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Drawing stuff and filming it. January 11, 2012, 11:15 am
I was working on a series of drawings for a project we're having in Uni. I decided to record one of the sessions where I drew one of them.

I'm on the top. August 29, 2010, 7:06 pm
A post of a user mentioning the number of posts a day he has made me check my own. Turned out I had a shitload of posts under my belt. An I got curious who was worse than me so I looked up the top ten list... And As it turns out, to my great dismay, I am on it. ;_;

EDIT: Ralpis, you're on 11th.

I bought a Digital System camera. September 15, 2006, 2:07 pm
As the title says. I got myself the money to spend on this technological marvel.. :p because I had seen what compact cameras did and I didn't like it.

Now, today I picked it up and it was a lot like christmas I must say. :) Charged the battery put on the lens, checked out all the stuff you could do. Tested the zoom and wondered, where is the memory card? (or CF-card as the camera calls it)

I look through everything in case I missed it. After all, they're fairly small.

I read the list of things that are supposed to be in the package and I realize that there's no CF card featured with the camera. (doh) Something I had completely overlooked, as I basically took it for granted that there would be atleast a small card in the package so you could atleast take a few photos with it. But no... no card.

So what I got now is a 7000kr or 1000$ or 770 paperweight. A very nice and cool paperweight with zoom abilities. But a paperweight never the less.

Of course, I basically ordered a card instantly. (Found a nice cheap one for 400kr at 1gb with 66x speed) But it won't show up before monday. So, yay me. :D

First day of art-school, year 2. August 23, 2006, 10:33 am
Schools back. :o

Thius year should rule, I can pretty much do whatever I want. In other words. Actually engross myself into a serious project.

Looking forward to use the computers (G5 :D ) at school to do some 3d modeling. Although most modeling I do will still be from home.

Paining will be a big part of my day. :D

Drawing kroki and models will rule. And I will get time and motivation to do a lot of concept art for my other projects.

This is gonna be good I think.

I've been broke this entire summer. August 14, 2006, 4:50 am
All the money I've "had" (I've not really had any since I've borrowed 7500sek from my parents to get through the summer) I've spent on food and rent etc.

Now I am broke again and just don't want to ask them for more money. Specially since I have income coming in 2 weeks.

I was expecting to get my tax returns today. But for some reason the government decided that I didn't need them until another month. So instead of getting the money I so desperately need NOW, I gotta wait a month to get them, when I will have got my pay from the work I did this summer.

I gotta phone the phone company and tell them about my predicament so they will hold off calling the dogs on me for not paying that past due bill I got. D:

Anyway, complaining over. Proceed with whatever you were doing.

Kristus and his wacky frying-pan adventures! July 23, 2006, 2:19 pm
I need to replace one of my teflon frying pans. :(

I came home at half past 5 this morning and was starving hungry. I made some instant mashed potatoes, and put the pan with meatballs on the stove, and whipped the mashed potatoes.
But I was really tired and kinda wasted, so I got a bit flustered by whipping the potatoes, so I decided to lay down on the floor for a bit while the meatballs got warm. Then I fell asleep and woke up at about 7 or 8 with the oil in the frying pan turned into some black tar like shit and the meatballs being small hard black and brown balls.

It was not a very good pan though. And pretty cheap.
But still,
it worked

Learning Modo - step fucking one. July 19, 2006, 10:59 pm
I learnt to use 3d studio Max to create hi and low poly models for games during the end of last year. And today it was time to step it up a notch and learn a good hi-poly program, namely Luxology Modo.

This was the first day. After watching a few tutorials where people basically only showed off that they knew they could do it, rather then showing of HOW to do it. I asked the person who already sat with that information smacked into his brain. And after a few moments I were cracking away with the pen tool.

It's UI is desperately different from 3d Max, and I've been told it's more aching to that of Lightwave3d. But I dunno since I never used that. But my first experience with this program is that you can model things with it quite rapidly, and it has a few very nice tools and abilities that you just don't get in 3d max.

It's now 6 in the morning and I've been listening to SYL all night. I'm exhausted. Night... err morning.

Oh right, I also learned how to make new particle effects in Doom3. Yay me.

The end of an era. January 23, 2006, 5:45 pm
I changed my avatar, after several years of jealously guarding my old ebolafish, (FYI I used to go by the nick Ebola) from any other user, I asked the powers that be here on DW to give help me to a new avatar.

In a lot of ways this new avatar is like the old. But with a design that better respond to the person I am today.

But as pritch said:
<pritch> i will miss the ebolapunk tho
<pritch> he was a cool fishy

New Flatscreen August 15, 2005, 9:17 am
Last night I couldn't sleep, so I sat down by the computer at 4 in the morning and chatted some with my neighbour. Who couldn't sleep either. And we talked about this and that, and one thing led to another and later I had calculated the budget and agreed that I could afford to buy myself a new flatscreen. :D

So I did. and now I'm waiting for it. It'll be awesome. It's a Samsung 730BT with 4ms response time. 17"

Grades June 15, 2005, 3:05 am
Just like everyone else I received my grades that I worked very hard for considering how fucking lazy I am. So the scores are as follows:

(Forgive somewhat strange name of classes, it's directly translated for swedish after all)
Swedish A - MVG
Swedish B - MVG
Mathmatics A - MVG
Mathmatics B - MVG
English A - MVG
History A - MVG
Religion A - MVG
Psychology A - MVG
Naturescience A - MVG
Societyknowledge A - VG
Lawknowledge - VG

Sure these classes wasn't the hardest of classes as they just were there to up my grades so I can apply for high school (College) but it's actually the first time ever that I study instead of skipping school so I could sit at home and work on Ni'mrod or whatever.

If anyone is confused by the geeky grade system, here's the rundown:
IG - Not Granted (Useless)
G - Granted (Shitty)
VG - Very Granted (Acceptable)
MVG - Very Much Granted (Perfect)

Anyway. I'm now off to Hultsfreds Festivalen ( and I'll be back on Sunday.