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All female news team March 29, 2014, 6:25 am
Its 6 am here. I have NBC morning news on. I just realized that its an all female news team. The reporters, anchors, medical experts, meteorologist, interviewers and uh fluff piecers are all women. Now they're airing a piece on how its Women's history month.

7 people shot in 7 hours in 7 different shootings. New conceal and carry laws are working.

Shitty ex boss of failed company now teaches classes to run successful business March 8, 2014, 8:00 am
I've pretty much worked for the same company for 15 years. I take side jobs here and there. The side jobs usually last 2 - 3 months. Once upon a time, I worked for a cock of a boss. On a business level I didn't like him, but then after phase 1 of a project was done, we had a company celebration! A night out! Where people brought their wives, girlfriends and fiances.

This fucker of a boss did nothing but harass the employees. When one of the employees went to the bathroom he tried digging up dirt on that employee. He was some emo kid in college that did graphic design, with a gorgeous vet of a fiance. So he harassed the guy asking how did you two meet? Did you find him in your bushes stalking you? Just relentless against this kid.

At dinner, which was pizza at a restaurant, he said something like we have a lot of girls here I bet we can get a free pitcher of beer if one of the girls flashes him. There weren't female employees, these were the wives, co workers, and girlfriends.

After that weekend, which coincidentally I think was 6 years ago to this month. I quit. I didn't need the extra work, especially when I thought it would be a week's worth of work, that turned into 3 months of hell. At least he gave a bonus.

He wanted to sue me for the code to his program that he had me developing. We never agreed on the code, just the program. In fact the contract only specifies the program not the sourcecode.

Turns out I was the 3rd guy... the other 2 guys had left with the sourcecode after he was a dick and they all bailed with the code and leaving money behind.

Anyway, I gave up the code, but the hilarity is I spent the weekend redoing the code.... in a previous language from 5 years earlier, thus making him have to redo the code again or upgrade it.

This fucker 4 years ago dissolved that company and started a new company that does the exact same thing. Why? Because the employees own shares of the first dissolved company. I let that slide, I didn't give a fuck. They never paid out and it was probably never profitable.

It looks like the new company went out of business too. Further proof is that the company domain name points to the college where he instructs.

Now I visit the website and it sends me to a 'college' where he is an instructor. A college about running a successful business. Fucking hilarious.

I am tempted just to show up and tell my past experiences to classmates dealing with him.

The Stay January 13, 2014, 5:28 am
Staying at a hotel, not just a hotel, but a hotel that eats other hotels. Its consuming a vacation town, buying up neighboring hotels. Painting them white and blue so you know you're driving by the hotel for miles. 1,400 rooms.

Its the off season, there's no one in town that is normally packed in the summer.

When I arrive, the desk clerk tells me that I'll be staying in a different hotel since they own 5 - 9 hotels. He tells me I'll need to drive back and forth. I tell him no problem.

He says with an upgrade, I don't have to drive. I tell him driving is no problem. He asks would I like to know how much the upgrade costs? Nope. Don't give a fuck.

After that spiel. He tells me hold on a second, he needs to speak with his manager. When he comes back, I receive a free upgrade! Oh yay. I just go up 1 floor turn left and bam there I am. No drive or anything. They did however sidegrade me from a king to a double queen.

It seems to me trying to sell me an upgrade and warning me 'you'll need to drive back and forth between hotels' is quite the scam. It would probably cost them more money to operate the 9 hotels and not just the 1 main hotel in the off season.

Christmas with a Crackho December 25, 2013, 11:09 am
My family has pretty much dispersed with everyone getting married, engaged, divorced or so on. So my aunt now spends Christmas with her best friend that is like a sister. I've been over to that woman's house maybe 4 years and she's been over to my aunt's Christmases for 15+ years.

The woman has a niece that is just a hilarious mess. She's 25, has 2 kids and is completely toxic to anyone around her. I'm sure we all know someone like her. She was running 3 hours late to the party, which sometimes.... shit happens. Well she calls her parents. I'm hanging out with her dad, he's giving her directions, then we all laugh saying she's been coming to that house 25 years of her life, several times a year and a mere 20+ minutes away and still needs directions on a sunny day from a house that she's lived in her entire life.

She lives with her parents and 3+ siblings with her 2 kids. She got there 3 hours late. She was asked why she was late when everyone else got there on time? She had to get the kids ready. Which then her father turned and said her mother got the kids ready 3 hours ago, it took 3 hours to get her hair done and put on her makeup.

This girl looks like a skinny crack ho with implants. She was wearing some shoulder-less dress to a family function with no bra or coat on and it was cold. It was cold in doors too. While its nice to look at, its inappropriate. She had fingerless gloves though, which was weird.

Anyway, her kids are just terrible, they run a muck, she tells her parents to take the kids, she's gonna go downstairs and get a nap. Her parents say she works 3rd shift. She's a doctor now. I've known some stupid doctors, but I really don't think she's a doctor. She says she's had 3 hours of sleep in the past 4 days. I think she's exaggerating... because I still disbelieve she's an actual doctor.

She seems just vacant and slow minded. I remember one Christmas she was busy writing Christmas cards to family members that were trying to leave. Like she should have had Christmas cards done before the function or even during the function, not when they're trying to leave. She took so much time doing those Christmas cards that one year that people just left. Eventually someone took a look at the Christmas cards, and she had novels in each one. Not just novels, but she had messed up writing a statement, so she crossed them out and restarted.... with every card.

The girl couldn't get a nap so she was upstairs talking with the family about how tough it is being a mom. Well her dad was in the bathroom, her mom was downstairs with one of the kids and as she's explaining how tough it is being a mom, her son comes up and just lifts the christmas tree stand and dumps it completely over. WTF? He just quickly did it. So everyone ran to see if the kid was okay and she literally keeps talking without acknowledging that there was a giant sound made. She just went on like nothing happened. Later on people were talking about it and she had no idea, she thought people were joking about it. It was so loud people from all floors to see what happened.

When she's talking to everyone she's scratching her arm. When she pulls up her sleeve there are needle track marks or whatever they're called. Shoulderless dresses can still have sleeves. Still pretty fresh, no band aide. When she left the room I asked about the needle mark, her mom jumped in to say she trains nurses how to properly set IVs. I think the mother is an enabler. Her aunt, who is my aunt's friend hosting the party walked by and rolled her eyes, then she and I silently had a laugh together. Yeah she's a doctor that trains nurses to do IVs.

Oh it gets better, at some point she took off one of her fingerless gloves to itch. Between her fingers... little bloody dots. Holy fuck! Maybe between her fingers was just so chapped it was bleeding? But that would explain why she was wearing gloves indoors.

After only an hour there, she said she was gonna go home and take a nap since she's only had 3 hours of sleep. People were concerned with her driving even 20 minutes away if she's that tired. There's just one catch. Her boyfriend was driving from 2 hours away. No one has ever met him. He's never been there, driving from 2 hours in the snow. She says she'll call him and tell him to turn around.

She goes out to warm up the car that she just came up in 1 hour earlier. She warms up the car for 30 minutes, while texting or doing whatever. I look outside and the ditz has the fucking windows open. Yep warming up the car with the windows open. Then she leaves without saying goodbye to anyone. AND leaves her kids there, without saying goodbye. She told people she was warming up her car, but didn't say bye at that time. Then I realized oh she's probably just going back to her parents house to be alone with her bf from 2 hours away while everyone in the house is gone.

30 minutes later. The boyfriend arrives. She never called him, he drove 2 hours only for her to not be there. Fucking hilarious. Everyone was so dumfounded. He didn't leave, he hung out with us. How long have they been dating? 2 weeks. How many times have they physically seen one another? 2 times. How did he meet her? Craigslist. I lost my shit when I heard that. Like I silently laughed so hard that I fell over behind the counter. Made me think... Craigslist hooker.

In my mind its all just hilarious. The enabling mother, the father that has been on the road truck driving all her life, perfect breeding ground for an idiot. Maybe she really is just a doctor working third shift that is so tired, she's oblivious to everything, but she's always been so oblivious and a bad mother.

D34D M4u53 December 3, 2013, 9:51 am
There is a dead mouse in the wall of my girlfriend's condo. Management won't do anything, we can't do anything considering it would involve putting holes in a wall. So it stinks. Its being eaten by bacteria and turning to bones.

Adventures Driving a Retired Cop Car #3: The Dog November 22, 2013, 9:38 am
Last night driving in the rain to my gf's house, I was stopped at a 4 way stop light. Something was behind my car. I wasn't sure if it was a dog or some sort of car jacker keeping low so I don't see him. Then it moved to the passenger side of my car, then adorably a dog flopped its big head onto my hood and looked at me. A loveable multi colored, dark mutt with a bulldogish face and a long snout and a sky blue collar.

I questioned hmmm do I let this dog in and drive it somewhere that I don't know where to take it? The dog wandered away, but I kept my arm out of the door to point at the dog so people in rush hour knew that yep there's a dark dog at night on the road in the rain.

I was right next to a trailer park and I assume, mutt, bigger dog, probably came from the trailer park. Then the dog was hit, I heard the bang and the dog yelp, but the dog was healthy enough to run away through a wooden fence into some warehouse / junkyard area.

So then I pulled off and called the cops. Talked to the cops, some old lady starts walking to my car. I get out with the cops on the phone. The old lady hit the dog. Oye. So the cops ask me questions with her on the phone and the cops send someone out.

Well after the call I notice oh I locked myself out in the rain. Nice. I keep talking with this elderly woman in the rain, then some other guy pulls over, I ask if he is looking for a dog. He says that he just hit the dog. So 2 vehicles hit this dog. I have a feeling that the guy that stopped hit the dog worse than the old woman. Like he hit it first and then the old woman brushed into the dog as the dog ran to the fence.

The 2 others in the story explain why they can't stay. The guy has a basketball game he needs to coach and well the old lady just doesn't want to stick around. Shit to do. Luckily the rain let up for me.

As the old woman was waddling to her car, she stepped in some muddy hole and fell straight into the turn lane of the road. If there had been cars pulling up, she would have been hit if not dead. Wouldn't that be irony, hit by a car 5 minutes after hitting a dog with your car. The woman literally couldn't get up. I helped her up, and she explained she just had her knee replaced and she can't put any weight on it. Well pulling this old woman up to her feet, I assure you she wasn't helping at all :-) But its okay. Hilariously her license plate had 911 as a slew of numbers.

As I was waiting for the cop, I called someone with an extra key for me. She comes and drops off the key, but as I'm waiting I can hear the dog about every minute yelping from inside the junkyard. Well junkyard / gravel sales / warehouse or whatever. Key gets dropped off, hurray!

Then 30 minutes into it, I see the cop with its lights on, so I wave to the cop and the cop turns and drives down the other way. Maybe he got another call. Well some woman stops her SUV, gets out, walks to me from the other side of the road, I ask if she's looking for a dog. Nope, she stopped because I waved at her. She asked if I needed a phone or whatever. Nope, I was waving at a cop. After I explain stuff from across the road, she hops in and leaves. I could still hear the dog once every minute or so sending out its distress call.

That's when the cop shows up, he sits over with her for a while. Then he comes over to me. He came, because when I was on the phone with the cops I said that I locked myself out of the car. So he had come to slimjim my car. He said that if the dog was in bad shape he'd just shoot it. I told him that it had a collar, so it wasn't a stray.

I told the cop about the situation and we went looking for the dog along the fenceline of this place following the yelps. He then said that he's gonna go through the front door of the place and not risk getting shot jumping the fence. The dog did run through some easy to get through wooden fence, but the rest of the property where the dog ended up was chain link fenced and pretty secure without being dangerously secure with bared wire or anything.

He said to get in the car and follow him. So we drove to the front door of this place, which was shockingly far away. It was some dude's ghetto farm with a long driveway.

The cop had me wait and he and the owner of the property went, found the dog, but didn't retrieve the dog. He told me that he would call animal control to retrieve the dog. The officer also explained that if they didn't get the dog out, it would probably bleed out overnight and die.

So I've been worried overnight about this dog. The officer sent me on my way. Technically its not my job to wait, but I really should have. I've been worried over other things with the dog, such as the dog is injured, what happens if the actual owner lives in a trailer park and has no money for the repair bill.

Now that its morning, I called the sheriff's office and they told me to call the warden to find out what happened. Now I'm just waiting for the warden to return my call to see if the dog was retrieved, if its safe, if it was returned to the owner. Questions and concerns.

Combatting Hair Loss with Vitamins November 20, 2013, 11:36 pm
Gentlemen, I am going bald. I am not bald, but I will be bald. My hair is skinny, not fat. My entire family has skinny hair. My family does not ever go grey, we just go bald. Sadly they say you get your hair from your mother's side of the family and my mother's mother was balding at 50.

There are a few reasons someone can be bald. Genetics of course, but also inflammatory disease (ex: gingivitis and multiple sclerosis) can cause baldness. Basically, baldness is a side effect. Sweat can clog hair follicles and so on.

So after doing some research, I'm going the vitamin route to fix things. What causes hair growth? What does the body need to make it? What am I not getting enough of? Like if you want to build a red barn out of legos. If you have a lot of red legos, you can make a big barn, but if you only have a few, then your barn won't be big.

I've spent about $50 on vitamin A, B6, C, E, Iron, Biotine, Zinc and Omega 3 (for the why the hell not factor).

At this point, it is only a proclamation that I am going to down these vitamins and see what happens in the next 30+ days. While this might not be some miracle cure for hair loss, it will probably result in better overall health. I'll let you all know how it goes, but is there any one among you crazy enough to try this experiment with me?

Adventures Driving a Retired Cop Car October 23, 2013, 12:24 pm
Let me preface by saying that I drive a retired police car.

Last night I was driving around trying to find a costume shop in the dark (turns out it was closed since last year). I was on a 4 lane highway with 2 lanes going 2 lanes coming. I was at a stop light in the left lane, some woman pulled up next to me, got my attention and she yelled 'I think there's been some guy following me since I got off of work.' Then she realized, 'Oh are you a cop?' We laughed about it and I told her there's a police station a mile down the road on the right. She thanked me.

The light turned green, she sped ahead of me and got in my lane. Sure enough a car followed her and went into her lane. Then eventually she turned left instead of staying on the road to get to the police station. The car followed her.

Not sure what's going on there. Sadly I didn't follow. She didn't follow my instruction where there's a police station, so she must not have been too worried.

Worried I'll get busted for check fraud October 9, 2013, 11:21 am
I deposited a bunch of checks today for the first time in probably 14 years. I've always done direct deposit. So when doing the check I had to endorse it and I did it right there with the teller watching. She looked at the check and looked at her monitor. She told me that my signatures didn't match.

She called her manager that came over and confirmed, the signatures didn't match. So then he warned me what could happen upon further inspection later. The check could get rejected and I could be charged with fraud.

I remember the last time I voted, I saw my voter's signature compared to my current signature and they had changed in so many years. I even told the voter employee I wouldn't let me pass with that big of a signature change. She said oh you're okay.

Now with this teller and her manager finally call me on it. I'm only depositing a check, not cashing it. They didn't ask for ID. They asked if I still wanted to deposit the check with that signature.

I'm worried that I'll get busted for fraud with my own signature. They asked me if I still wanted to deposit the check in the way that a store will let you shoplift from it, because its not shoplifting until you leave with stolen goods.


Pulled over by the cops September 17, 2013, 12:19 pm
To preface this, I drive a retired cop car from a different town. As I was driving through one town over, there was a county cop driving toward me. Then he did a U turn. That's never good, but I'm never doing anything bad. Then the county cop followed me for a little while. After that, we passed by an actual cop from the town we were in.

That's when the county cop hit his lights and pulled me over. We went through the normal dance of insurance, registration, license. The cop from the town also pulled in.

Nothing went down, the county cop just asked my age, how long I've lived where I live and when did I get the retired cop car.

That's when he told me they're looking for a police imposter in town. He (they) let me go after 3 minutes of nothing.

I'm not sure if they thought I was being an imposter or if there is really an imposter around there. My cop car has no lights or insignia on there. It was 2 pm and bright out, so the cop could probably see I had on a common blue shirt. Plus the cop cars are totally different colors.

Eh oh well.