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Tale of a fucked hard drive October 21, 2011, 12:53 pm
So I have a story for you techies at Doomworld. I hope you'll find it enlighting / funny. I just screwed the Windows partition on my laptop this morning.

I woke up, turned on my computer to do some homework. I noticed that Windows was taking over 40 seconds to boot (it usually never takes that long), and then all of the sudden I got the first BSoD ever since I got my laptop three years ago. It told me that "kernel32.dll" was missing. I thought "Huh, that's not normal. I don't remember deleting that." The computer started/shut down normally yesterday and it hadn't touched the internet in over 4 weeks.

I shut it off and tried to boot again. I decided to try to run in Safe mode and hoard as much data as I could on my 4GB flash drive. I pressed F8 for options, but instead of the different boot options, it immediately brought me to this weird gray desktop and a window with a set of recovery options. I thought "That's also not normal." One of the things you could do was run a command prompt. I browsed around in there and I was releived to find that all my shit was still on my HD at that point, right down to my Doom folders.

Well, then I saw one of the recovery options was to "automatically repair disk errors", and I thought "Well, it can't hurt". The thing informed that it would may take an hour or more. Well, after two hours I started to get bored. I decided to cancel it, but it told me it couldn't be canceled. I decided to throw my flash drive in and maybe try to move stuff on my flash drive with the command prompt.

I think the flash drive is what fucked it. As soon as I plugged it in, the main window with all the options on it started freaking out and not responding. Then it told me it divided by zero and the window went away. After that, the disk-reparier-thingy told me it was accessing illegal memory and it went away. I had to shut off my computer.

Now whenever I try to boot windows normally, or try that recovery thing again, it gives me a generic, unreadable BSoD. Thankfully, I have Ubuntu on my computer and it still works perfectly fine. I used the system tool that came with Ubuntu and checking the big partition on my hard drive and it said that it couldn't read it because it was "busy".

So that's the story I have to tell. Also, is there anything I can do to salvage whatever is on that busted partition? I have a few soundfonts I made, a truecolor chocolate-doom port with antialiased texture/flat rendering that I put a few hours into, and a few musical peices that I wrote since I last backed up my HD. I really don't to have to redo those so if you could give me some advice in return for my riveting tale I'd appreciate it.