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woo squatted 405 September 27, 2015, 12:19 am
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That time of the year again September 24, 2015, 11:14 pm
Time for me to move up the ladder of aging one more rung. This time I'm 33. Seems surreal for me to say that, but hey, I was born in '82 and this IS 2015, so there you go. Not that I think 33 is old - it's not - but God, seems like yesterday I had just turned 20 :(

Some utter BASTARD (vidja music) September 24, 2015, 8:11 pm
yes! I have been introduced to dwarf fortress by an utter wanker and thus have lost my life until next year. So, to keep me company until spring, I need MP3's, because I am now fed up of the DF soundtrack.

Specifics: old video game sound tracks. Made of Metal, preferably. If not, at least orchestrated. Anything from the NES - PS1 era will do nicely. Already jamming to the Stemmage Metroid remixes, so there's the watermark. Still looking for a good version of FF VII's JENOVA, so points for that if at all possible.

Straight to the MP3 if you please. No Youtube shit, unless accompanied by a direct download link. Not fucking about here, this needs to keep my ears well wanked until April. Unleash your finest. No doubt other people on the forum are looking for similar, so we can make this a SPAM MUSIC THREAD.

No retards.

An unimportant tangent September 23, 2015, 10:41 pm
I was writing this lengthy novel of a post over the course of several hours, because I was doing it before and during breaks in a class. When I got home to post it, the otherwise retarded thread got Hell'd. But I don't want to waste my effort, and I present this somewhat tangible post. By itself, I guess I'm presenting a scenario of types, I lose my original point, and create a new one. I find this to be a somewhat interesting, if not utterly trivial, topic, so maybe there's an extra thought on it. But I suppose this could also be gggmork levels of blah. I don't know.


Meeting these people is a mix bag. I've met guys who fit your aesthetic descriptions to a T, but are otherwise sociable and rather decent. But I've also met the kind that's "in your face batshit annoying" as well. But I've always sort of wondered what counts as flamboyant and what counts as incognitio. I like all sorts of things, and for all practical purposes, I may be this so called "geeky nerd." But I don't throw it in people's faces, as far as I know. So what counts as that? Wearing a T-shirt? A hat? I've never dyed my hair some fucked up color, and nor do I plan too. In High School I had a Cubone keychain on my backpack and used to play Pokemon on PSP during Study Halls.

There seems to be a fine variety of fine and even finer lines in terms of what is the "Flamer Geek" and what is the "Subdued Geek" (With Geek being used pretty loosely). You have two friends in the toy aisle, who are not toy collector's, who both seem to be Juniors in High School, and they're looking at the PAW Patrol (A kids show about Emergency Department dog characters who... Help people? I only know of it through processing its merchandise at the store I work at. I don't know the actual premise, but it doesn't actually matter) merchandise. One kid is dressed in the same clothes that person who you saw walking one day was wearing, like a gray sweater, some pants, and other generic looking everyday stuff. The other kid is larger, has flaming pink hair that's poofed in an attempt to look anime, has a gender you can't even begin to guess at, a mustache sharpied on their index finger, more ink on their chin in a beard like format, a shirt for a retro band (Either Hendrix or the Ramones), a Lucky Star laptop bag, ripped jeans that are "stylish," a seat-belt pants belt most likely from Hot Topic and probably says Attack on Titan on it or has the latest Generation Pokemon all over it, and probably a billion or more things making them fairly unique looking. As it happens the subdued looking kid is talking about the kids show, handling the merch, and discussing favorite characters, episodes, etc... The more flamboyant looking kid holds little interest, but seems interested in either the Pony toys or Minecraft stuff (I can't believe Minecraft has expanded into a massive toy line. I collect Star Wars and Jurassic Park merchandise [because it's cool and JP stuff may actually be worth quite a bit to other collectors down the line,e specially because of the shitty distribution], and the JP/JW stuff shares an aisle with the Minecraft stuff).

The subdued in appearance kid eventually goes off on a further tangent in their discussion, and odds are, they may hit other topics such as online communities, fanfiction, fan art, and grotesque pornographic fantasies. The more flamboyant looking kid nods their head appropriately, but otherwise doesn't add much, minus some comments here and there. They may mention that they like something too and deliberate on it for a minute before describing their thoughts. Some sub-adult eventually saunters up to them--not a store employee--and calls out the goofy looking kid for being goofy looking. They shrug indifferently and maybe say something along the lines "Of okay, whatever, dude. We like different things." The other kid goes ballistics and tries to verbally rationalize why a cartoon sheep dog should have the right to suck his cock.

So I guess looks don't count for much. Not my point, but I ended up writing all of this before a class, and now I've forgotten my original point but wrote to much to waste. But I suppose with this scenario, hardcore_gamer probably finds both terrible. But in that case, what is in your face, and what isn't? What is incognito nerd and what isn't? One may look overtly flamboyant, but otherwise doesn't push it. But, is the person still assaulting to the eyes? Are they "up in our face" on a more passive level than the subdued looking kid who is verbally bombastic? What measure is a nerd or a geek? Can such a thing be accurately gauged? It's almost a field of study, but it isn't because it'd probably be a waste of time that can be handed to professional psychologists who can look at it properly and then pass certain traits and aspects a way as phases in a kid's developmental cycle. I guess it's a weird topic in general.

But look at all of us. We sit on this forum talking about a twenty year old game, and the majority of us seemed to be somewhat fluent in pop culture trends to only a certain degree. Of course, at the same time, more of the people here are likely to judge, comment or criticize fads as opposed to take part in them, which can leave the balance skewed to some degree.

Windows rogue update KB2952664 September 20, 2015, 11:10 am
Check your Windows 7 system to see if you have a persistent rundll32.exe listed in taskmgr. If so, install SysInternals' Process Explorer, if you don't already have it on your system, and elevate it to administrator. Find the rundll32.exe and you will see that it was started by a service and that it is hosting not a DLL, but an executable called wicainventory.exe, which claims by name to be "Windows Installer Compatibility Assistant," a relatively benign sounding component.

Watch the open file and registry handles of the process and you will see that it is, at the cost of significant CPU cycles and hard drive access time, gradually scanning every file on your system, particularly anything that is executable, and is logging it into Microsoft "telemetry" files.

This update, originally pushed out in April, is yet another cog in the Windows 10 "upgrade" process and can have a serious impact on system performance. It is also highly questionable what kinds of "telemetry" it is collecting and where that data is being sent, but it definitely has nothing to do with assisting compatibility for installs as it claims.

Also, you'll find that if you try to uninstall this update, you cannot. Trying will lead to a failure and rollback, though the service and the rundll process that it spawns seem to disappear in the process. I am currently watching my system to ensure that these processes do not respawn.

If they do, a full fresh install from the Windows 7 retail disc will be the only option. The belligerently adversarial nature of recent Windows updates is leading me toward disabling the functionality altogether.

speedmidi September 19, 2015, 10:37 am
for whatever reason I've been cranking out some quick shitty midi recently. I've been doing one a day for the past week, gonna see how long I can keep this going. it's partially danne's fault that half of these are cheesy italo.

week 1
dfd2.mid - slightly postrocky thing, based on ideas with a guitar tuned in Dmin (dfdfad, I think, hence the title)
dfd3.mid - same tuning as ^^, but this time a more mechanical bass-driven song that reminds me of tnt14.
dp5.mid - upbeat synthpop, maximum cheese
ij_pt3.mid - sounds like a combination of mathrock and touhou credits
reaper.mid - easily the worst midi of the week, don't listen to this one. sarcastically shitty meshuggah-esque riffs
op7.mid - italo. space! future technology!
robofarce.mid - inspired by the soundtrack of two of my favorite Z-grade movies.

see you next mission™

.zip of all 3 weeks

#couldn'tdothatwithasmartphone September 19, 2015, 1:19 am
Some random recent-ish pics:

Full-size image:
White House seen from Washington Monument. Something was going on there (zoom in on the full-size image).

Full-size image:
Finsteraarhorn, my favourite mountain in the Alps (it looks pointier from the side), viewed from Nufenenpass. Note the hang glider or whatever it is.

Full-size image:
KVLY-TV mast, near Blanchard, North Dakota. World's tallest radio mast. Fourth-tallest man-made structure in the world. World's tallest man-made structure 1963-74, 1991-2010.

Full-size image:
Hiking on the Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand.

I definitely need my coffee this morning. September 14, 2015, 7:52 am
I'm attending a training course formy new job, and there is a screen being projected onto the wall. The projection consists of four equally sized squares with words and crudely drawn explanations on them. The one on the lower right says "ZOOM"... only at first glance I could have sworn it said " ZDoom".

Yep. I need my coffee.

Also, unrelated, but I miss when this area's explanation said, "For every post here, the alleged baby Jesus kills a kitten" or something like that. I miss that, it was funny.

Experimenting with cryptolocker. September 13, 2015, 9:18 pm
I have installed Cryptolocker in a Windows XP VM that is not connected to any network. But nothing has happened. Does this need an Internet connection to operate? I know this is very dangerous, but I am not connecting this VM to my network. I ran the executable as an Administrator on SP3 and then the exe deleted itself, but on a fresh XP install, nothing I can see has happened at all. No Cryptolocker window or encrypted files. Do I need to put something into the Documents folder to make it work? I have pasted some Windows XP wallpapers into the Documents folder and this should allow the malicious code to do the work.

I have a feeling that without an Internet connection, I will get nowhere. But experimenting with stuff like this is rather like playing with C4 or WW2 UXO.

#EDIT: Success!

meh September 11, 2015, 6:53 pm
I don't know anymore.