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OTEX resource WAD progress log February 12, 2017, 6:46 pm
I'm making a texture WAD
A few people have been given preview/alpha access. This thread serves to keep them up to date on the changes and additions that happen.

The WAD is not publicly available at this time. This is a work log, not a not a show-off thread.

I work on this only sporadically. There is no specific project being developed using these textures. I have some ideas and test them out in maps, but there's zero promise any of that will ever materialize. Making textures is a therapeutic endeavor.

Change logs, most recent at the top:

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Been traveling since the 14th so not a lot got done. This update coming at ya from Singapore:

  • New: ONDSTH started out as an attempt to recreate something like SPACEW4, ended up making some color variations. Not sure if these should come in other pattern variations
  • New: OCONCO series is one I'm very happy with, can't decide if I keep both 01 and 02: They're very similar but both are nice. I made orange and blue versions too but didn't add them in the WAD yet
  • New: Added some windows to OBRCKF for Sverre. Will make more windowed stuff when I have time

Current focus
Im' reworing the entire OSPRTB series, the consistency isn't good enough among them and some of the rivet design looks wonky. This has ballooned into a huge set of support textures in various materials so expect some 40+ textures once I feel it's on a good place. Also working on more windows, finishing some lights, and need to go over FLATs and re-do a bunch of wonky ones and create more generic patterns.

Sunday, February 12, 2017
Since this is the first change log entry, I should perhaps point out these are changes since Jan 28-ish:

  • Some SKY work:
  • —SKY3 is now chopped up to be vanilla friendly at 1024x200. Will update with a version where the hills don't have any grey in them, matching the warm sky better
  • —SKY5 now has an orange sky and warm light on the hills, also vanilla adapted at 1024x200 but needs non-vanilla sky transfer for usage
  • —SKY12 and SKY12B added, but might only use the latter with its grey sky. Both 1024x200
  • —SKY9 probably replaces SKY12 since it has a nice red-to-orange gradient that works even better. 1024x200 as usual. Some scattered orange pixels on the hills will be fixed in a later update
  • —SKY4 and SKY4B have been renamed SKY8 and SKY8B. Might kill these: Only 512x128 and the extremely limited yellow palette gives too much banding and artifacts
  • OCONCL was updated with a better type of bump shading to accentuate the contours slightly more
  • New: ODOORB series of wooden doors with satanic/occult symbols
  • New: ODOORC series of color coded (keyed) wood doors with gargoyle and pentagram
  • New: OBKMTA33 is a 64x64 version of this series
  • New: OBRCKO series 16px high bricks, 3 varieties. 256x128
  • New: OBRCKP series 16px high bricks, 3 varieties. 128x128. Also added as FLATs
  • New: ONDST E, F and G series. Those ending in 90 are 48/16/24/32/8px high so you can use them as trim for lots of stuff
  • New: OBKMTD, lot of variations of black metal with and without rivets
  • New: OSTCCA01, Quake-style stucco wall inspired by Bloodstain map18. Might do more variations later
  • New: OIROND54, this theme needed a 16x32 version
  • New: OBRCKL, 32px high bricks of rough stone, including dark, medium and hellish red versions plus black iron pentagram decorations
  • New FLAT: O3DMDB02, brown version of 01
  • New FLAT: ODIAGA02, light, clean grey version of 01
  • New FLATs: OMRBLD, 4 varieties of this hellish red marble theme
  • New FLATs: ODMNDA, 6 varieties of this diamond-based pattern
  • New FLATs: OBSKTA, 2 varieties of "basket weave" brick tiling
  • New FLATs: OQSLPA, 3 varieties of a Quake inspired 32x32 non-slip industrial floor. Not entirely happy with these yet, will refine later
  • New FLATs: OMRLTA, 3 colors of this intricate pattern. Intended for a palace type environment
  • New FLATs: OGRVLA, 2 variations on gravel. Probably needs more tweaking

250 FLATs, 473 texture patches.

Current focus
I began looking at some of the ideas and themes I did for Darkening E2 18 years ago, there are some good ideas there that could be revisited with my current skills. D2E2 also had a lot more bright textures which this set could use. All those old ones look like shit though, I will make new ones from scratch.

I spent some time looking at textures to migrate over from an older WAD. Some are now in OTEX but others need tweaking even be recreated from scratch. Goal is to have a close equivalent of everything from odiumres.wad in otex.wad eventually. (Derek, you're the only one that would care I guess :-)

Began working on some cleaner sci-fi techbase type panels. Slow progess, it's not my forte.

Some lights for both textures and FLATs are coming soon-ish.
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Pure Hellspawn
Need a Valentines Day Surprise February 12, 2017, 1:07 pm
Well I just hit two years with the love of my life and I know she wants something special for Valentines Day. I could go with Flowers or box of chocolates or maybe even a Valentines-based Steam Game but I was wondering if there are any ideas that I could pursue that I may have not considered.
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Random Elastomania level pic February 10, 2017, 5:10 pm
Spent whole evening polishing it. Maybe fun to look at.


30 years of existance. February 10, 2017, 7:25 am
I don't know how to feel about it but 30 is such a long time. I have decided to push for change in my life at this point and try to better myself from any past mistakes, I am also going to try to eat healthier whenever possible and try to reduce stress and depression by doing something more constructive with my life rather than just sit around on the computer all day. I may even try to get my license and a motorbike like I have been thinking of getting for a while now.

I have a son now (2/9/17) February 9, 2017, 5:20 pm
At 1:04pm today, my wife gave birth to our second child, and son, Owen Michael. He weighed in at 8lbs and 3oz and is 22 inches long. It was a long labor but he came out happy and healthy. We're really excited and wanted to share the good news. Seems to be as good a thing to blog about as any. :)

When the source port crashes just right February 9, 2017, 4:25 pm
Man, is it just me, or have source ports become less stable in general? More mods require the latest dev build or whatnot, and I try to compile those only to get unaligned access crashes, or garbage collection crashes, or segmentation faults. I still cannot get the latest geezy and qz to compile due to.. God only knows?

It's getting to the point where I cannot do /newstuff reviews (The joy of mapping 2 review is done but I can't get screenshots because the fucking thing crashes when writing a screenshot) and I'm kind of tired of all this.

We can't have this situation where mods require unstable versions, or latest release versions that don't get bug fixes for months. I can't run the stable version of the port in question because of arch specific fixes not being Incorporated into that release, There are even mods now that require a version of a port I can't even compile because the build system is complete trash on anything but a 32-bit X86 OS. Maybe I should report the bugs, but I'm not about signing up for yet another dumb, slow bug tracker on a crazy version control program (git is too mainstream I guess). And sourceforge, please stop using it. It crawls and barely loads on a supercomputer.

Modders need to pick the latest stable version of a port and develop for that. Any mod that requires me to dig up a specific port version because the author exploited undocumented behavior to the point of near breakage deserves to meet a trash can.

I'm not really blaming the port authors, they're unstable for a reason. But modders requiring those builds? Haha nope not reviewing your crap.

Now on display in 6 Pancras Square, London February 7, 2017, 12:49 pm

This girl refuses to leave my mind (although she's starting to :D) February 5, 2017, 3:40 am
We have this girl in our class. Naturally attractive, everyone agrees. For about a year, that's all I ever think about. Her. Let's call her H.

The other day, she sat beside me while chatting with one of her friends. I realised my heartbeat spiked, hands sweaty. Given my IRL nature, nobody could tell nor care.

Looking back into the past, something feels off.
Sometimes, she would sit beside me, take the notes written on the board and leave (same for me). Interestingly, she said "hi" a number of times in those occasions. There was no reason to greet me. Maybe out of niceness, sure, but in those situations it's basically unnecessary. I probably greeted her back too.

From a psychological point-of-view, it makes no sense. Everyone knows I'm not the talking kind. Talk to me, I'll probably give a basic response and that's it. For IT stuff, I blabber on forever, but who wants hear that? Anyway, she absolutely, positively had no reason to get my attention. Guess it'll remain a mystery as to why she said it those times.

Last year, during the exams, I would constantly pretend to look at the other students like if I'm bored (which is true), but in reality, I was just doing it to get glimpses of H. I succeeded, but then the invigilator changed my seat so that the invigilator could watch me throughout the whole week of the exams heh.

I recently found out she has a FB account too. Hasn't been active for a year now, but nonetheless it exists. Now I find myself going to her profile page again and again. And now. I have 2 FB accouts: the public "friends with everyone i know or barely know" one and the new private one, consisting of "true" friends and interests. H befriended the public one a long time ago, when she was active. Recently i sent a request to my personal one as a friend too. You see what's going on here? I want her be one of my "true" friends. This speaks volumes of my obsession over her.

About a year ago, me and a group of guys and gals were together chatting (naturally I barely talked). On of the girls mentions to me that H likes me. I responded with a "yeah right" and she said she wasn't kidding. She may or may have been joking, but then again, there was no reason to bring H into the chat. So why did she mention that fact/joke to me?

2-3 years back, one of my friends mentions to me that H was looking at me one day, and he claims that it was because she liked me. I dismissed it because there clearly wasn't enough info to support his notion. But given I'm personality, I tend to take in every little bit of data around me into account. You can tell, because I remembered that 2-3 year conversation like yesterday.

What I'm saying, I have been naturally attracted to her mainly because... She's naturally attractive. But in since last year, I fear it has become my obsession.

I just want her out of my head, and at the same time I want think about her only lol.

Thank you for reading this pointless rant/blog post.

I was watching Ladder 49 when... February 4, 2017, 9:28 pm
...Quake's main theme was played in the background.
Yep, that just happen'd. I also recall listening to "Life", also from Quake, and also in the same scene

It happens late in the movie, like at 1:29:00, when the guy goes into a building to rescue a girl.
If you can watch it somewhere, try to identify another Quake ost :3

I want to learn programming in C February 2, 2017, 10:46 pm
So as the subject says, I want to begin to learn C or C++ but am unsure where to begin. I've downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio Express and have the most basic tutorial I could find which is basically having it display a text in a command prompt. I'm not sure where to begin learning why it works, but I'm very interested in learning. Any advice on how to start? Should I just copy YouTube tutorials to begin with? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Edit: I guess I should say why I want to learn. I've been messing around with PC hardware and building for many years. I'm fairly knowledgeable in the hardware area but not so much in software. Eventually I want to get myself into developing small programs and little games to play with friends/my daughter in the future. Possibly even get into the IT field which I have an internship in at the school I work at right now. Problem is the IT department is a mess with a director who was basically bumped up into the position when the original director left to work from home. He was awesome. Very very good with coding and programming. A shame I couldn't get in while he was the director, but it is what it is and I'm still dying to learn and will do so regardless. Thanks for your advice in advance :)