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irc September 27, 2003, 4:48 pm
i decided to blog this because it's probably not urgent enough to go in everything else. That probably means no-one will see it though...

just wondering if anyone would be kind enough as to explain to me how to use irc? on trillian? I can't find any tutorials on google.

It's rather perplexing, as I'm used to the simplicity of IMs.

my essays September 27, 2003, 4:24 pm
heheh, I was giving my comp a good old cleanout last night when I came across some old english essays, presentations where you have to stand and talk for about five minutes. The two I did were on the gulf war. Reading over them again, I think they were good for a laugh. I have no use for them now, so I'm gonna post them here, take a look. Feel free to plagarise(sp?),as both got me a grade 1 pass (best).

The first (21/11/02):

I am going to talk to you today about Saddam Hussein’s refusal to let weapons inspectors into Iraq.
Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator, has been causing quite a stir in the news recently because he has been denying UN weapon inspectors access to his store of weapons. America claims that Saddam Hussein has large stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, also known as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction‘. Iraq denies that it has these weapons, but it refuses to let inspectors return to the area.
After the Gulf War in 1991, the UN authorised the inspection and destruction of weapons by weapons inspectors. Inspections began as normal, and they found and destroyed many missiles, bombs and biological material such as Anthrax. But over a period of seven years, the inspections we stopped by Iraq, and the weapons inspectors were denied access to many sites which they suspected contained weapons. The UN finally withdrew the weapons inspectors from Iraq in 1998. America then recommenced its bombing campaign against Iraq, which it had postponed at the end of the Gulf conflict, in an effort to ‘persuade’ Saddam to let the inspectors re-enter weapons facilities. The bombing, however proved unsuccessful, as inspectors have still not been granted access.
The latest talks about weapons inspectors have been caused by America’s efforts to defeat global terrorism. In a post-September 11 political climate, the US has been eager to rid the world of people such as Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. President Bush says that they shall once again go to war with Iraq if Saddam does not agree to UN resolutions which state that ‘weapons inspectors must have unconditional access to all suspected weapons facilities’.
I feel that the Americans are partially to blame for their problems with Iraq. At the end of the Gulf War, President Bush senior (George Bush’s father) had the chance to completely remove Saddam and his political regime from Iraq, but chose not to. So it is hardly surprising that ten years later, the Americans have to deal with the same problem, this time under the ruling George Bush junior. I also have a rather cynical view of America’s motives for getting involved with the Gulf War in the first place. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the Americans said that they were getting involved to ‘free the people of Kuwait’ and to ‘protect their human rights’. I am cynical about this, because Iraq invaded many other countries beforehand while America did nothing. Kuwait is fairly small country, rich in oil reserves. The whole world, especially America depends on oil for almost everything. So when Iraq invaded Kuwait, and took control of all the oil fields, America suddenly began an attack, the purpose of which I believe was to free oil, not people.
Talks are still going on today and I shall be watching events to see what happens. I believe that the events of the past months are only the beginning of something much bigger. This is a topic in which I take great interest and I hope I have raised your awareness and informed you on the current events in Iraq.

and the second (30/03/03):

America is currently at war with Iraq, in an effort to remove the political regime of Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq. America is waging this war, because Iraq has on numerous occasions failed to comply with UN rulings and resolutions that Saddam Hussein should disarm himself of his weapons of mass destruction.
This as you will all know is not the first time that America has declared war on Iraq. In 1991 America originally waged war on Iraq, this was the first Gulf War. During this conflict, the ‘Military Objective’ was to liberate Kuwait from military occupation by Saddam Hussein. This objective is seen by many as a cover-up for America to secure future oil supplies.
At the end of the conflict, an Iraqi ethnic group called the Kurds requested help from the US soldiers to free them from the oppressive regime of Saddam. America did not help the Kurds however. As its ‘Military Objective’ had been achieved, the troops were pulled out of Iraq, and the Kurds continued to suffer terrible at the hands of Saddam, ‘The Tyrant’.
It is because of this that I am very sceptical about America claiming once again that it is ‘fighting for the rights of the people’. America expects the people of Iraq to welcome and applaud its intervention, but so far many of the towns and villages captured by US forces have been very cautious of the incoming troops. I am not at all surprised at this, as not only have many of the towns been bombed beforehand by US aircraft, many Iraqis still remember America’s original refusal to co-operate.
I believe that America has only recently shown an interest in the current Iraqi situation because of the post-September 11th political climate. After the horrific attacks on the WTC in 2001, America compelled itself to do something to stop ‘International Terrorism’, or to at least make itself appear that way.
As Osama Bin Laden has evaded capture, the US has turned to Iraq. I believe that America is using Iraq as a scapegoat to detract attention from the fact that Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qieda remain a threat. I do not doubt, however, that Iraq is an area of the world worthy of concern, and I agree that people like Saddam Hussein are a menace to civilisation and should be disposed of.
Although I am suspicious of America’s motives, I am for the war in Iraq. I understand that military action should always be a last resort, but in this case there is no other option. All attempts at diplomacy with Iraq have failed, and Iraq constantly defied the authority of the United Nations.
I do hope that ‘Gulf War II’, as it has been dubbed will be over as quickly as possible, and with a minimum of casualties, civilian and military. I shall be keeping up to date with news reports of the progress in Iraq, and I hope that if Saddam is brought down, then the people of Iraq will have a brighter future.

Both were written in an hour the night before; what do you think, considering all the time and effort I put in? :)
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