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Deleting stuff May 28, 2016, 4:56 pm
Often people post here about making maps and then deleting them because they were unhappy with how they were going, or didn't know what to do with it, etc.

This kind of surprises me actually. I tend to never delete any kind of work-in-progress or anything, even things that I think are bad or will never get finished. Disk space is cheap and it's not like having that stuff around matters to me, and sometimes I'll go back to something I started a while ago and either work on it some more, or get ideas from it.

I've got song ideas that are at least 10 years old sitting around, I've got unfinished projects for software that I don't have anymore, etc.

Is anyone else like this, with maps or otherwise? Or is the prevailing attitude "delete it if it sucks"?

Happy Birthday to the best FPS ever. Also hi. December 10, 2015, 4:00 am
"The awful thing about getting it right the first time is that nobody realizes how hard it was." --unknown

Going to try to come back to this nice little community, and this great game, for a bit. I'm not good at moderation, but we'll see what happens. Checked out the Cacowards and I can see I've missed some good stuff...