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auxois's Doomworld Forums Blog

No, I'm not back... November 29, 2003, 10:37 am
...not yet, anyway.

Of late, I've been playing Final Fantasy XI. A lot. No, not even a lot. Obsessively.

But it's so much fun! And I'm learning Japanese, so that's great.

So anyway, if anyone was wondering why I'd fallen off the face of the earth, that's why, though I must say it would surprise me if anyone here even noticed (and if they did it was more likely along the lines of "oh yay, auxois stopped posting").

And if any of you are thinking about trying it, but haven't yet because you're unsure about something, feel free to ask me. I've become like the newbie help service of late, now that I've gotten a sub-job and started leveling in lowbie areas again. ;_;

I do miss you guys though. :D Someone drop me an e-mail, hmm?

Choosing a match pistol September 26, 2003, 2:28 am
So. I'm gonna pick up a .22LR match pistol pretty soon. The two primary weapons I'm considering are the Walther P22 with a five-inch barrel, found here, or the Beretta Model 87 Target, found here.

The primary things the Beretta has going for it are improved accuracy and controllability over the P22 (especially over the 3.4" barrel). The primary things the Walther has going for it are price (about 1/3rd that of the Beretta) and styling - the latter of which, most people will tell you, is largely irrelevant, but to me, it's a big deal. This won't be my carry pistol, natch.

So, if you actually know anything about firearms, give a look and tell me what you think. And, if you don't, just have a look and tell me which one strikes your fancy more.

Led Zeppelin July 22, 2003, 8:15 am
Hey, wow. I've always held a respect for this band but never really gotten into them. Damn, have I been missing out. I never really checked them out for a number of reasons, primarily a) they were faddish here for some time, and b) I don't normally enjoy much classic rock. Other hugely popular classic rock bands generally don't really interest me, but Zeppelin has really struck a chord in me, much the same way as Jethro Tull, Steppenwolf, and Iron Butterfly did. Not sure why.

For those of you who aren't familiar with them, try "Heart Breaker", the awesome "Immigrant Song" (and the hilarious rathergood KMV), the ever-popular "Stairway to Heaven", "Dazed and Confused", or the awesome "Black Dog". There are so many other excellent songs by them, but these five give a pretty good intro to their music, in my opinion.