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Nvidia BURNING UP November 4, 2011, 2:37 pm
Sorry for the attention grabbing title. I think my 8800GTS just dun goof'd. Was doing nothing for hours, started Path of Exile, it ran about a minute before hanging up and showing artifacts. At this point I booted, and the DOS prompts at the startup show artifacts too.

The system only manages to boot up in safe mode, otherwise it hangs or BSOD's after the XP splash screen. Can't check the panel in safe mode, anyone know some system diagnosis tools that work under safe mode? DX Diag hangs on the display tab and reports display device as N/A. Says that system is using the generic video driver, feels like it too. Everything renders slow as hell. I'm pretty sure it's FUBAR but yeah.
Oh and I know no tech support threads on DW but this is the second machine to die on me this year (haven't bothered to isolate the issue on the first one yet) and it managed to piss me off enough to push me over the edge.

Edit: Status report, windoze manages to boot up normally after removing drivers. Haven't tried installing new ones and booting but probably won't work. Unless anyone has brighter ideas I'm going to try swapping the card with my other machine's radeon as I think its issue was in the RAM/mobo.

Man UT2004 was great June 24, 2011, 8:02 pm
I've played a little bit of UT2004 recently in the form of MM invasion RPG. I've been an irregular on the server for a few years and it always feels kinda good to come back, even though you need to be like level 200 to be good. It's a shame the game is otherwise pretty abandoned. It was such a great game, the custom maps were the best. So many fun times racing to the goal on race maps and trying to blast the scorpion to the goal in grenade jump maps. Torlan Redeemer Paradise and TankFlight were the best ONS maps. The game was in its prime only like six years ago but it feels like such a long time.

Then I played UT3 a bit with bots. It's such a shame. Like half the game modes got cut and the rest got bowdlerized. No importing custom maps from UT03/04 and the default maps suck. Even Face didn't come until Titan Pack. Everything looks so... UE3. Brown and bloom everywhere. There are only like 15 characters to choose from. Big whoop, you can customize their armor, no matter what you do your guy ends up looking like a Gears of War reject. Also the UI sucks. UT04 had a perfect UI, why did thye have to fuck it up? Consoles? Possibly. Usually I just remember the good times and hope for the best in the future but the future is looking grim. Real brown military shooters with regenerating health. There's Quake Live but I've always liked Unreal more and it's so limited in maps and such so yeah. Maybe developers realized they can't top UT2004 and just gave up and went in a different direction. It's 4 AM again, why am I drowning my sorrows at Doomworld? Good night. Or morning.

"Trolling" May 9, 2011, 2:31 pm
I was going to post this in EE but I realized it's more of a rant so now it's here. Enjoy, or don't.

Why is everything considered "trolling" today? Huh? Everywhere you go, let's say, some 'funny pics' site, there are pictures and comics and such, with trollface plastered over them and commonly accompanied with the caption "Problem?". Memes come and go, but this shit has gotten out of hand. At times it feels like today's people have lost all sense of humor and retort to spamming funny memes they found from face-book and bam, instant comedy. This isn't about "ananas is legion lul", it's just that I feel creativity and humor is being replaced by canned responses that are funny because everyone says so. That's how it's been in the dark corners of the web for years but it's spreading.

To the subject of trolling. First off, what is commonly referred as such, really isn't. What classical trolling is is this: provoking people on purpose while giving the impression that you're serious about the matter and not, you know, trolling. It's something that's traditionally been confined to message boards because it's not a very flexible concept. Until now, it seems. A popular "origin" picture/comic (accent on quotation marks) where the modern concept of trolling usually comes from is the one starting with "We're fucked!". The protagonist "puts on his cool face" and the officer is annoyed by this and tells the "troll" to get the fuck out of there. That's it?

So, trolling today seems to be doing ANYTHING even mildly annoying, outrageous or prankster-ish. Now I know that words and their meanings change over time but this... anyone else fed up? There is no such thing as joking anymore, it's all "trolling".

inb4 youmad,problem,dealw/it,hatersgonnahate, etc, etc.

I Need A Game April 26, 2011, 3:23 pm
After snapping and losing it during a game of Dawn of War and subsequently uninstalling the game and its expansions in a rage, I've been feeling pissed off for wasting my evening. I need some game suggestions. Preferably something relaxing and grindy. I've played Diablo 2 and its clones to death recently so not those, thanks. Just shoot, list some you like, my head's empty right now.

"Web 2.0" bullshit March 4, 2011, 1:43 am

Notice something similar about these popular websites? I'm not talking about that Facebook shit, it's annoying too, but the huge amounts of wasted space on the sides. Is this some kind of a trend? Did web designers worldwide suddenly decide widescreen monitors are overpowered for Internet use? And the dead space isn't even used by ads! It's for nothing! At least let me customize the sites myself or I might as well saw the sides off of my monitor because nobody is using it.

Also, fuck the overuse of Flash. Flash sites run like shit, have no right click functions and look cheap.

Winter is the worst season December 30, 2010, 7:06 am
There are no redeeming factors in winter for me. I don't know, if you're in the mainland States or something where snow is all exotic and shit, it might be cool. But here where I live, winter is just overkill. It's cold, there's a shitload of snow, sunlight lasts a few hours, it's cold, the streets are filled with sand, it's dark and cold. Have to dress up warmer, have to turn house temperature up. Also, in school we had to ski every Goddamn winter no matter how much everyone hated doing it.

Fall sucks too, it's not golden tree leaves everywhere, it's winter junior. Dark and wet, the harbinger of worse times yet to come, autumn is like a good summer gone alcoholic.

Spring is great, summer at its best is fantastic. Long days and bright nights, it makes me feel fresh and free. There's extra energy to boot, as opposed to winter when I just want to sit in all day and troll forums with varying success.