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(Blog/Vent) I'm really excited that I'm working on a mega wad. July 21, 2016, 3:21 pm
I'm putting this in post because I'v not really anything finished enough to show but am excited about it wanted to talk about it a bit, just a need to express myself I guess without letting it pent up. So I'm making a boom compatible map set with Iwad textures (UDoom, Doom 2,Final Doom) and standard monsters for now.

I also want to greyscale some of the enemies just to mess with them in whacked so I can try to see what I feel works and what doesn't. I'm still adement about getting my ss zombie trooper done, I'v been learning alot just messing with that, like about the color pallet and such. It's all been a great and fun learning experience.

as for my levels I'v got weapon and goal flow down for the whole 30 levels, and names for each of the maps, I'm going to divvy it up into 3 episodes, going mars, earth, hell. I'v got some really cool plausible ideas and I'm practicing alot with decorating. Been studying Ribbicks and Skillsaws work alot recently. I need to check out more of eissles work as well (I still havn't played BTSX, lol whoops XD).

I'v got the general ideas of all the maps in my head as well, keeping the flow good in theory and the maps diverse. I'm still having a hard time understanding all the doom map types (in game play style) in my head but feel I'm getting close. I'v been focussing more on goal types of the maps and it's been an easier way for my to mentally picture whats going on with the maps. So I'm in a good mood today but am going to be focusing pretty exclusively on classic doom since the last doom'16 patch fucked mp and my graphics card isn't strong enough to make nice videos at good ms for campaign.

My son Really into doom as well, he's been playing alot of classic on xbox and can beat all of doom 2 now, he's only 7. He really like's Ribbicks maps when he sees them and always wants to play them and has been bugging me about trying classic deathmatch. I'v been setting up my wife's laptop and been getting it set up for him to play mp on. Today is good.

Jaxxoon R
Flailing about in 68K Assembly July 20, 2016, 1:04 pm
Oh wait, there's already a thread for dreams, okay. I thought that would be sort of inane and so only fit for blogs. So I've cannibalized this into something completely different.

So I've been messing around in a Sonic 1 disassembly recently, it's been quite the time. I've actually managed to figure out how to loop things so as to create pauses, so that's been pretty useful for doing the digitized narration as seen in this little video:
In the process though, I've ended up destroying the stage select somehow. Also I made a weird bug where collecting a ring in the special stage causes the player to just up and disappear. It's kind of funny, but I plan to remove the special stages anyway. Over all, despite being really weird having to do things like knowing when to use bra.s or bra.w and when to use jmp, I've had far better success with this than getting visual studio to work (read: more than zero).

This thread became something I didn't want it to become July 19, 2016, 7:42 pm
Here is a big rant mostly inspired by Trace of Spades's recent behavior but just the mentality of this in general. Yes Trace, I'm calling you out. No I won't send you this in a PM, if you can't defend an opinion in public, it's not an opinion worth having. Deal with it.

You don't get to start a thread about why you're voting for one of the most incendiary people in recent history and why you agree with one of the most divisive laws in recent history and then walk away from that like you didn't do it. You don't get to say "I wanted a civil discussion" while spouting shit that a lot of people find offensive and hurtful and then try to sweep that shit under the rug. I'm calling you out not because I am a "SJW" or because I wish to see the US adopt draconian hate speech laws. In fact I'm the opposite. I believe that individual agency and liberty are the single most important fundamental rights. I believe in the right to offend. I believe in the right to be offended. Most of all I believe in the right to have open discussion and not hide in echo chamber safe spaces. That is why I am calling you out. I am a Republican and I am someone who actually believes in the mantra of "facts don't care about your feelings" and "deal with it" and not using the government to dictate to private citizens how they live their lives.

That is why I am tired of the emotional children who claim to be all for these things but then openly support using the government as a cudgel to enforce their own views on morality. I am tired of the people who think they can spew their opinion and then instantly hide behind "I'm just saying" or really any of the myriad of excuses. Doubly so when they know (and you have to know) that it's a hot-button issue that people are deeply divided on. I am tired of people claim to be for debate while wanting no part of it. I am tired of the people who talk about how they hate the way 'racist' and words like that are thrown around without a thought or care then instantly resort to similar remarks when challenged. I am tired of people who claim to be for Donald Trump because of his "tell it like it is" ability, then become rectally devastated when people "tell it like it is" to them. I am tired of people who support mindless paranoia because something made them slightly uncomfortable.

I am tired of the conservative safe space.

If you really hold an opinion on an issue. Defend it. Don't try to play some 50/50 bullcrap where you claim you have nothing against a group of people while supporting something that is clearly harmful to that group of people. Be willing to go up to another person as a human and say to them "yes this is why I support this thing that makes you uncomfortable and miserable and hurts you". (Which the bathroom issue clearly does. It clearly makes transgender people feel unsafe and bothers them and seeing people support it bothers them, please don't try and feign ignorance about this) And if you can't... maybe, just maybe examine why you can't and hopefully learn something from it.

The best Youtube channel in the world. July 19, 2016, 6:07 pm

Okay, not really. But still, fun. What are your favorite youtube channels? This one isn't my favorite per se, but its close. Totalbiscuit and Gopher are probably my top two favorites. I am subbed to like 157 channels but I still run out of stuff to watch, so i'm looking for interesting channels related to..almost anything really.

Post other interesting channels. :D

Also, Ashens:

Also also, The Great War, very good channel on all things WW1:

Mr. Freeze
Always an outcast July 18, 2016, 10:24 pm
I'm nicknamed a contrarian jokingly by my friends, but I'm really starting to feel like I'm on a different wavelength than everyone I know

All my friends are Bernie supporters? I'm the lone Clinton fan
All my friends watch Game Grumps and Jon Tron? I haven't seen anything, don't plan to
All my friends love anime? I can't stand it, prefer manga
All my friends prefer Marvel? I like DC more, albeit slightly
All my friends love D&D? I can't stand D&D. I prefer Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green
etc etc etc

Anyone else feel like this?

Population discussion July 18, 2016, 6:45 pm
So, this is a response to a recently helled thread, but it was just so interesting (and relatively tame as far as mudslinging in EE goes) that I feel the urge to make one last point on the matter. If you guys want me to obliterate this thread, just tell me and I will.

[quote="dew" post="1646997"]
Heh, I'm not asking you to feed hungry necks yourself, I'm saying both America and Australia are extremely resource-rich and aren't even nearly tapping their potential yet.

I know you weren't saying that I personally should be feeding the hungry, it's just that we're currently projected to continually eat away at these abundant resources until they're, well, not so abundant. That's not to mention that available resources is only one aspect: we also have the issue of extreme pollution as a result of our current level of manufacturing. We really do need to be taking steps to curb this stuff, not to speed it up, and an ever growing population (with less jobs to go around no less thanks to how cheap it is to automate stuff) is going to guarantee these issues only get worse.

Population isn't the only factor in this kind of thing of course - For example, more sustainable means of manufacturing should also be encouraged/funded, but we can't pretend population isn't an issue worthy of addressing. Also worth nothing, the best way to curb population growth is through the dirty E word - education. Statistically, a smarter population breeds less rampantly.

Booking [gone wrong] [gone sexual] July 18, 2016, 4:44 am
Dear irisHotels

I reserved a room through your site on july 23rd for one night and I'm just double-checking if everything is in order.

Yours faithfully,


Yas. You have a reservetion. We will whait you!

Time to start practising body language.

Brain tumors are awful July 16, 2016, 5:30 pm
In just two and a half months my Dad has deteriorated to just shy of bed-ridden.

Everything is fucking shit. Inoperable stage 4 Glioblastoma, from the first MRI/CT scan it was all 'Welp you're fucked, start sorting your affairs.', with the same answer on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and probably more opinions. I've never felt more helpless.

I don't even know why I'm putting this here, I decided not to at first when I heard about traversd's situation with his son. I hope things go better for him than it is for us. We've been fully assured by every professional that my Dad's a dead man and we're just buying him some time.


Handle with care July 16, 2016, 8:03 am
I mean, it's just a $57,000+ storage node...

Can't people follow simple directions?
I hope this thing isn't damaged.

politics according to darknation July 16, 2016, 5:29 am
An update from Scotchland.

We are fucked.

Brexit has fucked us. Here are the gory details.

Once upon a time, there was a Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition. This was the Lib Dems first time in government, and to make it there they sold their fucking souls to the devil. Their leader, Nick Clegg, was elected on the promise of doing certain things (like abolishing university tuition fees) and then he promptly reneged on those promises, shat in a pot and told us all it was delicious beef olives, we must eat it.

This went on for four fucking years.

Come the next general election, David Cameron made a cunning plan. His Liberal Democrat partners and he made a pact - the Conservatives *would* stand candidates in Lib Dem held seats, but those candidates would consist solely of swivel-eyed lunatics that no one in their right mind would vote for. Thus the Lib Dems would hold onto their seats, the Conservative party would be rid of their loonies and the coalition would march forth into a bright future of cheerfully fucking the poor over ad infinitum.

Then the Lib Dems lost all their seats, because no one was voting for a bunch of lying, scheming snottery shitbags who would fuck their granny's corpse on live TV for the merest scrapings of power. David Cameron did not see this coming, because David Cameron is a stupid cunt.

Instead, England voted in 50 seats worth of fucking homicidal maniacs. Those very people that Cameron was trying to put out to pasture returned to Westminster in triumph.

Scotland, meanwhile, was busy planning the Hilarious Rape of the Labour Party. You see, we had a little independence referendum all of our own, and we watched in horror as the Labour party combined forces with the Conservatives, much like a shit Captain Planet. And if there is one thing we in Scotland hate more than a fucking Conservative, it's people who willingly consort with Conservatives.

The Independence vote failed narrowly. If we removed those over the age of 65 from the equation, then we would have won. Pensioners fucked us. We don't care. It seemed a simple matter of waiting till those old fucking bastards die and then going for another referendum. This is Scotland, home of the Deep Fried Mars Bar, so it won't take long.

To make time until the elderly totter off into their early graves, we raped Labour, much for the same reasons that England raped the Lib Dems. Gone were all the Scottish Labour MP's, in were 54 seats worth of hilarious ginger Nationalists. And, because we are a spiteful race of pure bastards, we invested Alex Salmond with his new title of 'Fucker of the English' and sent the whole fucking busload of them down to Westminster.

Labour promptly imploded.

Tony 'speak anywhere but the fucking Hague' Blair's loathsome little homunculii were deposed in favour of a geography teacher. The homunculii went REEEEEEE and spent the next fucking year trying to stab the geography teacher in the back, missing, and stabbing themselves in the face instead. Repeatedly. The Conservatives also went batshit insane, the right wing uniting under Boris Fucking Johnson. David Cameron did not see this coming, because David Cameron is a stupid cunt.

And then Brexit.

The term being bandied about is 'Post-Truth Politics', a nice way of saying 'everybody lies.' And it's not like they were even being subtle about it. Voting is easy when one side is clearly lying their fucking arses off; it becomes rather more difficult when both sides are actually clinically fucking insane. It's not so much a case of voting for the lesser of two evils; it's a case of voting for either a man who looks he uses his hair to wipe sperm from the faces of bukakke actresses or voting for a man who actually fucked a pig.

For the record, Scotland was 62% in favour of staying in Europe. I assume this means that we had a harsh winter and the old pensioner bastards are dying off quicker than expected. England, being apparently retarded as well as racist, voted out. Wales also disgraced themselves. Ireland joined Scotland in the sanity club, which means that even a bunch of alcoholic celtic maniacs who enclose pipebombs with their voting slips managed to fuck things up less than the rest of you fucking assholes.

None of this matters, because what England says goes. Scotland will be dragged out of Europe against our wishes. Or will be, once this latest bout of internecine party warfare finally expires. No sooner was the Brexit vote confirmed than the entire of Westminster collectively went Caligula. David Cameron rage-quit like a autistic counterstrike player. Gove stabbed Boris. The Blarite homunculii tried to depose Corbyn for the 177th time this year, and stabbed themselves in the fucking face again. Someone found Margaret Thatcher's head in cold storage and reanimated the cunt in a satanic ritual. Nu-Thatcher swooped in to save Boris, made him Foreign Secretary (da fuk?) and Boris performed what can only be described as a political falcon punch straight back into Gove's tiny, hairless little bollocks.

Oh, yes. Nu-Thatcher. Theresa fucking May, a woman so fucking foul that every time a poor person dies her vagina dentata clatter in delight and whisper ALLL IISSSS DUST on winds that reek like an open grave. The Scottish LOVED Thatcher, this clotted fucking revenant will be SURE to save the fucking union.

And so we come to the present day. There is probably a moral to this story somewhere, but fucked if I can see it. Maybe, when you see your next door neighbor wandering around in blackface screaming about how the Polish have stolen all his jobs and erecting a burning cross in his front garden, you should run like fuck whilst you have the chance.

Or maybe I should have pulled a Shipman when I worked in the nursing home and killed all those old bastards what fucked us in the first place.

The benefit of hindsight, I guess.