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Another speedgame I've made July 12, 2016, 4:33 pm
After a year (see this thread), I was again in a mood to make a speedgame in Flash.

This game was made from scratch in less then 1 hour and a half. You control a player with arrow keys ("left+right" to turn, "up" to move forward, impossible to move backward), collect pickups and avoid enemies. The enemies constantly move into the same direction and - what's important - once they leave the game board, they respawn on its opposite side under the same angle - which makes them predictable in long term, and makes the game much less luck-based than you'd think at first glance (because the enemies move a little faster than you and each pickup will spawn one more enemy) and more strategical. The key to success is to observe the entire board, including the enemies who are about to leave it to respawn on its opposite side, to determine which places are safe to move to.




A game I made to practice multitasking August 7, 2015, 12:52 am
Try to control 2 spaceships at once! You have no weapons, just avoid the asteroids and survive as long as you can. Don't crash the spaceships together.


It's a Flash swf file, programmed in Action Script 2 (I think). It's only 7.9 kB big. Please don't fear it (or do, if you want).

I made this game from scratch in a few hours. I designed it specifically to be playable by 1 player (left hand on WASD, right hand on IJKL), but things might get easier when you get 2 people to control 1 spaceship each. The number of asteroids on screen gradually increases, but it increases slower and slower.

My personal record is surviving for 51 seconds - and that was before I slowed down the increase of asteroid count - but admittedly, after practicing for several hours.

I made the game just for myself, but do you have any idea what should I do with it if I wanted to share it properly? I have no experience with that. I'm not even specially eager about doing it.



Par for the course April 30, 2015, 6:31 am
I've just suddenly found out that I got a custom title - which I had to Google to find out what the phrase means, actually. Not sure if I got it because I'm predictable or because I post in a lot of threads, not sure if I should feel honored or not really. Still better than the upcoming Forum Spammer title would be, so thx to whoever did it.