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I think that I have a cracked tooth October 11, 2014, 3:23 pm
Time to go to the dentist. Last time I was at the dentist, they told me they were scaling back his hours and I should call back after 2 months to make a new appointment for the checkup. Since he's closed for the weekend like other dentists, I thought I'd post here.

After having random pain maybe 5x a day in that region, I did some investigation and I think that I have a cracked tooth. An oddly cracked tooth.

The injured tooth is a 2nd bicuspid. Let me draw a picture. top of teeth looking down:

Notice how the cracks don't go completely through the tooth. One of the cracks isn't even on the end.

These lines are black and none of my teeth have black lines that look like cracks. From looking at google images of cracked teeth, they're all split or subtle and not black lines. Maybe this means the white enamel has cracked and broken and the teeth are black underneath?

I can't think of what could have caused the crack recently other than last week was the first time in 20 years I ate ice. That could do it, but I probably would have noticed a week ago and not now.

Someone broke and entered my neighbor's house September 1, 2014, 6:18 am
My neighbor had their house broken into. This is the same neighbor that shot a snowmobiler 6 years ago who later died 2 years later (

I find it very difficult to believe that anyone would break into their house for a few reasons. First of all, 2 of the 4 sides of the property are covered by river. The third side is the main road. The last side is their only neighbor with a much nicer and easier house to break into and probably easier too. They have 8 garages, each filled with fancy cars (the previous owner operated a business out of the home).

The house has plenty of motion detector lights installed by the previous owner, but there is one thing the house has a lot of and that's guns and owners willing to use them.

Not to mention, one of them is a judge.

Its just so odd. So I was thinking maybe its a deer that broke in and left. The cops won't tell me anything, just that they were broken into. My neighbors won't won't answer calls. Now their front yard is lit up like daytime on the sun. Its almost comical how many lights they have on now.

My girlfriend suspects their landscapers.

Its a very unpopulated area that is getting more populated in the past 10 years. The town next to ours has the population and the crime.
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Walmart and how much we all hate it August 3, 2014, 6:01 am
Not sure if this should go in the Everything Else forum or this blog forum.

After someone posted his CEO was fired, I derailed things by mentioning Walmart, so rather than posting more Walmart stuff there, I'll post here:

I was sent to Walmart recently... same 2 lines open. The 20 items or less and the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng line. Person in front of me was getting chips and 2 other things. Gave a coupon. Wrong bag of chips for the coupon. So she wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwalked and found the chips then came back fucking 5 minutes later. I asked the clerk, can I check out? No the girl also had more than chips and its already processed. So I told the clerk, the fuck I can't, other clerks have done that for me. Oh but this clerk says she's new, so she called for help.

Help comes. Then the girl comes back WITH MORE THAN CHIPS. Tries using her coupon. Oh its expired. She complains, then a manager is called. Manager comes and says look you do this all the time these expired coupons. You've done it so much I know your name. We're not taking this expired coupon.

She turns to me and asks me for money to make up the difference. wtf?

The guy behind me was angry and say you better get out of here lady, no one is buying you chips. The manager just shook his head and walked away.

Chips were not bought.

Oddly enough this isn't the first time I've seen someone's expired coupon get rejected at this Walmart.

Beta Testing Games July 17, 2014, 7:35 am
I've been beta testing a game. I put a lot of time in. I write the dev team a lot of notes. This is all unprofessional, unpaid. I'm starting to question the developer's talent. The game is pretty awful and its been in development for 2 years. There are glaring errors that I feel like they don't even play the game when they give it to me to beta test. Several game breaking things that just kind of waste my chance to play it since they feed me a new test every day. If there's something right at the beginning that fails to work. I just can't test it for a day. If they forget to put the ammo in the level, its another day until I get a new build.

The whole questioning the team's talents have lead me to start C++ programming again just so I can tell them how to fix what's wrong. Yet they don't. I question how long I can endure testing this awful game.

I would spill the beans and tell you the game, but it would come back to me. Not that I'm being paid, but a friend works there and the heat would come back to him. Plus, I don't want the game to get derailed as being shit when they could fix things and maybe the game won't be shit. I'm really leaning toward this thing will be shit no matter what happens.

Thankfully my friend isn't the level designer or the programmer, or we probably wouldn't be friends anymore :-)

Food poisoning myself June 27, 2014, 3:05 am

Over the past 2.5 years I've cooked a lot. Randomly I get ambitious and cook things that I've literally never eaten before, but I think will be a good idea. I've cooked rosoto without ever tasting it. Last night or rather 7 hours ago was scallops. I cooked a test scallop that turned out fine. Then I cooked the other 3 scallops. Those other 3 I feel turned out burnt.

Now here's a flashback for you, when I was at the super market, the employee working there I felt was trying to tell me not to buy them. They're $18 per pound. I was iffy. I felt he was taking the long way to hint that I shouldn't buy them. He bluntly asked who likes them, your wife or your girlfriend? We laughed, because men apparently don't buy them. He asked if I liked them, I said, never had them, either had he. But I was going to cook them. He pointed out he doesn't want to sell me something I probably won't like. The whole conversation was a painful 5 minutes. He constantly asked, do you get what I'm saying? I thought it was code for don't buy these!

After picking them up I went to the front checkout where one person was in line, this little old lady in her wheelchair was buying a box of wine. Not just a box with wine in it, but a big box with 8 bottles of wine in it. She argued about the price and haggled to get the price down. First another clerk was called in for the sale of the booze since the underage clerk working there can't sell booze. Then a manager was called in for the haggling.

When it was my turn, the clerk had to change the receipt ream of paper, to which he had it backward and my info printed on the wrong side. Why am I bringing this all up? They were signs. I laughed and knew they were signs.

Oddly enough, during the meal, it was the burnt ones that tasted fine. It was the non burnt one that was rubbery. So I blame the test subject. My girlfriend has yet to come down with food poisoning, but who knows. I ate the undercooked one.

I peed out my ass, downed some ginger aile that has been sitting in the fridge for 2 years. Then I thought.... the only way out of this is to throw up.

When I started throwing up, some long tentacle of a thing came out. It belonged to the scallop. Then I thought oh fuck that's not what I need to throw up. So I kept going like the trooper I am. It took a while, but now I'm feeling better. Thank you vomit process, you make everything better in a hurry.

For those curious, the actual meal is lobster ravioli.

My gf pulled over by a cop May 23, 2014, 7:02 am
My gf was driving us home after seeing Godzilla. We were on the main road before her street. There's a place that its always a stoplight. Blank and blank. So I pointed out, she'll get a stoplight. Then she said look at that guy, he knows he'll get a ticket. He went speeding by us. I checked her speed and it was 35. There's a digital display that says 35 in big blue numbers. She said doesn't he know that cops watch this road all the time?

Well a cop started following us. Really close. I had a feeling we were getting pulled over. Sure enough, yep pulled over.

My girlfriend starts spazing out and on a 4 lane road with a center turn lane, my spaz of a girlfriend decides to pull over... in the turn lane at the middle of the road. Hilarious. Inside I was laughing. She throws a fit as most people would.

After a few minutes, the cop comes to her car and angrily explains that when she got her license that's an agreement with any emergency vehicle you pull over to the side of the road. The cop asked if she knew why she's being pulled over. Nope. For speeding, 48 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Ha that's a fucking joke. Then the cop pointed out we were the only car on the road, which I know is a lie, because its an extremely busy road even at 9 pm at night. Normally its backed up in rush hour, but 9 at night there are always cars since its coming off a major tollway. The cop takes the license and insurance, but not registration. What? Eh oh well.

When the cop comes back, the cop explained that she will let us go. My girlfriend asked what road, where? Remember how I mentioned blank and blank? That's where it was. The cop continued that the radar gun zooms in on the fastest car and takes a picture of their license plate. We were the only car on the road. The cop also mentioned they radar guns are tested before each shift. Then the officer added pulling over in the center of the road is another ticketable offense.

I knew the cop didn't have shit. Plus the whole zooms in and takes a picture of the plate is flawed. A photo isn't proof. It could have malfunctioned. I'd want to see a video of the crime and then see it zoom in. The burden of proof is on them. The dash cam is better proof, but the dash cam might not be pointed where the radar is aimed.

In Chicago there have been red light cams that take pics of parked cars and mail them tickets when a speeding car blows a red light.

The cop's name tag read 'J. Morton' and my girlfriend mentioned that 'J. Morton' is her aunt.

Anyway, the cop said since my girlfriend has no priors, we were allowed to go. The cop knew she didn't have a case. The officer was polite, and nice, but rightfully stern when explaining why we should have pulled over to the side of the road. Its just unsafe in the middle, plus as she pointed out, we become a hazard.

The inanimate carbon rod saves the day again (fixing a fridge handle) May 22, 2014, 2:22 pm
I'm currently house sitting for someone with 2 cats. I was told to give the cats milk + water + food and well fish with the cats. Cats love to fish. Long story short, I fixed a refrigerator handle with an inanimate carbon rod. Now here's the story of how I did it.

The first day, the milk was spoiled. So I bought new milk. The refrigerator is old, maybe 60 years old. It has a handle with a hinge on the bottom. The handle works like a lever. You pull the top of the lever handle and the hinge opens the door. Without pulling this lever handle, there's no way to open up the door, its locked and sealed.

The problem here is when you open it, the lever stays 'pulled' and won't go up again to its starting position to latch and lock again. I didn't think this was a problem. It was closed. Yep closed like a normal refrigerator even if the lever wasn't in its upright position. No these aren't sexual innuendos.

Day after day, I fed the cats. Now today, 2 or 3 days after buying a full gallon of milk, it is starting to spoil. Swirls in the milk. Well what the fuck? Then when I close the door I notice, the door is closed, but not sealed. Not latched, not firmly shut. The door wiggles. That clearly must be why my milk spoiled so quickly, the cold air is escaping.

I dismantled the handle from the hinge at the bottom of the lever. You pull a metal pin out and the handle lever comes completely out. That's when I found the mechanism that pushes the handle into its upright position. Some small metal piston and its 'cradle' or 'housing' had cracked, and split. So every time the piston goes up and forward, it was really going up and left. So the piston head was getting stuck and couldn't go up.

The piston had a lot of pressure going left, and I managed to bend a butter knife trying to get the piston to go forward again. In the end, it was a spoon that pulled it away from the left. Piston still worked, so I assembled the handle again. The handle was at its upright position... until I opened the door again. It did the same thing.

After dismantling the handle again, turns out the piston head going left instead of forward has damaged the handle so badly that it just always goes left. It had ground away metal and made itself a new home on the left instead of 'forward.' Then I saw that the pin everything hinges on had had been grinding the metal away so without noticing every time you pull the handle lever, it went slightly to the right, grinding away the metal over decades.

To top that off, on one side of the cradle that holds the pin hinge to the refrigerator had cracked straight through. Somehow metal had cracked apart. Well its 60 years old, but I just don't expect metal to crack. Eventually it will crack more to the point it won't be able to hold in the pin and the door will be locked forever. Unless duct tape will fix it.

The way I got the piston to go forward instead of left was by finding a small inch long inanimate carbon rod that I put into the housing on the left of the piston, preventing it from going left. It can only go forward.

The inanimate carbon rod saved the day. When I told the home owner about the door handle fix, she was very thankful, it had been that way for 2 years and she's owned the fridge for 40 years. She told me the milk never lasted more than 4 or 5 days. Anything less than a gallon would spoil in 3 days.

When I bought yet another gallon of milk, that's when I decided to check the temperature. Well, I know why the refrigerator spoils milk so easily. Its either been set to off or the closest setting to off there is. I can only imagine how many years if not decades this refridgerator has been set to off.

Truckstop Breakfast May 2, 2014, 4:11 pm
Yesterday met my truck driving uncle at a truck stop. The truckstop looked on par with a chain restaurant. It even had a salad bar, because truckers eat healthy...

We had breakfast. The pancakes I was given were burnt, but not black, just near black. So I cut into them and they were raw in the middle. I sent them back. My uncle and I laughed saying there are 2 people in the back that thought those pancakes were okay to serve to someone and expect money in return. The cook and the waitress.

If I remember correctly, black on the outside, raw in the middle means the pan is too hot.

I was given new pancakes and I finished them. Only after I finished them did I notice the giant hair underneath of the last piece. It was coiled in a small ball as if someone intentionally put it there as revenge. Fucking hilarious.

Wii woes on Ebay May 2, 2014, 1:55 pm
My girlfriend suddenly wanted to play Wii Sports. That involved buying a Wii. Now that the Wii U is out, the Wii Mini is really the only thing around. According to Nintendo's official website, there is a Wii Sports Bundle in black sold at Toys R Us and Best Buy. Neither of which are actually sold at Toys R Us or Best Buy online or otherwise. Buying the Wii Mini would be $100 + $35 USED Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports combine from Gamestop. Instead of the Wii Sports Bundle for $120.

So I went to Gamestop. Several Gamestops.

Gamestop 1: Nintendo stopped making that bundle a year ago. You won't be able to find it. No we don't have it used.
Gamestop 2: 'Why the fuck would we have Wii's anymore?' That's an actual quote.
Gamestop 3: Gotta look on Ebay dude.
Gamestop 4: Go to Disc Replay.
Disc Replay: Our Wii's are only $60. All sold out.
Gamestop 5: We have one used Wii left. $90. Nope doesn't have the nunchuck or Wii motion plus needed for playing Wii Sports Resort.
Gamestop 6: Try Ebay. Make sure they come with every part of the Wii, because people will sell the parts and games separately to make the most money.
Gamestop 7: Go to Disc Replay, they have all that old stuff.

Ebay I go.

Ebay 1: So the first Wii Sports Bundle takes 3 weeks to arrive. When it arrived, it didn't read discs and I couldn't have gotten a more abused Wii. Basically the Wii in the photos was not the Wii I received. I took it up with Ebay, they said they'd give the seller a week to respond, no response, so Ebay told me send it back with our free prepaid sticker. Then they returned my money.

Ebay 2: Just bought the white Wii Sports Resort Bundle, arrives quick, fan doesn't work, system dies after 30 minutes. Ebay gives me a shipping thing to send it back after the guy refuses to take it back. Ebay gave me my money back.

Ebay 3: Same thing happened. Fan doesn't work and the system burns out after 30 minutes.

I'm not even buying the lowest priced Wiis. Those seem to all get snatched up at the very last second.

Normally, I'd go to Amazon to buy things, but the actual Wii Sports Bundles seem to be pretty expensive now. Plus I'd much rather see the photos of the items.

While I can just buy Wii U and then just buy the 2 games to play, I'd much rather not spend the $300 on top of the stupidly frivolous expenses I already do.

Jury Duty, anyone else had it? April 23, 2014, 7:08 am
Looks like I'll be doing a 2nd tour of duty! Coincidentally right after Turbo Tax told me my tax return was rejected.

Anyway, my first jury duty was fucking awesome.

Why? The case... but I'm probably not allowed to talk about that, but more than the case, it was everything around the case.

Hanging out with the herd of people called down to the courthouse. There was 1 woman that didn't speak English, so she had her translator there. They wouldn't let her translator stay and was sent away. I'm not sure if it was a ploy to get her out of jury duty.

Then getting called into an actual case, I heard some of the most amazing stories from potential jurors and the jurors themselves. The interviewed us right there front and center in front of everyone, even though we had the choice to be privately interviewed.

Some of the stories:

One woman's father had gone to prison. Why? Her father murdered a man.
Judge asked if she felt he was guilty. She said well... the guy owed my dad money and my dad went over to his house with a hammer and only my dad walked out of that garage. WTF? holy shit. She wasn't selected for a juror.

Then potential juror #2, some sort of mafia princess. Her grandfather, father, uncle, and brother all went to prison for money laundering and organized crime. Holy shit. Both these people were right next to me.

One of the potential jurors said he didn't want to do it, he didn't want to be there, he'll just vote guilty no matter what and fuck up the system.

One woman was grilled and asked a lot of personal questions about her kids, their ages, their genders. She eventually had to stop them and ask why they're asking all of this. Well they can't tell her why, since she's only a potential juror.

When they finally came to me they asked a whole 2 questions. How do you pronounce your company's name. What do you do there? Then the judge made a joke how quick we got through the interview and not everyone will take 5 minutes.

I was the first juror actually selected and I was the 6th potential. At some point, the judge called the 2 attorneys over and I heard them talking. The judge said something like, you can't keep rejecting people.

On our jury was an interesting cast of characters, a sheriff's deputy that said we were lucky, because they were about to start selecting a jury for a double murder some man killed his neighbor's 2 little girls. Not just killed them, but had setup their bodies in a bathtub to make it look like they were double suiciding.

We also had a teen straight from China. He had only been a citizen 3 weeks. He said back in China, they bulldozed his family's house to make room for a road. They gave them 1 day's notice to get out even if the bulldozer wasn't coming. They weren't paid for their house. Then his father said fuck this country and left.

Then there was the Zamboni driver... Some how some way we had one of the most unique jobs ever on our jury. He said he got his job because he had gotten fired from his last job and as a laugh he applied for Zamboni driver and totally written out a fake answer application. Like name = Rainbow Bright. Why do you want to drive a Zamboni? Because on his father's death bed he said, son, become a race car driver and well driving a Zamboni is where he'll start his racing career. So he said they hired him, because they'd rather have a funny guy.

Finally, we had the former Amish man, who was selected as our jury foreman. I'm happy he was, because he wasn't a pushover. He told us his dad had kidnapped him when he was little to go live a normal life away from the Amish world. He thought that he was learning to be a traveling salesman from his dad. Eventually his dad told him the truth that he was kidnapped.

All interesting stories and I can't wait to do it again!