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I figured my future out! September 8, 2016, 4:44 pm
I want to have some kind of architecture planning job in the future because I'm heavily into design and layout and I feel that a job like that would be like mapping in real life.

All I need to do to start studying the subject in university is to earn a matriculation with basic sports, basic hebrew, 3 points math, a high level of english, a high grade on the psychometric and serve for the army for almost 3 years, to earn the metriculation I need to volunteer to work for 90 hours, which means I'll have to work on a day I'm supposed to get a break from a hard week from school, I'll work for 5 hours every friday morning (except today) for 4 and a half months, I chose to help the disabled.
At the university, I'll have to study architecture for 5 years.
Currently I'm at the final high school class (12th), so to finish my metriculation I'll have to study for almost a year there.

Counting all these years led me to knowing that I'll only be able to leave my parents' house in nearly 9 years (about a decade), I don't really want to leave their house, but I would certainly move into Europe or north America when I'll get the chance after I graduate.

The unofficial DWmegawad club plays : 1994 tune up April 1, 2016, 8:39 am
Me and many people aren't fond of the current switchhunt DWmegawad play, so this is probably a better place, sorry if I seem blatant.

Is it 1994? I think it's 2009, but why not both?


MAP01 - "Bitter-Sweet" by Mr. Freeze & Krispavera - Original by James Bearden
MAP02 - "Taredone" by CodenniumRed - Original by Brad Spencer (Bilbo)
MAP03 - "Hyper-Vyper" by Travers Dunne - Original by Ash
MAP04 - "Hades House of Horrors - Part 1" by Mr. Freeze - Original by Robert Zubek
MAP05 - "BCS01" by Masayan - Original by Brian & Craig Sparks
MAP06 - "Hades House of Horrors - Part 2" by Lareman - Original by Robert Zubek
MAP07 - "Dead Temple" by Travers Dunne - Original by Steven Doornbos
MAP08 - "Helipad" by Snarboo - Original by Sean R. Malloy
MAP09 - "Bug Hunt!" by GreyGhost & Sebastian Graham (DoomHero85) & Travers Dunne - Original by Daniel Griffiths
MAP10 - "Melange v2" by maggot202 - Original by Kenneth S. Forte
MAP11 - "Elements" by Christopher Shepherd (ArmouredBlood) - Original by Henry Chang
MAP12 - "Rawnwood" by MajorRawne & Travers Dunne - Original by David Damerell
MAP13 - "The Unwilling" by Travers Dunne - Original by William Leslie
MAP14 - "COMCON2" by maggot202 - Original by Patrick Hipps
MAP15 - "Cratebase" by Travers Dunne - Original by Brandon Reinhart (Based on a layout by Geoff Allan)

MAP31 - "Original Sin" by Travers Dunne - Original by Jeff Bird
MAP32 - "Cyberpie" by Walter Confalonieri (daimon) - Original by James Ojaste

MAP16 - "Infinity Plus" by Andrew Rehberger (Malinku) & James Cresswell (Phobus) - Original by Darrell Bircsak
MAP17 - "Tunnels" by Jon Vail (40oz) - Original by Dominique Lavergne
MAP18 - "Subway Redux" by UOD - Original by Neal Ziring
MAP19 - "Undersea" by Dragonsbrethren - Original by Brian Plumb
MAP20 - "Outland" by Tatsuya Ito (Tatsurd-cacocaco) - Original by Russell Gruber
MAP21 - "Return to Ultima" by Jon Vail (40oz) - Original by Jon Charlson (Chaff)
MAP22 - "Retour en le Nefarious Chateau" by Walter Confalonieri (daimon) - Original by Denver J. Curtis
MAP23 - "BCS03" by Tatsuya Ito (Tatsurd-cacocaco) & Solarn - Original by Brian & Craig Sparks
MAP24 - "Fortified Castle" by Krispavera - Original by Dominique Lavergne
MAP25 - "Fort Borg" by Christopher Shepherd (ArmouredBlood) - Original by John C. Boyle
MAP26 - "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?" by printz - Original by Grant Monroe
MAP27 - "WetWorkD2" by Jason Allison (rf`) - Original by Zen Psychosis
MAP28 - "The Nightmare" by Masayan - Original by VT Ice
MAP29 - "The Castle Invaded by Hell" by Tatsuya Ito (Tatsurd-cacocaco) - Original by Richard Dignall
MAP30 - "Pure Evil" by Walter Confalonieri (daimon) & Travers Dunne - Original by Doug Ryerson

Doomwiki (You may play the original maps listed here too and review them here)

MAP01 - "Bitter-Sweet" by Mr. Freeze & Krispavera

Nice opener, already introduces mid-tier enemies and chaingunners. Everything is brown and the map itself is pretty harsh too.
Lots of detail too.

3/5 Average

MAP01 original - "Sweet" by James Bearden

Bland as hell, I can forgive that, but the unmarked door is dumb. This map is way harder than the tune-up, you're given a rocket launcher, a baron, some cacos and lots of low-tier enemies including shotgunners.


Small talk (small WIP MIDI) February 17, 2016, 4:29 pm
After practising making several MIDIs and learning how to make them better each time, I decided to make this serious effort, it's a gritty MIDI with inspiration from the doom 2 MAP18 map.

It's a half minute in length and I want to know how to expand it without making it too repetitive, I want the length to be approximatly 2 minutes.
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Chubb, not enough music. October 3, 2015, 2:21 am

There's this great punk rock band from the 2000's, they only made a single EP and no albums, the EP's amazing and I have no idea if the song writer (whom I don't know) made other songs outside of this EP. Even google has absolutely no answers, maybe some of you know these guys and can tell me if they made anything else besides of this EP.

What's with all the MLP hate? November 10, 2014, 1:38 pm
It appears every time I mention MLP anywhere at doomworld I get into a little fight for mentioning them.

What's so bad in MLP that breaks your nerves? The fandom? The big eyes?

Not to mention my threads that get immediate hatered, and get PH'd right away.

All the wads in my "wads" folder got removed October 31, 2014, 2:01 pm
It all happened in a second, without me knowing, it just left this wad :
Russel must hate me or something, or one of his fans.

A list of precious losses :
-Doom0.wad (good thing I have the beta on MediaFire, but it doesn't have MAP15 and MAP29 which are giant maps)
-Some un\finished one level maps by me, meaning "Lost Maps again" will be delayed
-T.N.T, a map for "TNT : Project Greyon"

I find myself wondering... September 18, 2014, 3:58 am
If life is hard, then does it mean that death is easy?

Inspired by a girl complaining about a hard lesson then followed by the teacher saying "That's life."

I didn't ask this right away because I know I'll end up in the psychologer or something.

'This or that?' Forum game June 4, 2014, 12:14 pm
Every replie should include the following : The answer to the reply above it and why, 2 options to choose from.
Don't understand how it works? Here are a few examples.
Example :
User 1 : Turkey, Tastier for me.
Desert or arctic?
User 2 : Arctic, 'cause there are ways to get warm unlike in the desert.
Zebra or Horse?
And it goes on and on.

Here's a start:
Cyber or Spider Master Mind?

Krosh R.I.P (2008-2014) May 27, 2014, 7:28 am
My rabbit died.
Now I always feel something is missing when I enter my room, it's like dead and dread now.
It died this morning at 6:00 AM, it wasn't very active the past month and now he's finally out of his misery, he has cancer infections twice, but my family couldn't afford for the second operation so they just left him like this.
He had poop stuck in him that he could get out because of the cancer bubble. When he died, his body started leaking crap from not the place it needs, he shat all around with soaky crap when he died. He started jumping in pain, and he died in the middle of a jump, and just bumped onto the floor, I literally saw it all hapening, it was terrific.
First time I saw something dying.