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Greatest DW moment of the decade? December 13, 2009, 9:38 am
I was on another board i only joined about a week ago and they had a thread dedicated to finding the best incident on that board in the past decade, which was all well and good but of course all the references to "LOL Dronegate" went right over my head.

Anyway, it got me thinking about a similar noob-confusing thread here. A few contenders:

Username - a bizarre flame/troll that warranted a front-page news post!

Doom Rampage - OK, primarily conducted on this own website, but it was still pretty hilarious.

Nazi Aufersheung - Remember, being mental makes your wad immune to criticism!

3DFX Studio - Or whatever they were called, idiot makes "grab it all" resource-stealing EDGE wad with Resident Evil and Duke stuff, then claims he has permission.

Hardcore_gamer's video tutorial - I still laugh at that thread

Hardcore_gamer making a dumpster "cough on fire"

Hardcore_gamer wondering if a spam mail was "a trick of a virus" and then REPLYING to it

Fusion Unleased - How can you "unleash" "fusion"? Whenever i asked he seemed to skirt around and avoid the issue, waffling about how it's a sequel to something so the name is OK.

The Blood community - The twat from the above one turned his hand to making a Blood "mod" in EDGE. He then did some anime-style concept art to it and caused the Blood community to start spouting furiously crazed homophobic and xenophobic rants. Said community then came over here to "expose" shit about him none of us cared about.

Fixing cheap digital camera? (tech people) May 28, 2008, 7:25 am
I bought one of those super-cheap digital "DV" cameras off Ebay (this one, to be precise: ) and it arrived today.

It's pretty decent, for 2.99 anyway, but when i was fiddling with the zoom it developed a purple line down one side of the picture when recording/taking photos (when in menus etc it isn't there, so it's not the screen). I suspect it's something to do with the chip that senses the image, and wonder if anybody knows a way i might "re-set" the chip, if that's possible? or am i stuck with the line?

(one odd thing i have noticed is that if i use the zoom it "goes past" the line, ie the line moves further to one side and on maximum zoom it can't be seen)