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Stupid XP October 2, 2015, 8:35 pm
I've wanted to start my own Twitch channel lately. If I would have known Windows XP was so useless back then, I never would have bought it. And no, there are no files to download and allow XP to create streams. It can still watch streams, thank goodness, but it is still a slap in the face to know that instead of allowing better, downloadable software, Microsoft wants me to pay for an entire new computer, just for a function that was on every other model at the time. >:(


Dear friends, June 11, 2015, 8:04 pm
I may take my own life depending if something called the Trans Pacific Partnership passes. For those who do not know, the TPP is a secret trade deal certain people are trying to get passed. From the little known about what is actually written in the deal, we know that it has worldwide reaching effects, including laws that would allow corporations to censor the internet(much like SOPA)

There are many other terrible things within the TPP and its sister "trade deals" (I believe one is called the TAA) that would effect the world at large.

If the TPP passes, then it is likely going to get rid of all online uses of copyrighted material, including pictures, videos, music, everything. It will not matter whether those materials were being used in fair use. Doomworld will probably not exists, the same with sharing Doom levels, videos, etc.

Sigh. It saddens me that there are politicians callous enough to vote yes to something they themselves and the people they are supposed to represent have not been given a chance to read.

I really hope the majority of Congress votes No to the TPP, and the internet stays safe. I love you all, my friends, and hope to be able to freely continue sharing with you on this very website,

Sincerely, Obake

Project prototype (temporary download) August 10, 2013, 11:49 am
Hello, Doomworlders. I am in the process of creating a new episode wad, rebooting specific levels from my first megawad release, but now with custom textures, enemies, and overall better level design.

The project is taking forever, but I thought I'd at least release a prototype of it, so thus here is the first level it will feature.

Note the file is somewhat big. That is because it contains the Psx Doom sounds and a few tracks from the Psx versions as well, plus a free track from Myuuji.

However, this isn't the final version of the project, so I'm not expecting anyone to hold on to this file for long after playing it, because the true version will be uploaded soon. This version is only a temporary test to see what others think thus far.

Which is why I'll ask you guys to please test this thing out, and tell me what you think. Hopefully it works without any bugs. You will need Zdoom in Hexen Format and Slade 3 in order to play it.


The file is rtmd.zip

Thanks, as always, for your support!

They better make a Doomworld Megaproject 2013! May 27, 2013, 8:55 pm
Seriously, I don't want to sound in a bad mood, but from the reviews I've seen of the Doomworld Megaproject 2012, I have to ask: why is everyone so flip' freakin' negative? I thought some of the maps we're absolutely awesome!

So many of the maps I thought were really cool, everyone else seems to call crap. Some examples:

Space Base: It's reminiscent of many of the silly sci-fi movies I watched as a kid. Yeah, it's ugly in places, and bizarre beyond all reason, but why is that bad? I myself don't get all of the humor the level goes for, but it still has a distinct feel and tone that really sets it apart.

Big Cybie's House (I believe that's what it's called): Probably one of the most creative set of uses for old Doom textures and sprites I've ever seen.

Even "Something I made While High on Mountain Dew" (again, I think that is what it is called) is neat. Though obviously, it's more an aesthetically bizarre and otherworldly experiment than it is an actual level, but you get the point.

That doesn't mean you have to like any of them. I hold everyone's opinions as equally valid. However, to me, it feels like the many of the opinion's I've heard from the Doom community, not just on these levels, but on the megaproject as a whole, are too harsh.

Oh no, the map designer used a mid texture as a wall! Surely the world will end! But wait, what about the gameplay? Is the level design itself bad? Are there interesting features being implemented?

Seriously, I'm not saying every map of this project was a masterpiece. In fact, the majority looked from meh, to good, to horrible, and so forth.

Everyone has the right to their opinions. I just hope, beyond all reason, that there will be another Megaproject coming up. Because, as a new mapper, being part of a community project that involves so many mappers at one time would truly be the biggest thing in the world to me. I just hope people would enjoy it, rather than despise it, which is what seems most everyone has done (admittedly there is a share of real clunkers, but there was also some really neat stuff, too.)

Obake's Playstation Doom Pistol-Starting Series, Part 2 (E1M3- ) May 5, 2013, 10:54 pm
E1M3 Toxin Refinery
Deaths: Demon bite, a few other monsters during the first room/Kills 91% Items 80% Secrets 100%

Surprisingly, this one was not as much of a headache to pistol-start as I remembered it to be. The beginning area as you open the starting door is really the most challenging part of the whole experience, as monsters of various types gather into the small starting room. But if you're careful to lead the sergeants into the room and get the shotgun early, taking on the rest of the monsters isn't too bad. Just take your time with this level.

Even getting to the secret exit isn't too hard. What you really have to watch out for in this level is windows looking down to rooms with hitscanners in them (there are a lot of imps, too, but they aren't so bad as you can stand far away enough from the windows that they can't hit you.) Also, be careful not to fall into the open nukage pit in the main hub. Other than that, Toxin Refinery was not too hard.

Still, it was more of a challenge than its predecessors, only due to a tougher arrangement of monsters.

E1M3 Toxin Refinery difficulty rating:3/10 (unbelievably, the difficulty ratings have thus far corresponded with the level numbers. That's definitely not going to be the case for long.)

E1M9 (secret level) Military Base
Deaths: not many/ Kills 99% Items 82% Secrets 100%

As the first secret map within the game, I used to think this one was really difficult.

And in a way, it is. But not as much as I used to remember.

E1M9 Military Base difficulty rating:4/10

Overall, despite the sheer number of sergeants mulling about this map, I actually had a much easier time getting through it than I anticipated.

Still, it's definitely not to be underestimated. There's few ammo for your Rocket Launcher once you receive it, and the multiple staircases all leading to conjoining areas can sometimes make for a surprise attack by a wandering enemy, especially when the enemy happens to be a hitscanner.

Rest assured, the rest of the map is pretty simple, very simple once you find the berserk pack. It makes fighting the crowds of demons even easier (the demons can't reach into most of the lower rooms, and thus you can punch them out on the stairs. Quite entertaining, actually.)

E1M4 Command Control
Deaths: A few from various monsters, until I figured out what to do in the beginning/Kills 108% Items 88% Secrets 100%

I'm surprised by this one's score. It became spectacularly easier once I found out the correct strategy. That is: don't shoot or attack until you make it to the upper floors of the map.

Yes, this map starts out with ledges overlooking the room you're in. I used to shoot the barrels next to the Sergeants in order to kill them first. Protip: Don't bother shooting them from here; you'll wake up all the monsters in the two, small conjoining hallways, and this is usually where my deaths came from. Getting past the flurry of Demons and hitscanners is very difficult without getting cornered or shot at from multiple directions. If you simply run past the monsters in these rooms without waking them up beforehand, you have a lot more time to escape and safely make it up to the upper floors.

From then on, it's surprisingly simple. Even the dark maze section (with Pain Elementals, no less) is easier to deal with than the one in E1M2. You can lead the monsters to easier places to shoot them down at, there are no hitscanners this time, and there are far less barrels which you or an enemy can cause a accidental explosion closeby.

E1M4 Command Control difficulty rating: 2/10

Yesiree, this turned out easier than the last level, which I'm kind of glad about.

First post-Hell release. Wait, what? And a thank you to the site May 5, 2013, 10:37 pm
I just want to know the specific reason my fanfiction "Ponies Playing Doom" was put into post-hell, when it obviously was an actual (albeit, purposely ridiculous, entirely satirical,) ongoing story.

Yes, it involves characters from the show MLP: FiM. A number of people seem to think all bronies are annoying and childish. Granted, there are some very annoying and stupid bronies out there.

But as fellow Doomers, aren't there members of our own community we wish would stop ruining our reputation? I.e, relentless trolls who upload childish Terry-crap, and end up taking time and attention away from potential new mappers, or stupid spammers who post things just to be rude or idiotic?

I'm not angry that my fanfiction has been Post-Helled, but I am sad. Sad that something I've actually put real work and effort into (yes, believe it or not, I've taken time to create a funny story, and was going to continue it every few days, even going as far as having characters logging onto Doomworld themselves and wondering why there are so many fish.)

But for whatever reason, it's been sent to Post-Hell. Most likely due to an attempt to get rid of "Pony" related pages.

Sure, some (okay, a lot of) posts deserve Post-Hell, but certainly my story wasn't one of them, right?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not angry at this site. I love Doomworld and its community. I love being able to contribute my thoughts and creations to fellow doomers, and share opinions. And NOTHING will ever change that. I am, and always will be, a supporter of this website, its moderators, and the community behind it.

But here's another fact: a certain number of doomers (including myself) are bronies, too. Nothing will change that.

Getting rid of any material having even the slightest to do with an outside interest (even when the said post has enough to do about Doom to be posted on Doomworld) is not the answer. This is just my opinion on the matter. Hold your own opinions whichever way you want.

Despite my ranting, I can't end without a personal thank you to the Doomworld community, and to the people who maintain this site. You guys are awesome! Even as a complete newb with very little experience, I have had such nice response from people all across the board. Whether they be senior-members or green-marines just as myself, people here have been so kind. Thank you, very much. It means a lot more to me than you may think.

As always, I will continue posting Doom-related stuff and contributing my best work to this site. Thanks again for all of the welcome I've received, and may your Dooming adventures never end,
Sincerely, Obake

p.s. seriously, "that's a lot of fish!" (N.C. Reference.)

Obake's Playstation Doom Pistol-Start Series April 29, 2013, 11:16 am
I love the internet! I love being able to share my opinions with others. That's why, being the obsessive Doom player I am, I'm starting a new blog series of me completing each Playstation Doom level, pistol-start, getting a 100% secrets (wherever possible), and rating their difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10. Oh, and the difficulty is Ultra-Violence.

Yes, this is inspired by YouTubers Roahmmythril and Kevvl14's Megaman/Megaman X perfect run videos. However, I'm not aiming to go through these levels without being hit, which would likely be impossible.

I'm merely attempting to beat them, UV, pistol-start, and 100% secrets. As for kills, I'll try to get 100% when I can, but some levels (*cough* Hell Keep *cough*) might be too much for me to take. Still, I'll do my best.

I'll also give my overall opinion on each levels design, technical aspects, etc, and hopefully entertain you readers.

Level reviews should be up soon!
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