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Walked in on a shoplifting getaway January 1, 2017, 7:10 pm
Its been so long since I've had an adventure that one found me. I was walking into Target at night, crossing the drive closest to the building. 3 people ran out of the store. No one runs out of a store without being a shoplifter. It looked like 2 shop lifters and someone in black chasing after them.

A car raced up, stopped, one person got in and it looked like the other was trapped outside the door like stuck. I got in front of the car. Then I realized its not 2 shop lifters, its 2 Target employees wearing different uniforms. Turns out Target security uniforms are black and bluntly say Security while the typical uniform is just a red shirt.

Anyway they got the shop lifter, but they were outside the car he was inside the car. The guy in red looked like he was stuck in the door and chances are it had to be painful because he went in through the pit of the door rather than the handle side. The two employees went in through the side with the handle. Maybe the merchandise was caught in the door.

The car went backward, then forward and just went around me pretty fast with the door still hanging open. If only I were in a position to be closer to the car.

To me it looked like 2 shoe boxes, one black and one red colored. I didn't get a good look at the merchandise even though I followed the 2 employees into the store who were carrying it. Even if it was just 2 pairs of shoes, you can always take the shoes out and put something else in there.

Even though I saw everything happen 10 feet away from me, looked at the driver, looked at the shoplifter, I remember nothing about them. I want to say the driver had a black coat and the shop lifter had a red 2 tone coat with a winter cap. The details of the actions are there, but not the details of what they looked like. Not even the car. I wouldn't be a credible witness. That's why Target has cameras.

In my defense it was dark and that particular Target didn't even have parking lights, instead it had generator lights. I'm not sure if their real lights had a power problem or what. In hindsight I probably should have taken a picture or video.

I would have loved to have a rock to throw but well who carries one around? Then again I could be in the wrong if I do that. Not my job.

Cat Squirrel June 20, 2015, 8:30 am
There is a squirrel outside my window. Its been out there for a few days. Its giant. Like a small house cat. No its not a raccoon. I've seen what I thought was it jumping down from tree branches, but now I've seen it fall with a bit of dead tree branch with it.

I've caught it on camera, but my Samsung phone isn't good from this distance. It just looks like dark blur.

Whenever I hear a thud, I know its the squirrel. Whenever I see a lighter tree branch suddenly start to shake, there's the squirrel that then bends it down and before it jumps off, it falls off. Then I hear the thud.

Helping someone move June 3, 2015, 9:20 am
About once a year for the past 15 years I've helped someone move. Usually a stranger that I'm helping a friend help them move. A few times its been a cousin or someone I actually know. There are always stories if not lawsuits and police issues that come out of the moving process. Richard Prior even had an entire movie about it.

Well last night I got a text, then a call from a friend. She has two movers over and they're creeping her out, flirting with her and well moving so slow that day has turned into night. Would I mind coming over to hang out?

Sure, yeah. Oddly enough not the first female friend I've helped move at night after a text. So we moved her out. By we I mean myself and the 2 movers. She's not a sturdy person to move anything.

The truck was barely loaded by the time I got there and what was there, I had to shift around what they had packed, because professional movers can't seem to pack things in like Tetris blocks like I can. Body wise, they didn't look like they should be movers, but hey appearances can be deceiving. No weight belts or back braces, unless they were on under their clothes, but then why would they?

When I arrived, my friend commented that they've been there an hour and haven't done shit, just ask questions about her personal life and one of them tried to take a picture of her. Well that's creepy, so she just hid in the bathroom.

It took 2 hours from when I arrived, which was like 3 hours in total. Toward the end, the movers stopped to have a smoke break. We were ALMOST done. ALMOST. I kept working while both of them had a smoke break. My friend said when they got here, they said hi and then had a smoke break before they started moving. So 2 smoke breaks in 3 hours. Most might see that as an addiction, I see it as laziness, getting paid by the hour even if they're getting paid by the job.

Their second smoke break was 20 minutes. I kept working, my friend told me not to, that's why she has them. Being responsible I was concerned about her new building's move in permit time. We could make it if they didn't drag their feet.

So then on the move, we took 2 vehicles. My friend and I went in her car, the movers went in their truck. We had the lead vehicle. They were following us. Then my friend received a call from one of them asking why we're going this way instead of that?

Well then they just decide to turn off on some different off ramp. My friend starts flipping out and starts thinking they just stole her stuff. Since we're on a tollway / sky way, we can't just go back and take the off ramp. They know where we're going so we just went there with our way.

We were there long before them, about 30 minutes before them. All that time my friend was spazing out, still sure they just stole her stuff and she shouldn't have gone with the cheapest movers. When they finally arrived, my friend told me, "you deal with them, I just can't." Well in a way I had been dealing with it all this time, so why not? She gave me the keys, told me the condo number and then went to find the parking garage to park.

The movers were apologetic, they ran into traffic when they took that off ramp. Then their GPS wouldn't work with all the tall buildings. Yeah shit happens.

We missed the new building's move in time, so we had to illegally move her in. I'm sure her building wouldn't care we missed the window by 20 minutes, but the city of Chicago might. Their "boss" even showed up at the new place to expedite the process so his guys wouldn't get fined for illegally parking in a city street to move stuff up 20 floors. By boss I mean same college age as the other two movers and you'd never guess he owned a moving company.

After she was all moved up, I decided to escort them down to the ground floor and thank them. In the elevator their boss said "what? You're not gonna tip 'em?" I took it upon myself to tip them, which I guess was mistake. I tipped the both of them $20 each. Their boss said oh I think they deserve more than that. I told him, "look you cunt, they didn't have anything done when I arrived an hour into it, I had to repack the truck and its not even my stuff that they just moved."

The two movers got a chuckle out of it. Nothing was said the rest of the elevator ride. I was really surprised I called him cunt it just came out. Well at least he didn't punch me like a real mover would have.

Then when I got back to my friend's condo she said, "they forgot a lamp." Okay that's fine since we had to go back to her old place to get my car. Guess where the lamp was... Outside on the driveway, right next to where the moving van's driver side door was. So the driver walked right past it.

Not the worst moving experience, not the best. I give it a 6 on the scale of awful.

Getting Review Copies March 28, 2015, 3:46 am
I've been reviewing games as a sort of closure for a long time. Over the years, I've got 500 reviews in a document. Some are lazy, others have bolstered 1,350 words.

Out of boredom I thought well I'm going to write game developers and get free games. It worked! Within an hour, I had 4 review copies granted out of 5 attempts. 2 of the 4 are awful games, but whatever. If anything its just someone to tell them where they're going wrong.

I'm just really shocked how easy it is to get a review copy. Even a game with a publisher gave me a review copy. I'm a nobody, unpaid, but my reviews are pretty damn detailed and even if I don't like a game I still give it a fair shake, which confuses a lot of people.

So wow this is easy, all I had to do was ask and cite 10 reviews, 6 good and 4 bad to show I'm capable of negative reviews. Maybe I can get $60 AAA titles for free.

I've been starving myself unintentionally January 31, 2015, 12:39 pm
I eat a lot. Constantly. So much that I gain weight every so often and before I grow out of my pants, I treadmill and work out. Over the past few years, I've been counting my calories. Most days its 800 - 1,000. Because I only drink water, there are no calories from that.

Yesterday my doctor laughed and said that 1,000 calories is starvation level. I'm gaining weight because my body just locks it all away. Well that's interesting. To lose weight I need to double my food intake when I already eat constantly all day.

I'm not trying to starve, it boggles my mind. I just don't eat big meals. Looking at serving sizes, usually a dinner is like 400 calories. Those are portion sizes on labels. I eat the portion sizes.

The doctor also tells me that I need about 2,500 calories, so I need to more than double my diet. Holy fuck its mind boggling how people even manage to eat 2,500 calories a day.

I'm not even sickly. I can't seem to get sick even taking care of sick kids. My cousin's sick daughters, being around a few hundred people over the winter. Nothing, but I guess not having disease doesn't make me healthy.

So now like a pregnant woman I'm eating for two. This will be an interesting experiment to see if by eating double I'll lose weight when I'm already at my maximum weight.

Doing some calculations, I need to hit 650 calories in 3 meals and let's say break up 4 snacks of 150 to hit the recommendation. Wow that's pretty staggering and doing it all healthy too. I could easily hit the 2,500 by eating entire pizzas like I did in college.

I've probably been "starving" like this for decades and maybe that's why I'm stuck looking like a teenager.

My New Year's Resolution is to not spend money on gaming in 2015 January 5, 2015, 1:16 pm
I have read idiots on other sites wondering what's your gaming resolution? Well gaming is entertainment, they shouldn't be goals. I have 1,100 games on Steam. I even bought 30 games on the last Steam sale. I don't need more games. Nor do I need to spend money on them.

So as tough as it may be, I have decided to declare that I won't buy any new games or spend money on gaming in 2015. Even if I miss a sale, what's the worst that will happen that game won't be on sale at the same time next year? If I get bored of the 250 games on Steam that I have played, I haven't played the other 850 that I own.

Let's see how long I last.

Why she never called back November 8, 2014, 11:12 am
Someone else's ditched after 4 dates story reminded me of my own story from 8 years ago. Rather than derail his thread, I'm posting my own.

8 years ago, I dated a woman for 10 days and I think we had 8 dates. Maybe it was 6 dates over 8 days. I met her friends, she met mine, really quick. We went to movies, bowling, mini golfing, dinners, a night cruise to see fireworks, and so on. I took her to parties, she took me to foggy beaches at midnight. She panicked in the darkness of walking through the woods. I panicked when she took me on a giant Ferris wheel and I had an issue with heights back then. I calmed her, she calmed me. I met her daughter.

Then before the ninth date, she randomly she said she was sick. I was directly outside of her house in the driveway to pick her up. She didn't care. Usually sick = I've lost interest. I tried talking to her the next four days.

She never talked to me ever again. I was really shocked. To help me get over it and not harass her, I deleted her number off my phone.

2 years later, I had a date with someone that said she felt like she knew me or had met me someplace else. It was a one date sort of thing. It was a dull date. Two guys tried hitting on her. She was a stripper. Two weeks later, she sent me a text, she knew why I felt so familiar. Its because her cousin dated me for a week.

Once she told me who the cousin was, I asked why the cousin never talked to me again. She explained that the cousin liked me way too much and it made her ex / baby daddy angry. Why does that matter? He's a loan shark that threatened to start fucking with my life, so she opted to not have me in her life to spare me the drama.

The date told me the cousin only dated me for a week but still talked about me up to 2 years later. She said that the cousin said I was a vacation from life's drama. I guess at the time of dating her, she did mention how rich her ex was and she got caught up in the money and didn't realize what a horrible person he was. A lot of people emphasize how awful exes were. I assume it was one of those things.

She wanted to give me her cousin's number saying 'you two should give it another shot, her ex is in prison now, because she testified against him for having someone murdered.' Nah, two years had gone by. I'd rather have a fantastic memory of 10 days than risk anything going wrong. Plus she could have just been fucking with me, but she knew a lot of details.

Now that its 8 years later, I saw her in line with her now adult kid waiting for a haunted house. It looked as if she had gained 100 lbs. If not more. It was like her face and hair were exactly the same, just with a really overweight body. Her accent really sticks out from the typical Chicago accent to really confirm its her without asking. Her kid looked the same, even now as an adult. Another way to confirm its her without asking.

I think that I have a cracked tooth October 11, 2014, 3:23 pm
Time to go to the dentist. Last time I was at the dentist, they told me they were scaling back his hours and I should call back after 2 months to make a new appointment for the checkup. Since he's closed for the weekend like other dentists, I thought I'd post here.

After having random pain maybe 5x a day in that region, I did some investigation and I think that I have a cracked tooth. An oddly cracked tooth.

The injured tooth is a 2nd bicuspid. Let me draw a picture. top of teeth looking down:

Notice how the cracks don't go completely through the tooth. One of the cracks isn't even on the end.

These lines are black and none of my teeth have black lines that look like cracks. From looking at google images of cracked teeth, they're all split or subtle and not black lines. Maybe this means the white enamel has cracked and broken and the teeth are black underneath?

I can't think of what could have caused the crack recently other than last week was the first time in 20 years I ate ice. That could do it, but I probably would have noticed a week ago and not now.

Someone broke and entered my neighbor's house September 1, 2014, 6:18 am
My neighbor had their house broken into. This is the same neighbor that shot a snowmobiler 6 years ago who later died 2 years later (

I find it very difficult to believe that anyone would break into their house for a few reasons. First of all, 2 of the 4 sides of the property are covered by river. The third side is the main road. The last side is their only neighbor with a much nicer and easier house to break into and probably easier too. They have 8 garages, each filled with fancy cars (the previous owner operated a business out of the home).

The house has plenty of motion detector lights installed by the previous owner, but there is one thing the house has a lot of and that's guns and owners willing to use them.

Not to mention, one of them is a judge.

Its just so odd. So I was thinking maybe its a deer that broke in and left. The cops won't tell me anything, just that they were broken into. My neighbors won't won't answer calls. Now their front yard is lit up like daytime on the sun. Its almost comical how many lights they have on now.

My girlfriend suspects their landscapers.

Its a very unpopulated area that is getting more populated in the past 10 years. The town next to ours has the population and the crime.
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Walmart and how much we all hate it August 3, 2014, 6:01 am
Not sure if this should go in the Everything Else forum or this blog forum.

After someone posted his CEO was fired, I derailed things by mentioning Walmart, so rather than posting more Walmart stuff there, I'll post here:

I was sent to Walmart recently... same 2 lines open. The 20 items or less and the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng line. Person in front of me was getting chips and 2 other things. Gave a coupon. Wrong bag of chips for the coupon. So she wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwalked and found the chips then came back fucking 5 minutes later. I asked the clerk, can I check out? No the girl also had more than chips and its already processed. So I told the clerk, the fuck I can't, other clerks have done that for me. Oh but this clerk says she's new, so she called for help.

Help comes. Then the girl comes back WITH MORE THAN CHIPS. Tries using her coupon. Oh its expired. She complains, then a manager is called. Manager comes and says look you do this all the time these expired coupons. You've done it so much I know your name. We're not taking this expired coupon.

She turns to me and asks me for money to make up the difference. wtf?

The guy behind me was angry and say you better get out of here lady, no one is buying you chips. The manager just shook his head and walked away.

Chips were not bought.

Oddly enough this isn't the first time I've seen someone's expired coupon get rejected at this Walmart.