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(incf (slot-value alexa 'age)) December 5, 2016, 8:47 pm
So I turned 33 today and I noticed something. As I get older, there's less that I want to do on my birthday, and less I want for my birthday. When I was younger, I'd have friends over and we'd play video games, order pizza, and generally have fun. And there was always a new game I wanted, or some cool gadget. But now, I'm content with a piece of oatmeal cake and a quiet day all to myself. Parties, having a group of friends over, and getting things just doesn't appeal to me much. I guess it's just part of getting older :^) Anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, my wife and I have been setting up an aquarium for the past few months, and today we went and got some new kuuli loaches for it, so we did go out and do that today. I also got a new piece of jewelry for my industrial piercing.

So... yeah, 33. Maybe I'll make a couple new characters in WoW and get them all up to 33 tonight lol

Number 3 April 28, 2016, 10:29 pm
Tattoo #3, got it just today. It's the older Skinny Puppy logo for those who don't know.

I'm hoping to get another one next month, and a few others by the end of the year.

New ink August 9, 2014, 2:08 am
Tattoos are sort of a recent thing with me, even though I've wanted them for quite a while. So when I finally I finally got a pentacle on my left shoulder blade last year, I was ecstatic. Since then I've wanted a few more, and today I got this on my right forearm.

Part of the reason I got it was to cover up a really bad scar I got there last year from a bad accident. It was large, ugly, and definitely noticeable. But the other reason I got it was because ravens tend to mean a lot to me personally.

I might get another one next year on my other arm to sort of balance things out. Maybe more ravens, maybe something else. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll get the Doomguy...

Another year, another album release April 25, 2014, 11:18 pm
Well, I guess the title isn't quite right since I don't release actual albums yearly. This one took me about a year and a half to complete.

So this new album is called Waveforms, and as usual there's a diverse range of styles on it. There's industrial music, ambient works, trance, synthpop, and even something that's reminiscent of gothic rock. Two of the songs on here are also going to be in a Doom level that I've been working on. Well, not those exact versions, but remixes. Those tracks are 7 and 11.

Production wise, I did something different this time around. After playing around with this SRC comparison page, I decided to stay away from both Sonar 8.5's dithering and resampling algorithms, as well as Renoise's (the two DAWs I use the most). This meant that not only did I work in 48KHz 32-bit, but I also exported to such. Then when it came time to resample, dither, and change the bit depth, I did it all with Sox. So my basic workflow from input into the master bus to a finalized WAV file went:

Stereo processor -> multiband compressor -> final EQ adjustments -> aural exciter (usually, not always) -> limiter -> final tweaks in Goldwave using its compressor -> Sox -> Final WAV

It's subtle, but I think this definitely sounds better.

Anyway, link to the album: http://www.partition36.com/discography/waveforms/

Remixed June 26, 2013, 12:24 pm
Last October I released this album named 63. It was a deeply personal album for me, not only because of the content, but also because of what I went through while it was being produced.

Well, since then I've been working on a remix project for the album with a few other musicians. And after delaying the project by a few months, it's finally ready to be released.

So yeah, go download it or something! And yes it's free.

A nice birthday surprise December 5, 2012, 1:08 pm
So today's my birthday (29 years old), and I woke up to find that some of my music was featured on a podcast about Linux and open source. What a nice surprise!


Hard decision June 9, 2012, 11:35 pm
Thereís been a decision looming over my head for a while now that has me sort of bummed. A year ago, while I was preparing to move out of the house, my mom persuaded (key word) me to adopt two cats from our vet. I wasnít too keen on the idea since I didnít feel ready to be a mother, and I wasnít sure how my money situation would look like. But she kept at me and I eventually caved. Of course, them being absolutely adorable didnít help matters any.

In the end I didnít move out because, sure enough, money got tight. This meant they got to live at home with us, an interesting situation since my grandma is horribly afraid of cats. What we ended up doing is we converted a large storeroom into a room for them, then built a screen door to keep them contained. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Unfortunately, as time has gone on, itís gotten harder and harder for me to deal with them, and not just because I still donít feel ready to be a mother for them. Growing up I was extremely allergic to cats. So much, in fact, that spending just 15 minutes with one would lead to my eyes swelling shut. Over the years I got a lot better, thanks in part to allergy shots. But the thing is, Iím finding that Iím still terribly allergic to them. Like, really allergic to them. I can spend quite a lot of time with cats anymore, but living with them is probably exacerbating my asthma, which has been under control for 10 years, and my allergies. The worst is on the weeks I bring them up to sleep with me in my room. Iíll pass the idea by my doctor on Monday, who I have a follow up appointment with (because I got to spend last night in the ER with my asthma!).

So yeah, do I adopt them out to someone else, or do I keep them? I hate to get rid of them since I really do love them, but I also know I canít keep living like this. If I keep them, not only will I have the expense of their everyday needs, but Iíll also be spending more on allergy medications (Iím now doing a Zyrtec every 12 hours theyíre so bad, along with asthma medications) and possibly another round of allergy shots. Plus Iím still not the mother they deserve and I know this.

So... anyone have any insight or suggestions? This is a decision Iím not looking forward to making :(

Yay, birthday December 5, 2011, 4:39 pm
Well, as of today I am 28 years old. As usual, I took the day off from work and have been taking it easy all day. I had lunch with my friend earlier, went shoe shopping (and didn't find anything), and that's pretty much it. I'll probably go out to dinner with my family tonight and then spend the rest of the evening working on my new album. Or I might try shopping again. My grandma gave me $50 and said to spend it on myself since she didn't know what to get me, but I'm not sure what I'll spend it on yet. Anyone have a good suggestion?

On a side note, I find it amusing that today is also Nivek Ogre's birthday. Skinny Puppy has been one of my favorite bands since I was (re)introduced to them a year ago.

Also, to beat everyone to the punch...

View from 14,000 feet September 25, 2011, 4:53 pm

That's what the view looked like from 14,000 feet off of Mount Bierstadt yesterday.

I finally got around to doing something I've wanted to do for a few years now, which is climb a 14er here in Colorado. The seven mile hike up Mount Bierstadt was gorgeous, and really not all that hard. It's pretty much all alpine tundra so there wasn't much vegetation except for grass and shrubs. The only part I didn't really like was the last few hundred yards since I'm a big scaredy cat when it comes to heights. Coming back down and looking back at the summit, it was actually sort of hard to comprehend that my friends and I had made it that high.

All of us agreed that this definitely would not be the last 14er we would climb. Depending on the weather, we might hit a few more of the easier ones before the end of fall. Or we might just save them for next year. Either way, it was awesome.

Chasing a white fluffy mirror August 24, 2011, 12:34 am
It's been a weird couple of months. I left home back at the end of June and ended up crashing with a friend at his apartment while I waited for another one to become ready. Unfortunately the landlord ended up jerking me around and never did get the apartment ready. But in hindsight that was probably a good thing.

While I was away I didn't really have a way to work on music. I sort of could on my laptop, but the only software I had with me was Reason, and it was running on Wine inside of Linux. This usually works fine, but I've been working on a joint project that was started by a friend of mine using just Reason and the songs were killing my processor and really stressing Wine. Plus I couldn't work on my Partition 36 stuff since I don't use Reason for it.

Moving back fixed that, and my original studio is now set back up. Well, "studio" is a bit of a stretch. Itís really just a computer desk in the corner my basement with some synths next to it and some studio monitors. But hey, whatever works! Being back and working on music feels great. Itís always been a creative release for me, and so not being able to work on music usually leaves me feeling bottled up. My first two priorities since getting things set up are working on the joint project stuff (treeFungus), and finishing a new Partition 36 song tentatively called "Alice".

The new Partition 36 song is part of the new album, which I briefly talked about back in this post on the official P36 blog. As I mentioned there, the album is sort of a reverse Inside The Beat, where it starts as a very inward-facing, personal album, and then moves outward. ďAliceĒ fits the introspective side of it perfectly. The pseudo-lyrics Iíve been working on for it are based on a poem I wrote at the beginning of the year, and deal with my feelings as I came to terms with being transgendered. What Iím thinking of doing is recording them in either a whispy/whispery voice and then applying some effects to make them sound ethereal, or doing something on the verge of spoken word and then doing some heavy processing. Either of these should fit well with the song, which is already pretty atmospheric sounding. The tracks from there on out will either deal with the act of transitioning, other personal feelings and thoughts, or will just be instrumental and generally introspective-sounding.

Aside from that, Iím thinking I may do some remastering work with some of my old pre-Partition 36 pieces in order to practice some new engineering tricks Iíve been researching. Furthermore, some of my old master CDs have been scratched, and I donít have the original master files anymore, so making new recordings will also serve an archival purpose. These shouldnít take long at all since everything is written really just needs to be re-recorded into a multi-track master, and they arenít a priority.