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I figured my future out! September 8, 2016, 4:44 pm
I want to have some kind of architecture planning job in the future because I'm heavily into design and layout and I feel that a job like that would be like mapping in real life.

All I need to do to start studying the subject in university is to earn a matriculation with basic sports, basic hebrew, 3 points math, a high level of english, a high grade on the psychometric and serve for the army for almost 3 years, to earn the metriculation I need to volunteer to work for 90 hours, which means I'll have to work on a day I'm supposed to get a break from a hard week from school, I'll work for 5 hours every friday morning (except today) for 4 and a half months, I chose to help the disabled.
At the university, I'll have to study architecture for 5 years.
Currently I'm at the final high school class (12th), so to finish my metriculation I'll have to study for almost a year there.

Counting all these years led me to knowing that I'll only be able to leave my parents' house in nearly 9 years (about a decade), I don't really want to leave their house, but I would certainly move into Europe or north America when I'll get the chance after I graduate.

Who handles this kind of request? September 7, 2016, 7:39 pm
Hi Doomworld Staff,

I was trying to get in touch with the person responsible for managing the content on this particular page - I had a suggestion I wanted to make with regards to the content - thought it might be a useful mention.

Please let me if you are the person I should be contacting, or if there is someone else better suited for this kind of request. Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards


You shall call, and the Lord will answer. -Isaiah 58.9

Black Sabbath TONIGHT! September 4, 2016, 10:34 am
Anyone here going?

Sgt Ender
Should I try and ask for a custom title? August 27, 2016, 2:42 pm
I feel like I should try and ask one of the admins or forum staff to give me a custom title, but I don't wanna come up all sudden like that. Should I wait t'ill next month just?

My First Real Regret August 27, 2016, 6:23 am
I've been on this Discord server about a game called Hitman for the past two months and I've made a lot of good friends there. I'd actually consider the friends I've made there closer than any real life friend I've ever had. I've connected and bonded with so many people there, one in particular I think I helped get out of a deep depression, she was my best friend there. Throughout my whole life in the real world I've been taken advantage of, insulted and had terrible jokes made at my expense which've fucked me up a lot I think, and the owner on the server (who runs it really shit) brought this into my internet life too. I was the punching bag on that server, a lotta people constantly gave me shit. Despite this I persevered for two months, not lotting them get to me. For the past 2 weeks I've just had this constant anger and frustration building up, I can't get rid of it. I'm just angry about everything, things I can't change, things I'm stuck with. So stupidly I decided I wasn't having any of their bullshit anymore so I left the server and added most of the people I give a shit about to my friends list.

I only did this yesterday and now all that pent up anger and frustration has turned into sadness. I've told a lot of people I added to my friends that I've left the server and they've spread the word on the server, so it's been made a big deal.

I miss it so much. This morning I woke up and realised the consequences of my actions. Now those friendships and strong bonds I've made over the past two months can't continue. They'll be too busy on the Discord server and I'm not exactly a social butterfly so I can't just make random conversation with them without a topic. The friend I mentioned earlier who I helped get out of depression and helped stopped having suicidal thoughts is probably the closest friend I've ever had, she's the friend I've opened up to the most I think. I was reading through PMs I had with her and I hate how I just tossed our friendship out the window out of impulse when I left that server. I'm in tears right now, I can't fucking get over this. I can't really be friends with them anymore because I fucked up so badly.

I really want to return but like the drama stirrer I am I've made such a big fucking deal about this and the owner of the server will start saying even more bad shit to me cos she'll think I did it for attention or something. With the click of a button I just tossed everything I had with all those friends I made out the window. I hate myself and just wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing it. I've fucked up so badly man. These are friends I could have eventually met in real life and stay with for the rest of my life.

Every time I read those PMs with my friend I just burst out crying, she was my best friend and I pushed her away like I did everyone else. I don't know what to do.

im back to make some more doom WAD's August 26, 2016, 7:28 pm
gotta new pc and got doombuilder LETS DO THIS!

ok how the fuck do i use doombuilder... ok ill just stick to eureka or slade

Choosing my destiny August 26, 2016, 3:21 am
Medical university or a flight school?


- HUGE salary. One is literally able to buy a car every month
- Perfect job for a loner who doesn't have a family.
- My father is a pilot as well, so (hopefully) it's not going to be a problem to study / to find a place for me.

- High health requirements. This one makes me worry the most. I'll have to change my lifestyle and get a surgery or two in order to stand a (still relatively small) chance
- The home will stay empty for most of the time. Not good if you have a family
- One can lose that job once and for all in a matter of seconds (accident, random injury, etc)


- Chemistry and biology are my favorite subjects
- You should only be mentally healthy in order to get a job of a medic here
- Medical education is somewhat useful in real life

- Ridiculously low salary in the state hospitals (250$ - 600$)
- YES problems with studying
- Very time-consuming if you want to survive

Sgt Ender
Any advice for a upcoming junior in high school? August 25, 2016, 6:52 pm
We went to our open house today, and that went kinda well. Sadly most of my classes are different from last year. But hey, I got to go to a pokestop in Pokemon GO.

Anyways, advice for this year?

I think i just got chickenpox August 25, 2016, 1:08 am
Lets see...

Small blisters appearing on my chest, back and upper arms.
Blisters have this ugly liquid in them.
I sometimes get a sensation to scratch at them too.
I feel sleepy most of the time.
Have a small headache.

Judging from Wikipedia, i do have chickenpox (well in its early stage).


Wolfenstein plots are awesome August 24, 2016, 3:41 pm
I'm feeling that every Wolfenstein campaign that I've played - be it official game or mod - has been highly insightful and even educational. I don't care that it's obviously fiction, exaggerated and fantasized. All of them have highly elaborate stories which show that the authors did their research on history before writing the fiction.

Virtually all games so far have been great at keeping the time period adequate with regards to real technology, and they have proper music and atmosphere. And occult conspiration stuff goes well with stuff like human experiments and skull/crossbone (SS Totenkopf) insignia, as well as sociopathic leader behaviour in general. And it's not far-fetched in real life either. It does give you clues of what peoples can do.

Whenever I see a documentary about stuff such as the Holocaust, I want to play some Wolfenstein as a way to relieve the inevitable anger. Is this whole Wolfenstein / Nazi extermination an example of hate for hate? All these games basically treat Nazis as monsters, as acceptable targets. OK, it's just in-game self defense, you kill them so they don't do it first. But otherwise, nobody would dare to pick other kinds of political enemies as first-person-shooter targets, lest such games become bannable controversies. I've noticed that most games put you againt non-sapient predatory aliens, which is morally very safe. Wolf puts you against human perversion.

I'm so glad that the Wolfenstein series is not dead at all (in fact it has even better backing than Doom, which nearly died at some point) and I'm really looking forward to Tormentor667's new mod!

Just got myself the German version of RTCW. I absolutely appreciate that being German, the voice actors pronounce Wolfenstein properly, and not like Oolfenstine.

Also, there's plenty of WW2 literature as well.