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ich mochte deutsch sprechen zu lernen February 11, 2015, 8:59 am
Any tips, hints, ideas or recommended literature?

Birthday February 10, 2015, 7:48 pm
Well it just reached my 28th birthday today, but I'm feeling much older than I actually am, nothing much has happened so far but maybe my mother will visit today, I did get a card from my grandmother in the mail with $30 included.

Eww audio ads February 9, 2015, 6:38 pm
Poor forums are plagued by audio ads. :( Can't goto a forum without "Rated M for Mature" blurting out.

Cool dreams (PineSol induced?) February 9, 2015, 8:04 am
I have a batty friend who likes to always have a project he is working on. At one point he was building these really exquisite electric guitars from scratch (out of wood). But his real passion lies in motorcycles. So last night he fills the bathtub with PineSol and places the Honda engine parts of his latest build to soak. I wake up this morning having slept over feeling a bit toxic, but reveling in the cool dreams I had last night (I haven't been remembering my dreams, so these were more cohesive and clear than in a very long time).

The first dream was I was with my friends on a Saturday night and we were bored, wondering where the party at. And so one friend says, in an excited/duhhhh kind of way: "well, why don't you use SIri to figure out where the party is at!" like this was the obvious thing to do since everyone uses their phones to find out where the happening parties are going down on a Saturday night. So I ask Siri if there are any parties near by and she says: "Please shut down the iPhone". I was totally blown away that to enable party finding mode, you had to shut down the phone. Would it really boot up again automatically with information on where the party is at? How strange, yet how cool! So I powered the phone down and waited a moment, skeptical this would actually work. The phone booted up again and was an explosion of fireworks and sound as we gawked in amazement at the party bursting out of the phone. As I kept watching the awesome display of festivus maximus coming out of my phone I slowly found myself entering into the party expanding out of the little screen.

In my amazement at being transported to the party from the couch, I had forgotten about my friends. I was now in some college party bonanza reminiscent of Spring Break, but it wasn't in any particularly cool place. It was night time, outside, and the rest of the dream was me bumbling about with different friends than I was with outside of the phone, looking for where the party was at (mostly it was just people coming and going). Nothing very exciting happened after that, unfortunately.

So I take care of an elderly chap named Richard. He has Fragile X syndrome; basically he is a very low functioning autistic guy. Last night I dreamt I was out for a drive with him and I left him sitting on a bench and started talking to some people as I walked along a promenade type thing in a giant mall. Then I realized I had just left Richard behind and so told the people I was walking with I'd have to decline their invitation to join them (I forget what they were doing). Richard was very relaxed when I came back to him on the bench and when I asked him if he was ready to go he said, "yes, I'd like that" or something normal-like. Richard doesn't normally talk to people in such a normal way, mostly he recites a lot of random and repetitive phrases such as "what does shut up mean?" and "what accent?" and "stop the maniacal laughing" and "no silly business" all in a very exaggerated, theatrical way (the man is a gem), so it was kinda exciting for him to reply in such a 'neurotypical' way.

We walked for awhile, and Rich was walking really well. I was reflecting in my head about how nice Richard was being when I suddenly realized I didn't know where he was. I was now in a section of the mall that was like a mini hospital with large nurses bustling about. They were giving me stink eye for walking among their work stations or something, and I mumbled to one of them that I was looking for a guy with disabilities but they weren't interested and just wanted me to get out of their way so they could do their important jobs. I then, in as pleasant a voice as I could, yelled (or spoke really loud so everyone could hear me since they were up to now ignoring me), and they all glared at me and were cross with me for yelling.

Frustrated, I left the nurses' stations and headed back to the corridor I had come down in with Rich. I thought I saw him for a moment and went towards him but again he was fleet of foot and I lost him as soon as I thought I had found him. I did shortly thereafter find him when I went into a side room and he was fine, not being vocal (read: not screaming) or anything. And we continued walking down the promenade/mall.

Expert feedback requested on a Gaming build February 9, 2015, 7:33 am
So I figure a little project for me wouldn't be so bad, and since I kinda miss dooming and mapping and racing games, here's what I've put together on NewEgg:

Sexy mid-range build

If you could kindly look over the details of my items and see if you notice any compatibility issues please let me know! Specifically, I am concerned if the case is too small for the graphics card. I am quite out of the loop, but built a couple computers back in 1999.

I may replace the SSD drive for a 7200rpm 1TB one since it's 3X cheaper than the small SSD.

EDIT: if there is a graphics card that offers better bang for the buck that you can recommend, please do, as I am trying to get the cost of this build down.

Let's try this again! February 9, 2015, 7:06 am
About 2 years ago I attempted to come back to Doom, then some very personal things came up in my life and I disappeared (again). I just wanted to apologize to everyone for all that! If you don't remember me then let me introduce myself again...

This is Cadman from a long time ago...some of you may remember me and some of you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about...:) Most of those personal things that have been happening in my life are all settled now and I just fired up the editor and started to work on some unfinished maps. I'm looking for your feedback on what you want in a map and what engine you prefer it be designed for. I am an "old schooler" of Doom and Doom2. Bring me up to date so I can try to complete a good map for you and your playing enjoyment.

I'll be reading forums and try to get back in the loop...thanks for keeping it going guys! You guys rock!

Platinum Shell
Need help remembering a movie February 7, 2015, 1:51 pm
[s]I think it came out 03 to 04, and it was an action movie with some sort of bad guy gangsters chase the guy and girl type thing. One scene had the black boss of a gang shoot an Italian mobster in the head when he was on the floor (from being riddled with bullets just prior) and you could see his toupee jump. Another scene in (I'm pretty sure) the same movie had one of the members of the black gang flirting with a girl while pointing a gun at her and sipping from a tea cup. The boss said his name in the way you do when something is acting completely fucking ridiculous, and his name was along the lines of Waboo or something like that. No one is probably going to know what I'm talking about but I feel it was worth a shot asking anyway.[/s]

Nevermind, it's Be Cool.

The power of Diablo 2 LOD February 4, 2015, 3:16 pm
Awesome gameplay. Awesome music. Awesome monsters and bosses. Awesome locations.

This game is freaking awesome, I remember sitting in my brother's bed while watching him playing Diablo 2 LOD, that was my first experience with the game. Years after that I installed Diablo 2 in an old PC and started playing with a Necromancer.
Never beated Baal in normal, because that PC crashed and lost my data.

I re-installed it in my new laptop some time ago when I received a gift from my bro, that gift was the original Diablo 2 and LOD Expansion CD's.

Now i'm a Necromancer Level 76 and i'm currently in Hell difficulty and searching for Jah & Ber runes to combine them with another rune in a 3 socket body armor to make an 'Enigma', but i'm currently in Act 1 and it'll be hard to find a high rune in this Act.

I can easily stay until 5 AM playing Diablo 2... uhg, I can't remember when was the last time that a game drained all my energies because of the obsesion... I think it was Doom back in 2007-2011 :P

Nope, not gonna bother February 2, 2015, 2:37 pm
Fuck it.

Not gonna bother with that certain ModDB page anymore. Too many idiots who blindly defend or indiscriminately attack without good reasons most of the time.

The Best Offer January 31, 2015, 10:42 pm
My dad was watching this movie on TV and I joined in on watching it. I liked it, but the plot twist really left me feeling down. I support art in all of its forms (even Brutal Doom, though I protest it and its creator in many ways), but this movie left me feeling awful.

Not much point, just saying that I don't like how I felt after watching it, while acknowledging that it actually made me feel emotion and was successful in its artistic efforts.

I feel like shit, man. (also I'm not so sober so this post is a bit messy but hey its blogs so fuggit, man)