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Fear teh futuar!1 October 13, 2003, 9:38 pm
<wacko-nazi> well anyways all... HEIL and good buy if you seen engi plz have him msg me

Great, another person I have offended in some way/shape/form. I LOVE BEING A COMPLETE RETARD!!!

First real blog: Case modding. October 11, 2003, 10:55 pm
Modding your case is the same as ricing a car. It's that simple.

Painting it black is one thing, but adding blue/red/periwinkle LED's everywhere, see-thru sides and a thermometer the size of a tissue box on your PC case is about the same as putting stickers, dual exaust and bookshelf wings on a honda.

Nothing makes me lose brain cells more than seeing some retard post "OMG MY NUU CASE PWNS IT LOOKS LIKE A BONG! CHECK IT OUT: " all over IRC (not #zdoom mind you, gamesnet channels like #redorchestra) and acting like he's the biggest shit around because his computer looks like a ricer.

I honestly think should cover these abomonations alongside cars.


yay banned from #zdoom October 11, 2003, 8:23 pm
<DooMBoy> What's next in the Sim franchise
<[GT]engineer> Sim
<DooMBoy> Sim Computer
<[GT]engineer> Sim Shock Site
<xooz98> another sims expansion, i'm sure
<[GT]engineer> lol
<xooz98> hey, how about simcopter
<DooMBoy> Oh yeah the Sims
<Danarchy> heh
<Lutarez`> SimMars
<xooz98> that's a lot more fun than it sounds
<DooMBoy> SimEarth
<DooMBoy> Wait
<DooMBoy> Doesn't that exist
<Lutarez`> yes
<Danarchy> whatever happened to that one Sims/SimCity crossbreed they were making?
<DooMBoy> I thought so
<[GT]engineer> "The Sims: Rectal ripping"
<Danarchy> did that become SimCity 4 or something?
<DooMBoy> Sim Anus
<xooz98> if you mean simsville, they cancelled it afaik
<SoM> Yay!
<Lutarez`> Simsville?
<Danarchy> yeah
<Lutarez`> yes
<Danarchy> that one
<[GT]engineer> the sims online
<DooMBoy> heh
<Danarchy> heh
<[GT]engineer> its real
<[GT]engineer> ITS REALLLL
<SoM> meciya loads/saves flats now too!
<Danarchy> my friend used to play Sims Online all the time
* [GT]engineer dies
<AgentSpork> heh
<Danarchy> she was a Sims uberfan
<Danarchy> kinda scary
<[GT]engineer> sims online
<DooMBoy> Everquest
<[GT]engineer> sounds retarded
<DooMBoy> Gn0!!!!!!!!!!!1111
<xooz98> heh, sims online sounded bad
<AgentSpork> "I met my girlfriend on Sims Online" -Sims Online Obsessor
<xooz98> and it cost a ton
<Danarchy> yeah
* fraggle sets mode: +b *!*@*
* You were kicked by fraggle ([GT]engineer)

A WINNAR SI MES!!!!!111oneone October 11, 2003, 7:37 pm
<olochimaru> [GT]engineer, see topic.
<[GT]engineer> olochimaru, see *edited*
<fraggle> uhhh what
<fraggle> do you mean
<[GT]engineer> nop
<olochimaru> that one works too
<xooz98> wow
<liam> amazering
<fraggle> The lawyer has informed us that we need a warning!
<fraggle> right
<olochimaru> which, if you've read any one of his last 500 blogs, you'd have known
<liam> congratulations you just goatsed all of #zdoom

The Specialists (blogs suck, posting about games > blogging!) October 11, 2003, 3:21 am
One word: Pwnage.

The superiority of this mod is unrivaled by any other mod, even Counter-Goatse or Day of Hemoroidal Secretion. The possibilites are endless, lots of guns, a kickass Kung-Fu system and Bullet time round out the features for this highly polished masterpiece.

I <3 Online Intoxication! October 11, 2003, 3:13 am
damach17: wewsdt
damach17: i ams teh fducking frunk
engineerdod: oh noes
engineerdod: strip club
damach17: Oh OESOES
engineerdod: lO!Lo1l
damach17: we were supposed to go teh astrip clsup
engineerdod: gay bar
engineerdod: gay bar
damach17: OH NKELSOES
damach17: LIES
engineerdod: *edited*
damach17: STRAITB AR]
damach17: its
damach17: holy shit
damach17: it's 2:45
damach17: wtfwtfwtfwtfwetf
damach17: time flies
damach17: when your drunk
engineerdod: and looking at *edited*
damach17: 404
damach17: oh noes
engineerdod: *EDITED*
damach17: omfg
damach17: teh anus spreading man
engineerdod: *Edited at request of pritch*
damach17: you know
damach17: yo ushoudlnt send emh stuf that requires ereading
engineerdod: oh?
damach17: yaseh
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Red Orchestra (what? no October 11, 2003, 3:08 am
Yay, a game where you can manhandle German soldiers as a communist pig!!!1oneone

Greatest UT2K3 mod ever. Ever. Great ambience, Great maps, Great sound effects and the most detailed player/weapon models I have ever seen in a WW2 game. My only beefs are lack of better rifle clubbing animations, crappy lack of view adjustment while going prone and a few other minor map bugs. That, and the occasional disconnect. Other than that, it beats the pants off of Butt Fuck 1942.

Everything you want to know about me, but feared asking me about October 11, 2003, 12:59 am

Me in a nutshell.