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Hardgainer training/mass building May 20, 2008, 9:55 pm
So now that college is over, I have time to dedicate some of my summer to what I have been planning on for a few months: muscle building.

To start off, I have always been on the skinny/scrawny side with about 135lb and 5'11". I'm in the "good" part of a BMI chart but on the very low end. This is great and I'm happy for that since a lot of my friends have struggled with weight (as in fat) issues, and I understand how it is lucky that I have a metabolism that does not allow me to easily gain weight.

Unfortunately, I have decided to do weight training to build muscle mass and being a hardgainer means that not only does fat not stick to me, but neither does any other type of weight. Therefore, I have to eat a lot of proteins and complex carbs in order for weight training to have any effect other than killing my muscles.

So far this means I am eating a wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner along with mini-meals in between and whole wheat bread any time I feel my blood sugar/energy level is dipping to low. I am getting my body weight in protein daily, at least, which is good and I'm trying to increase my complex carb intake so that I don't lose energy that should be spent on muscle growth.

I train every other day, but make sure not to overtrain. I am in the gym for minimal amounts of time and I do a high weight low rep workout so that I will try and target the fast twitch muscle in every muscle group. Right now, here is what my exercises are. Keep in mind I do not do excessive amounts of these exercises; I choose a weight (dumbbells) where I can do 8 before being unable to do more. Then that exercise is done for the next 48 hours give or take. Certain exercises I may choose a weight where I can only do 4 or so in some cases.

-Dumbbell Presses
-Bar Rows
-Concentration curls
-Weighted incline situps (using weight plates, not DBs)
-Straight leg dumbbell lifts
-Tricep extensions

Right now, the weights I can do in general are 35 each hand for Flyes, 35 each hand for presses, 40 for rows, 30 for curls, 50 for double handed tricep extensions, 45 weight plate for incline situps, 50 each hand for squats, 35 each hand for straight leg. Some of these weights are perfect, others I feel I can increase but want to find a balance before I go all out. Obviously, these will also hopefully increase. The numbers are in pounds btw.

Anyway, this combined with my new and improved au naturel healthy protein/carb heavy diet have been working somewhat. Not much weight gain yet, maybe 6 pounds (buts its hard to tell if that was from my much more basic 15lb DB daily toning exercises at school). However my chest, which was always just flat has visible pecs now, not huge ones, but they jut out and can be pressed together for cleavage, my arms arm getting a little bigger (they look bigger unflexed but are still 12 inches I believe, when flexed), my abs (which I just recently started work on) are becoming somewhat more defined, and my quads/gluts are *******ely somewhat larger/tighter.

Anyway the question part, is there anyone here who has any suggestions for me? I plan to do this the rest of the summer and hopefully gain a lot of muscle weight, so input would be appreciated. If I do gain weight, am I going to have to keep this ridiculous mass gaining diet or will there be a point where I can level off, have a balanced diet, and start doing aerobic exercises (like running) along with balanced weight training without worrying about weight loss? Or will I have to keep up the hardgainers training/diet regimen for as long as I want muscle mass? I'm hoping it's not the latter.

Philadelphia Police May 8, 2008, 2:05 pm
Less than a week ago, a robbery was committed in Philadelphia and one Philadelphia Police Officer was shot to death without even a chance at survival. It wasn't a gun fight, it was a police officer being shot multiple times before even having a chance. Obviously this is going to piss off the Philadelphia Police as a whole, cop killers make them an angry mob.

Now before continuing, anyone who ever has talked to me about it knows my views on police are for the most part very negative. I know all the rules from the ACLU on what to do with cops if you are in a jam, I often say generalization fueled things about cops when I'm mad at the way a crime or the crime rate is being handled, etc. However, I don't like the idea of a cop being killed if it is a situation of someone who really just wants to make the city a safer place and being a cop is his job which he enjoys and does for the people, not against them. It's more when the police go on power trips that I get mad, but all things being equal, I appreciate the police who really do actually protect and serve.

Now recently, after this murder of a police officer, three black shooting suspects were caught on camera being beaten by six white police officers in Philly. Excessive force was probably used. The police didn't need to beat them. But, the police were still on edge and angry from the murder of a fellow cop. Also, they had just seen these men shoot three people standing on a street corner. But that's hardly focused on. What is focused on is how the white man is clearly trying to keep the black man down.

That's right, every Jesse Jackson wannabe is imparting their cultural representation into three trigger-happy thugs and subsequently martyring it so they can make the cops out to be the white devil. So in other words, by declaring black and white terms (no pun intended) and making the cultural representation of their race a bunch of idiots they seem to think this will pull them to the top.

Quite frankly, I don't like the idea of police having too much power and I sure as hell don't think they should beat people up. On the other, less idealistic hand, I don't really give a shit that they beat these guys up. Of course, an attorney of one of the suspects said that the police and not his client should face charges (link). So the police should get in trouble for stopping some people with fucking guns after they SHOT THREE PEOPLE AND THERE ARE COP KILLERS IN THE RECENT PAST and the stupid worthless life who helps contribute to the failing of Philadelphia as a city should be set free? I don't buy it. These guys were armed and used their weapons. Cops are on edge because people like them just killed a PO. I find it ridiculous that in a time when Philly has murders practically daily and a police officer was just killed that people are so worried that three gunmen might have gotten their shit slightly wrecked.

The police I don't like are the ones that power trip on screwing people over for non-violent crime. I'm all in favor of the police who quell violent crime for the good of the people, and if they get pissed while doing so, well it happens to the best of us. If I was a cop (or just someone armed) I think I too would probably go a bit crazy on someone who I just saw shoot three people and especially if the idea of me getting killed was still fresh in my head. I can't speak for these guys, but I would do it if they were white, black, asian, whatever. But of course since they're black, it suddenly becomes a hate crime and not just police violence. Clearly, this was racially fueled because it's not like it was just three black guys walking down the street doing nothing. And if someone says "more black people get beat up by cops so it is racist" well you have to give them the unfortunate statistic that the majority of crime in Philadelphia is committed by black people meaning that for every large number of politically correct arrests, there are going to be not so PC ones and math will make it so most of these non-PC ones will be black people. Sorry.

Despite my best attempts... April 22, 2008, 9:37 pm
my home state, Pennsylvania, fell to Hillary Clinton. Sorry guys, it looks like the anti-Doom, pro-Thompson censorship nut has taken another state. Here's to proof that the US government is becoming a nothing more than warring 'new rich' families. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Okay, Clinton may not be the true definition of "new rich" but still. It's just a series of dynasties. It's kind of pissing me off.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RALPHIS December 31, 2007, 11:00 pm
Everyone wish happy birthday to Ralph Vickers, our resident Ralphis! I am currently stalking him

Goodbye April 1, 2007, 5:15 pm
I have been on these boards for four years, last Friday, and I have gone throughout almost all of high school and the end of middle school posting and communicating with my fellow Doomers. I remember back in 7th grade when I rediscovered Doom, the game I played at my Uncle's house when I was younger and it was the best of the best at the time. I remember ordering DeePSea because it looked like the best level editor, and this was before Doom Builder which was free. I remember building levels and playing around, realizing how much power I had over a game I had once seen as static and separate from myself and my control.

I joined the Doomworld forums near the end of eight grade, and they were the first boards I had ever been on. I was still pretty antisocial and nerdy, like my middle school self generally was, but here was a message board where people talked about their love for a game regardless of what went on offline. I found people who, at least over the internet, I could relate to.

I could bore you with more details on how I changed since then: how I grew up throughout high school, how I realized not everyone on this messageboard would be on my side, and how here I am now, with lots of more friends and lots of less fear of women, yet still posting on these boards in a timeless fashion. I could talk about how I am almost 18, while I started posting when I was 13 and got back into Doom when I was 12, and started Dooming when I was 4 (my parents were never too pleased with the games my Uncle had). But I won't. Here I am four years later, with one message. I am leaving Doomworld.

I know that some of you will no doubt silently cheer in your seats at this news. I notice that darnknation has returned and he will probably be happier than anyway that I am going. I know others will probably feel a bit upset, and others won't care either way. But four years and nearly 3000 posts later, I feel that my time has come. It has been great knowing all of you, and rereading old threads always brings a tear to my eye, especially when it feels like those threads were just from yesterday. I've gone through a lot these last four years, like people generally do, and Doomworld has been sort of a timeless anchor outside of my everyday life which I can pull things back to, along with the other communities online that I have joined since Doomworld, my first.

Regardless of how I felt about any of you, good luck to you all. I'm not leaving in anger or depression, I am leaving because I feel the need to move on. I just feel I should tell everyone here before disappearing. Once again, and finally, goodbye.

I got a T-Qualizer January 26, 2007, 3:18 pm
:) My next dance is on Thursday and I know what I'm wearing ^_^ then on the 17th I have a party with the theme "Grown & Sexy (Nightclub Attire)" which I think will also benefit from this shirt.

coinky-dink January 24, 2007, 4:32 pm
The weirdest thing just happened. I was in itunes and I bought two songs, The Joker (Steve Miller Band) and It Wasn't Me (Shaggy). I listen to The Joker and for a second think I'm listening to Shaggy because Shaggy's other song Angel (feat. Rayvon) starts off the exact same way. Now Angel is a song that I already knew was heavily inspired by Angel of the Morning, the late 60s song, but according to Wikipedia, Angel also uses the intro and bassline of The Joker. This wouldn't be weird except that I bought a Shaggy song at the same time I bought The Joker and I thought maybe I accidentally downloaded two Shaggy songs or something. Weird.

please delete January 16, 2007, 6:12 pm
EDIT: You know what forget it, I don't care, delete this thread

Foxtrot dailies are now ticking down to nonexistance December 16, 2006, 11:18 pm
Bill Amend is no longer going to author dailies for his famous comic strip FoxTrot as of 12/31/06 :( I am a huge FoxTrot fan and now with the exception of Sundays, the strip won't exist. Calvin and Hobbes, my other favorite strip has been dead for years. The comic pages are crap these days (especially Opus, the one on 3/4ths of the Philadelphia Inquirer's comic section front page). The only good ones (Zits, JumpStart, Baldo) are relegated to the back. I'm so sick of the crappy new comics and the old comics which are now crappy as well for the most part. Lets look at them shall we?

Opus: I cannot express my hatred for this strip in any words known to man. It tries to constantly preach about current events while staying random enough to invoke the alleged "comical" aspect of the comics (doesn't work). I must be one of the only people who feels this way, however because it's on the front page of the comics section in the Philadelphia Inquirer and takes up most of the page.

Family Circus: We GET it. The kids are mischevious but unwittingly cute/clever and in their hearts are nice little children. Great. I don't understand what the hell is so entertaining about following that stupid dotted line around to see where Billy has romped to next. Maybe he wants to get from the living room to the kitchen, so a dotted line will create a path that gets him to the kitchen in the longest possible way. I assume this is some sort of commentary on children enjoying exploring their environment, or not being in any type of hurry. It might work for an off day, but not as a stupid theme.

Garfield: Wow I cannot even describe how mundane that comic has gotten. Every single week it's the same thing! Garfield complaining about food or spiders. I'd go on but Maddox already pretty much sums up my thoughts.

Cathy: Every strip is the same. Cathy (or some generic black haired storelady) runs through a seemingly endless list of accessories/perfumes/diet pills/exercises or anything that might send a fragile-yet-strong middle aged woman into a mental breakdown, and then Cathy runs away screaming or something. Seriously the comic is just a stupid list of feminine products which cause Cathy's already stressed mind to collapse at which point she loses it. Wow.

Get Fuzzy: Imagine Garfield. Now imagine Garfield except stupider and less commercialized. You have Get Fuzzy. Single (possibly gay) 20 something year old owns sentinent dog and cat, where the cat is witty, obnoxious and sly and the dog is clueless and stupid. Not only is it unoriginal but it's unoriginal by badly copying something that sucks.

Piranha Club: Sleazy guys constantly looking for a buck get fed octopus by some old lady (I think it's one of them's wife or something). Also featuring annoying fat kid with shaved head (a la that kid from King of the Hill). Happy happy joy joy.

Prince Valiant: This is a "serial" meaning that it isn't funny and doesn't make sense unless you read each strip every week. Supposedly. I tried doing that once, just to see if I could enjoy it in theory. I still didn't understand what was going on. I think that seeing three seconds of action every seven days sort of does that to a story.

The rest of the comics are fine I suppose but for some reason the seem to get less attention.

Senior polls November 22, 2006, 12:47 pm

Dear Sam,

Congratulations! You have won the Senior Poll for most confused! Please come to room 103 at the beginning of lunch on Tuesday, November 28 for your yearbook photo to be taken. Please wear whatever you think best represents your category.

Your yearbook editors <3

:D Finally I'm being officially recognized for my skillz!

What do you think I should wear? I'm thinking a misbuttoned dress shirt and a loose tie where the skinny part hangs farther down than the regular part.