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Any advice on a reliable verizon cellphone May 5, 2008, 3:09 pm
Two more weeks before i can get rid of my lg chocolate, one of the worst cell phone decisions I've ever made. Anybody got any recommendations on a better cellphone on the verizon network? I don't need a music player, but something with a decent camera wouldn't hurt.

Foreverhood Disqualified from the independent gaming festival November 30, 2005, 10:26 pm
It appears i have overlooked the very bizarre terms of licensing that makes zdoom exsist and the rights the independent gaming festival requires all of its particapants to have. Heres the e-mail i recieved earlier this evening:

Foreverhood, one of the games in the "emergency round," is based on the engine. This engine is ultimately derived from ID
Software and other sources; a historical outline is given at . I downloaded
the current zdoom 2.0.98 release from, and it contains a license
that specifically prohibits commercial use. This would be in clear
violation of IGF entry rules, which require the author hold all
necessary commercial rights. From Doomlic.txt:

3. Prohibited Uses: Under no circumstances shall you, the
end-user, be permitted, allowed or authorized to commercially exploit
the Software. Neither you nor anyone at your direction shall do any
of the following acts with regard to the Software, or any portion




Offer on a pay-per-play basis;

Distribute for money or any other consideration; or

In any other manner and through any medium whatsoever
commercially exploit or use for any commercial purpose.

Notwithstanding the foregoing prohibitions, you may commercially
exploit the software you develop by exercising the Educational Use
right, referenced in paragraph 2. hereinabove.

Because of the turbulent history of zdoom, it is possible that the
author may be able to demonstrate an alternate source code base with an
alternate license, such as GPL. A GPL doesn't prohibit commercial use;
it's just not usually profitable for games. I would note, however,
that if indeed the Foreverhood author produces a zdoom under GPL, the
contest entry would be in violation of the GPL. No source code is provided,
nor any offer for how to obtain the source code. I am not aware of zdoom
having any other licenses; I think the Foreverhood author has a burden
of proof here.

So, all i have to do is re-write everything that is derived from ken silverman's build engine and i can keep my place in the competition. Frankly, i have a better chance of becoming Telepathic than having this happen.

I spend a lot of time trying to make my mod less like your traditional doom mod and more like a brand new game (in the 1994 sense of the word). I knew that i would most likely never get anywhere in this competition using the software mode of a 10 year old piece of technology when there are new, flashier things running about. What gets me the most pissed about this isn't that i failed because i was an ant in a feild of games and gamers. But to know that in the end i was blindsided by a lisense and technical bullshit leaves me speechless. I take a lot of pride in this project, but this feels so cheep that i can't beleave i could have overlooked this kind of detail. Oh well, post your thoughts, i have a mod to finish.
23 Comments indefinitly offline November 3, 2005, 12:14 pm
So far only two people have noticed the suspended account message that sits where used to be. (damn that one populair mod!) Worse, I don't know when (if it even is) comming back online. Here is the situation.

I share some space on a server with two friends of mine who run an online jewlery buisness ( My account is a sub division of theirs, which has worked out nicely so far because I basically get the server space for free.(as do they, as a personal favor) However, the master account got shut down because appearently one of the sub accounts was extensively using their database and eating up system resources. We are only allowed to use so much CPU power and appearently the drain was so big it affected access to all websites held within this server. Furthermore, the guy we have been in contact with seems to either:

A) not know which account and furthermore which database is eating up the resources

B)Knows but won't tell us until we investigate all our accounts ourselves. (a pain when you have a customer shopping database)

C)is just being a jerk and passively agressively kicking us off of his server for freeloading for too long. (my moneys on this one)

So until things get sorted, I'll be making my updates on my ModDB profile page at:

Vote of Doom June 2, 2005, 9:22 pm
With foreverhood freshly updated, it is time now to get a response from you, the people who care. Would you rather watch foreverhood progress into one final piece or have a small piece of the mod to occupy yourselves with?

I know the immediate question is "how long would we wait before the final thing came together"? Well, Iím not exactly sure. I've decided to change gears to a simpler story which relies less on objectives and more on killing stuff (classic doom formula) so all that is left to do is build the remainder to the areas which game-play would take you toward. Grubber has done us all a great justice with his terrain generator so I can't wait to put it into use. I've found a way to combine open valleys with caves to create a playable dynamic for the main "last level" i would need. About 80% of the texture material has already been made so it wouldn't take more than a few months. I'm shooting for early September for my next large build.

On the other hand, the beta might take up to a month to iron out and fix. My biggest issue right now is sounds. I overhauled the doom IWAD so foreverhood is now a free game, however in the process all the default sounds I was using from doom are now gone. Drat.

So, in the call for beta testers, Iím also hoping to perhaps lure in a few people to see if their interested in cleaning things up with me, like the scripting, the dialog, the sound issue perhaps... maybe the skeleton of a buddy system to keep me motivated enough to finish this thing. Perhaps Iíll even *shutters* IRC.

So vote, post, whatever. In the meantime, I have much to plan.

May 7th, not "When its done" April 20, 2005, 2:12 am
To those who care (all two of you), foreverhoods official release date is still on. I feel like i owe the community an apology for disappearing without a trace these past few weeks, but being the lone project header, there have been many things that needed my attention. So, this means things like the server crash that happened a few weeks ago that took away foreverhoods march update have just been at the very bottom of the to-do list.

So what has gotten done? To start:
-An intro
-Level scripting
-Weapons (all taken from hexen, the behavior... not the graphics. hmm, thats not entirely true either...)
-enemies (3 of them... one more to go!)
-levels for the most part, are done
-the font. (betasword rocks socks with this one)

And what's left to do, well
-game-play code
-dialog (sorry about this one job, i've been neglectful of other "involved" parties
-menu graphics
-cleanup and other things
-fixing a few choice hom's

So what can you expect from this mod? well, you can expect to kill a few hours and perhaps even a few brain cells. However, if there's one thing i've learned from this community, its that the work will speak for its-self. What that entails will be dependent on your system specs, openness to experimental game-play tactics and tolerance of slime-trails.

Hopefully screenshots will follow.
well, back to work.. Sleep is for the sane.

Breaking into the Video game industry March 28, 2005, 1:10 pm
I'm not one for blogging, but I'm interested in sharing a few thoughts i've been having.

My Foreverhood project has been getting me some attention at our school of art and design (which is an art school, not really a technical school in the least). Everyone, including myself, seems to want me to seriously consider finding my way into the professional industry. So, the other day, i spend an afternoon browsing around looking for what companies consider to the "the standards" they adhere to when hiring an applicant.

The main problem seems to be the experience level, and the technical skills (which i lack). Minimal 2-5 years experience in maya, Minimum 2 years in the field. Its enough to make me doubt my ambition to pursue this further, since i seem to only be beginning the climb to what i still consider "my dream job".

Then i have to remember some of the greats that doom had back in "the glory days". Ikka Keranen for example, started off here and bounced off of a number of companies after he got into quake modding. Last time i google searched his name, i got quite a number of recent hits here and there. Positive signs that he is still alive and producing content.

I donno if the same can be said about batman doom's creators; the ACE team. After they Quit the Dark Conjunction, i had high hopes that their ambitious work ethic and incredibly bizarre and surreal story and artistry form would land them somewhere noticeable. Three years and not a word from them. Not even after i tried to contact them several times through various e-mails for a progress report like the hardcore fan of theirs that i am.

So where am i going with all this? Well, I'm not quite sure. However, i am incredibly interested in continuing to progress my talents further and further into this industry as my sanity allows. I'm just not sure which way to go about getting noticed.

I once reads somewhere that the best way to get noticed was to build a mod that everyone loved. Hey, it worked for counter-strike. Then again, It does make me curious to wonder what exactly its like to work for an official company. I feel like that experience alone would let me know right away if i made the right choice in my career path.

bah, i'll shut-up now.