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Mapgame - Ravage

At first glance, mapgame looks like your typical Episode 1 replacement for Ultimate Doom. With 9 levels, lots of Episode 1 inspired architecture, and a very familiar ending in the final map, it's easy to pass it over as yet another Episode 1 replacement in a sea of Episode 1 replacements. However ravage delivers so much more than that with Mapgame, and if you don't give it a look, I promise you'll be missing out.

MapgameI'm normally not one to rave on about the looks and detail of a particular wad, but Mapgame is absolutely gorgeous. It uses a modified palette that really brings out the color of the textures used. The detailing is an excellent balance of old-school and newschool, combining to create very pleasing and eye-catching environments that do not get in the way of gameplay but still manage to look amazing. On the gameplay front, Mapgame is a fairly easy wad that provides a steady and overall good gameplay experience. Ravage has added some features into Mapgame, like a flaregun weapon and a sentry turret enemy, that, at the very least, give the episode a more unique experience than your average episode one replacement. With quality like this, let us hope that Ravage will deliver more goodness to us in the future.


Legacy of Suffering - Logan MTM

Legacy of SufferingWe all know that the Doom movie was terrible. So when I saw that there was a mod out there based on that movie, my expectations were not too high. It was refreshing to find that this was one of the best Doom mods I've ever played.

Before I get into the core of the mod, I need to point out that the coolest gun in the game is the quadruple barrel shotgun. Maybe you didn't read that right. To clarify: IT HAS A FUCKING QUADRUPLE BARREL SHOTGUN. Scuba says I have to write more about this mod, but why would I need to when I have a quad-shotgun? That's reason enough to justify this award.

Shotguns aside, LoganMTM sets up a genuinely creepy atmosphere through use of ambient noises, spooky sountrack, and good use of lighting effects. This mod definitely shows its influences from Doom 3 and Quake 2. There are quite a few cheap scares a la Doom 3, but shut up, it totally works for the mood. The gameplay style of this mod is a mixture between invasion and slaugter, and easily has provided me with some of the most action-packed gunfights I've ever had in a Doom mod. The addition of new enemy AI makes the bad dudes a bit more tricky and unexpected. Overall a well rounded, scary and atmospheric map set. Download it now.

-Patrick Pineda

Tribute - Zalewa

The title screen to this wad states that it is not the best wad in the world. And let's be honest, that's a completely accurate description. The visuals can be boring at times, the gameplay can be a bit slow, and the humor in the wad can be cringeworthy. So why does Tribute get a Cacoward? Well, mostly because I said it does, but because the wad is quite entertaining, not just in spite of its faults, but also because of them.

TributePossibly the most impressive thing about Tribute is the engine that its for, Skulltag. It's not often that we see a single player release for Skulltag, and much rarer still that we see a single player release for Skulltag that is not only impressive on its own, but uses the Skulltag engine in cool and interesting ways, and Tribute does all of that. Tribute also shines as a partial conversion, maintaining familiar aspects and features of Doom, while giving the player fresh new toys to play with and enemies to fight. Finally, Zalewa has added a bit of humor to the experience, adding such references in as Achmed the Dead Terrorist and "Sparta" sounds from 300. While some may think it's a detriment to an otherwise solid wad, these effects do more to contribute to the overall quirky atmosphere of the wad. Play this or I kill j00.


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