A long time ago, in a community far, far away...

It is a period of video game war.
id Software, striking against
the doubts of the video game community,
achieved their first best-selling FPS
by releasing Wolfenstein 3D.

After release, the company began working on
secret plans for the ultimate game, Doom,
a first-person shooter with enough power
to awe every gamer in the world.


It is a great time for the community.
Although Doom has been out for 14 years,
talented developers are still releasing
works that awe our senses.

Evading the dreaded swath
of crappy releases in the past year,
a duo of freedom fighters, Scuba Steve and deathz0r,
have established these reviews of
the best releases in the past year.

The evil critics,
obsessed with flaming decisions
they do not agree with, have dispatched thousands
of biting remarks on the forums.


Well, no they haven't, because they haven't read this yet! Enjoy The 14th Annual Cacowards.

- Bloodshedder

2007 Cacowards

Page 1

  • Genesis of Descent
  • Cheogsh
  • Songs of the Damned

Page 2

  • The Dying End
  • Sine Die
  • Knee Deep in ZDoom

Page 3

  • Community Chest 3
  • Epic
  • Ultimate Torment and Torture
  • The Outer Darkness

Other Awards

  • Best Multiplayer
  • Worst Wad
  • Mordeth Award
  • Mockaward
  • Mapper of the Year



  • Demons of Problematique
  • Wonderful Doom