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Fwd: August 19, 2015, 2:59 pm
Hi there,

I'm seriously interested in buying your forum. Would you please let me know what price, hopefully reasonable, you would be wiling to accept? I can pay via paypal or thank you!


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Urban Brawl Multiplayer Mod changelog . August 16, 2015, 3:43 am
I thought of just leaving it here so i can easily update it later :

v1.0 [05/18/2015]

* Fixed the incorrect Hud and Health sharing between players .
* Added teleports to each level so that none of players will get stuck if someone triggers a special action . (Really took a lot of time)
* Added exits to each level so that the game will not play cutscenes before changing level .
* Fixed players dying together .
* Fixed players cannot respawn .
* Removed cutscenes .
* Added 8 Player starts to each level .
* Fixed MAP04 respawn freeze .
* Fixed HUDs disappear after respawn . (screenblocks=11)

v1.1 Patch [05/19/2015]

* Fixed MAP09 Players inability to move .

v1.1d Patch [05/20/2015]

* Fixed MAP08 Broken secret .
* Fixed MAP08 Sniper doesn't act the way he's supposed to .
* Fixed MAP07 Secret that causes Black screen .
* Added more hints to MAP06
* Fixed MAP06 Exit Death pit bug .
* MAP06 Secrets should now be accessible somehow (Want to know how ? figure it out yourself ;) )
* Fixed MAP04 Exit Black screen .
* Enabled intermissions between levels to ensure every HUD is working .
* Removed MAP01 Call cutscene .

v1.1k [05/23/2015]

* Fixed (MAP02) Not exitable .
* Fixed (MAP04) Spinning Polyobj bug .
* Fixed (MAP04) Boss battle .
* Removed (MAP04) Phone call cutscene, now you should just access the train and open the Dead Police officer room to use help of Ventura .
* Fixed (MAP06) Missing texture, and Added teleports near the elevator so that late players can use teleports if the elevator was in use .
* Improved and Fixed HUD for Multiplayer .
* Fixed (MAP08) Players getting stuck after Secret is accessed by another player .
* Fixed (MAP07) Accessing secret no longer causes map to be not exitable .
* Updated "Winter of Dead" (WINTER2) Map for Multiplayer and included it .
* Added a teleport in (WINTER2) Map basement so that every late player can easily use it to go to the top of the building .

v2.0 [06/27/2015]

* Weapons now Last after being picked up by others .
* Fixed Death Blackscreen .
* Successfully Restored each one of game bosses .

v2.0b [07/27/2015]

* Fixed for Zandronum 2.1.2 .
* Separated Mod and maps to make it easier to load other maps with this Mod .
* Partially restored the original Melee drop system .
* Fixed MAP06 and MAP08 Players don't spawn with fists .
* Restored MAP08 Chainsaw secret .
* Reduced boss Health and Removed the odd Chainsaw from MAP09 .
* Updated mod for Deathmatch support (Mod only , not Maps)
* Partially implemented Deathmatch support for MAP01 .
* Added deathmatch Obtuaries .
* More Optimizations on MAP06 .
* More updates for Status bar .

v2.1 [07/30/2015]

* Fixed MAP06 Not detecting behavior .
* Reduced Final Boss health .
* Restored the Original Healthbar functionality online .
* The Melee drop system is Now 100% Functional online in All gamemodes !
* Fixed MAP09 Map too dark for New joiners .

v2.1b [08/03/2015]

* Fixed Jackbottle and Fireextinguisher infinite ammo glitch .
* Now you can load other Mods,Misc and levelpacks easily with this Mod .
* Few More level bugfixes and updates .

v2.1c [08/09/2015]

* Fixed bottles not showing up as broken when picked up .
* Fixed MAP01 Getting stuck when trying to climb fire escape ladder .
* Fixed a little issue of incompatibility with other mods .

v2.2 [08/20/2015]

* Fixed MAP04 Innaccurate Teleport .
* Fixed MAP07 Ceiling HOM near Spawn .

Moving Out. Headed off to College. August 14, 2015, 7:27 pm
Scared shitless.

Anyone have some advice?

I just drank an Oreo Cappuchino Blast August 13, 2015, 6:35 pm
And it was good.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I thought I had more to say, but apparently not.

Eris Falling
A-level results in August 13, 2015, 5:37 am
A* in Maths and A in physics (also C in further maths but we'll gloss over that :P)
So I'll be starting a 4-year physics w/ astrophysics degree this September :D

A nice picture of a sunset August 11, 2015, 10:27 pm
I was walking around my back yard drinking my beer and I decided to take a picture of the sky. It just looked really nice and I felt like I needed to capture the moment. There is something about a summer sunset that I just love.

This was taken around 8:30 pm on the East Coast of the United States (New Jersey)

A game I made to practice multitasking August 7, 2015, 12:52 am
Try to control 2 spaceships at once! You have no weapons, just avoid the asteroids and survive as long as you can. Don't crash the spaceships together.


It's a Flash swf file, programmed in Action Script 2 (I think). It's only 7.9 kB big. Please don't fear it (or do, if you want).

I made this game from scratch in a few hours. I designed it specifically to be playable by 1 player (left hand on WASD, right hand on IJKL), but things might get easier when you get 2 people to control 1 spaceship each. The number of asteroids on screen gradually increases, but it increases slower and slower.

My personal record is surviving for 51 seconds - and that was before I slowed down the increase of asteroid count - but admittedly, after practicing for several hours.

I made the game just for myself, but do you have any idea what should I do with it if I wanted to share it properly? I have no experience with that. I'm not even specially eager about doing it.



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I celebrated 28th birthday few days ago. August 4, 2015, 7:49 am
It is like being 20 years of age, with your adult life before you and plenty of young women to choose from, BUT YOU ARE NOT. You are 8 years older and some women think you are already too old for them.