
I recently found music I recorded from DOOM, DOOM 2, and Final DOOM played on a Creative VIBRA128 (8MB waveset) sound card. I recorded the music years ago, and all I have left of the card is the installation CD and the three ECW wavesets, which are now pretty much useless.

I might upload the recordings, if anyone wants to listen to them, and if I'm able to (my Internet connection is being atrocious)...Unless there's already recordings of it. The VIBRA128 played some MIDIs, including the DOOM music, with some missing notes and I don't know why.

The VIBRA128 was one of the first sound cards I got that had wavetable synthesis (the other one being a card by ESS, which had both an FM synth and a wavetable synth). The very first sound card I had was a Yamaha OPL chip. Later I got the card by ESS. I remember the electric guitars sounding very "boingy" on that card compared to the Yamaha OPL chip. Then I got the Creative VIBRA128.

The 8MB ECW had pretty cool sounding instruments. I *love* the synth bass in the "DOOM" track, the synth strings in the DOOM 2 intro, the guitar in "Sign of Evil", and the ending of "The Demon's Dead".

I also later got the Yamaha S-YXG50 soft synth. I have all the DOOM music recorded on that, too.

Back onto the VIBRA128: It's the only card I've heard that used a "unique" sound for "Ad Lib" music. For example, the bass in Duke Nukem 2 and Bio Menace songs sounded like a normal bass, instead of the "boing" sound I always hear, and the drumkits in the Monster Bash, Nitemare 3D, Vinyl Goddess from Mars, etc. music sounded like actual wavetable drums instead of the poofy FM synth drums. Other cards and Ad Lib emulators I use always seem to have the same boingy synthy sound. Are there any emulators or something that play Ad Lib music with "normal" sounding instruments instead of the same old boing-boing-poof sound? Oddly, when I selected Ad Lib music in DOOM (instead of General MIDI), the music sounded extremely used different instruments from when I used the General MIDI option, and didn't sound like the Ad Lib on the other sound cards.

Well, I'll probably never hear the VIBRA128 again, but at least I have the DOOM music recorded on it. These days I use soundfont 2.0, emulators, etc. but I still liked the sound on those old cards.

DOOM music download links




Final DOOM


not yet uploaded

I "revamped" the Duke Nukem 2 soundtrack July 24, 2012, 4:05 am

In 3 parts because that site has a max filesize of 30 MB. Come2Store is having errors, so here's a MediaFire link (I'm using a free account on there)

The Duke Nukem 2 soundtrack, revamped with ultra-powerful instruments for a nice heavy metal sound.

Get all parts, and extract them somewhere by extracting part 1 (with other parts in same location). Archive also contains a readme file with info and version history. These remixes were mainly for my own private listening, but I decided to see what others think of them.

Screwed-up mouse, and Windows 7's help July 1, 2012, 1:35 am
My computer's mouse was acting very strangely - it kept registering that the left button was rapidly being clicked when I wasn't even touching it. Thus, moving the cursor over icons would cause the icons to be clicked and opened programs, and in a music sequencer it kept drawing notes all over the place, and in DOOM the gun was firing randomly. It was a pain, so I replaced the screwy new mouse with an old roll-ball mouse.

The Windows 7 help documentation didn't help find out what was wrong, but it does go into precise details on how to use a mouse. It's like it was written for people who had never used a mouse before. I suppose they wanted to make it more "user-friendly", but I'm sure most people would know how to use a mouse without all this info on move-mouse-left-to-move-cursor-left. Anyway, I've got that bugged-out mouse sitting on a shelf. It's a Compaq optical mouse that I just got, and it already died. The newer they are, the shorter they last. Then again, it could be the number of hours I spent clicking it in DOOM.

Trying out eDuke32 and Duke Nukem Zero Hour June 30, 2012, 6:46 am
I recently got the Atomic Edition of DN3D. I've had the Shareware version for years, but seeing that the Atomic Edition is pretty cheap, I got it. I decided to use eDuke32 and Duke Plus for this one. I also downloaded the latest polymer HRP, only to find my pitiful graphics card was simply not capable to run the HRP at a reasonable speed. The FPS counter on the screen stayed at around 1-3 FPS. Lowering the graphic detail didn't do much but make it look ugly as Heck. I will soon try v4 of the HRP in the hopes it will be faster. Edit: okay, I tried HRP 4 without the Polymer renderer, and it runs at a smooth 40-100 FPS! It seems my video card doesn't like the Polymer renderer.

I got Duke Nukem Zero Hour two days ago for my Nintendo 64. I've been enjoying it a lot, good graphics, good gameplay. Not bad at all. It's one of my favorites, along with Time To Kill and Land of the Babes. I'm currently in the Jail Break level, and have found 3 time machine pieces. I also enjoy its more "mature" themes.