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Give me a custom title January 10, 2016, 3:22 pm
Space Hopper



Pimped my drumkit September 19, 2014, 5:59 pm
So I bought this 90's maple Premier Signia kit last x-mas just to get a smaller bass drum. My Starclassic birch/bubinga kit had a 24" bass drum which was a pain in the ass to carry around and it was too loud, so I bought this kit just to get the 22" bass drum. It turned out that I loved the sound of the thin maple Shell so now I've got 2 whole kits (one Tama 3 piece and one Premier 5 piece) and my interest for the Tama kit is fading.

The problem I had with the Premier kit was that it looked like shit. Black laquered Shells is just so fucking ugly that it makes my stomach churn. It was originally white but the previous owner did the worst black laquer paint job you could imagine so that could somehow explain my disgust for the finish. Since I love glitter/sparkle and really wanted to make this my main drum kit, I ebayed some sparkle drum wraps and found this awesome turqoise sparkle wrap that I ordered.

I worked my ass off for 2 nights and finally got the drums covered in the new wrap. It turned out awesome.

Here's some pics:

This is the kit set-up for a recording session. The floor tom is part of the Tama kit though:

The black laquered 10" tom before I stripped off the hardware:

The inside of the Shell. Notice the bad ass re-inforcement rings:

The Premier Signia kit has this unconvinient tom-mount on top of the bass drum that I never use. So I decided to plug the hole for the mount and the 4 small holes that held the mount in place.

The plugs are in place:

the 10" tom is wrapped. Now I just have to drill holes for the hardware and install it:

The 10" tom is finished. The sparkle isn't really noticeable in Daylight though:

The bass drum with new wrap, no tom mount and new hoops in natural maple finish:

I brought the bass drum and the floor tom to a jamming session with my band tonight:

Bonus: My beautiful Pearl sensitone elite phosphor bronze snare:

My nickname is no longer valid. I have to remove the "bubinga" since I'm all about maple now :( I'm still happy though!

My band(s). More promotion April 30, 2011, 7:00 pm
Hi. I've promoted my band here before. But I thought I could use a new thread cause now I'm promoting 2 bands at the same time. I play the drums for your information.

Latest videos from the Swedish punk-outfit Svarta Maria:

I also play in another band called "Kinetics". These are the first official videos (I don't play on these songs though).

Thanks for listening.