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Bruce Willis was the donkey, right? January 29, 2008, 7:38 am
It's been snowing like crazy here, and as I hear, all around China. Apparently the snow hasn't been as heavy since about 50 years. Don't expect too much though, snowfall was heavier in Rotterdam, the Netherlands last year in February. It's just so irritating that Shanghai is so unprepared for it, so no salt or sand on the roads, slipfest everywhere. Today, I saw workers clear the roads with brooms (the kind Harry Potter uses for transportation).

Of course, also at school, everything's messy. The kids love it, of course, and I kinda like the whole feel as well. Everything's bright by the snow's reflection of the sunlight, kids making snowmen and engage in snowball combat. Though I don't like it that they take snowballs (turned iceballs) inside, so I had them watch a DVD during the longer recess. Shrek, an old one, but kids can't get enough of it. My girlfriend bought it in a DVD shop, although, as anyone reading this may already know, it's actually harder to get legitimate DVDs here than it is to get bootlegged stuff.

And they don't really go out of their way to even make it look real. DVDs usually have the original menu, but anything but play and setup isn't selectable. Most of the time it's just a downloaded movie converted to a videofile suitable for DVD players, sometimes even the cam version (for those who don't know, a cam version is a video recorded by someone in the cinema with a camcorder). Usually it has Chinese subtitles, and English ones (which are poor, automated translations of the Chinese subtitles, which is actually funny, since, for example, Star Wars' subtitles in the opening sequence is quite different from the scrolling text, and is what people here call Chinglish).

While the kids were watching the movie, I was just staring at the DVD cover, and I noticed more oddities. Try to find 'em all! ;-)

Click on the image for a larger version.

Guy in Shanghai January 13, 2008, 11:08 am
I never really looked into the blog section here, and when I did, I noticed that I had an entry. An old thread, moved here from the fanpics forum, making a stop at the 'everything else' section and finally landed over here. Anyway, don't check it out - loads of broken links there.

I wanted to write something about a guy. I'll just refer to him as 'guy', since he is heard of by some within the DooM community, and posted his last message on these boards a little over a year ago.

I met him on Doom Connector, you may remember that old gem (Doom Connector, not him), and played some games with him. He had somewhat of an odd sense of humour, but then again, most of you do. ^.^, He ended up in my MSN list (yes, MSN) and we sometimes talked. He sometimes showed me some MSPAINT art he created, and I was always honest enough to tell him whether it was OK, or at what point it could stand some improvement.

After a while, he sent me these links to Japanese music, and started talking about Japanese movies and cartoons, and it became apparent that he turned Wapanese (for those completely unknown with the term, look here). Whatever we talked about, it always turned into a lengthy discussion about something or other having to do with Japan, the culture, its people, and whatnot. When I met my Chinese girlfriend, I looked up some stuff about China, but very consciously avoiding turning into an egg (that's what the Chinese people call a white person who wants to be Chinese - White on the outside... well, you catch my drift). It also happened to be the case, that my then-girlfriend was quite anti-Japan. Something having to do with what happened in Nanjing 70 years ago and the fact that a lot of Japanese still pretend it never happened (she went as far as giving me a watch and later asking it back because it turned out that it was made in... yeah, Japan). But I'm drifting a bit.

The discussions with this 'guy' grew stronger and lengthier, with him being on the defense for Japan as if I insulted the honour of his people, and there was a point that he made a certain remark about my girlfriend at the time that cause me to block him on MSN and not talk to him for about 18 months. After some stupid thing I signed up for (actually me being stupid and having the page automatically send emails to all my Hotmail address book contacts), he sent me an email back, I re-added him and we started talking again.

He was still very Asia-oriented. But it had shifted from Japan to China (mainly Taiwan and Hongkong), and he explained to me how he felt that his home country (somewhere in Northern Europe) wasn't really his country and that he thought that he would feel so much better living somewhere in Asia. I moved to China during that time to be with my girlfriend (not the Japan-hating one, we broke up about half a year before I moved here), and as sort-of a joke, I told the guy that he should put his money where his mouth is, tie up all ends in his home country and just come here.

So he did.

He arrived eight days ago, on Saturday. Feeling somewhat responsible, I picked him up at the airport (also because I've known him for so long, even though the chats were, many times, tiresome). I brought him to the hotel where his parents booked him a room for 3 weeks and showed him around a bit. Of course, just like I did when I first came here, he completely nerded out about being in China, and wanted to do as much as possible in as little time as possible. He also had a lot of friends he wanted to visit. All people (mainly girls) he added on MSN, including one girl who he seemed to really hit it off with, in the two months that he chatted with her online.

They apparently talked about moving in together, since she didn't want to live with her parents anymore (even though many Chinese continue to do so until marriage, or a school situation where they have to go to another city or live in a dorm or something). Now, a week after he first met her IRL, I found out that they found an apartment and, even though against her parents' wishes, are moving in together. There's even talk of marriage.

I really hope that everything will turn out great for him, but I can't shake the feeling that he's rushing into things. Before a week ago, he's been into one neighbouring country, now he's in a brand new culture, with its own social rules, and he started by pissing off a girl's parents.

I guess I should just not care. But why do I?

Anyway, this has been a long and senseless post, my first one actually meant for my blog. If you feel like doing something totally unexpected, yank that steering wheel of life and move to Shanghai. And help me get Classic DooM become big here. Because he's not really helpful in that area.

Koala demon April 29, 2004, 1:01 pm
A while ago I got my hands on a 5'25" disk with a Commodore 64 directory on it. When I loaded and ran the program on my trusty old beige breadbox, I was threated with a slideshow of Hexen ingame and intermezzo screenshots. Even though the Commodore 64 is a 64kB, 16-coloured 320x200 (2-coloured) and 160x200 (multi-coloured) 22-year-old computer, I thought the pictures looked nice, so I thought I'd have a go at it myself.

So, with the help of Corel WEB.PhotoPaint, a lot of palette fine-tuning and finally some editing and colouring with Koala Painter (a C64 program), running on the WinVICE emulator, I created a Koala Painter picture of the 4 flats that make out the demon portal.
    Pic 1
  • The 'raw' file, after conversion and editing's been done with my Windoze software, before converting it to 160x200 Koala Painter format with the piccy converter made by Soci/Singular (who insisted on being credited). Note the weirdish palette, it were the only 16 colors that would convert correctly with this converter thingie.
    Pic 2
  • This is the picture after conversion, and being edited a bit in Koala Painter. I started the WinVICE emulator in PAL emulation, which tries to simulate the image you get on a normal TV-screen (scanlines and blurriness, since the C64 used COAX connected on a TV) and pressed PrintScreen.
More examples: 1, 2

Hoping anyone is interested in taking a bit of time to download and run a C64 emulator (there's a really good one on the WinVICE page, link above), here's a disk image (read: NOT a rom) with Koala Painter, a Koala viewer and some pictures.Run the emulator, click File and then Autostart disk/tape image... and select koalapix.d64. After the program has started and promps for a filename, click Options and uncheck True drive emulation, if you don't experience any nostalgic feelings from abnormal long loading times. Now you can type any letter between A-K and press return to see the picture, any key will bring you back to the prompt.
    A-C = Doom related, D = me (no excellent conversion), E = not me (but better conversion), I = one of the first pictures I ever made (and still have) with Koala Painter, about 12 years ago.
I hope you like it a bit and I apologize for this huge post, I'm usually not much of a sp.. typer.