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Plutonia Revisited - Various

In 2009 I wrote a review of Plutonia 2, and called it a worthy successor to the original Plutonia. Now I have the task of writing about another wad bearing the Plutonia name.

Plutonia RevisitedAs is usual with Plutonia style wads, playing on UV will keep you busy for a very long time, and Nightmare is nearly impossible. There is no time to stop and enjoy the scenery; that's fine though, because the scenery is fairly simple, with an emphasis on good map layouts and ease in speedrunning. Regardless of its flaws, Plutonia Revisited is an excellent megawad that once again lives up to the expectations of the Plutonia name.

Vaporware Demo - Esselfortium

Normally a demo isn't worthy of a Cacoward, it's finished projects only around here. That's because most project demos always feel woefully incomplete despite how good they may be. Vaporware Demo is an exception to the rule.

Vaporware DemoThis is the best single level wad this year, and is probably one of the best single map levels ever. An atmospheric techbase with gorgeous new resources everywhere you look, it's sometimes surprising that this map is built for Doom. And better still, this map is a gorgeous showcase of the little used Eternity Engine.

Lunatic - Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw)

Lunatic is gorgeous set of five maps that shows off how a modern Doom wad can stay true to the style of the original game while still being interesting now.

Lunatic Throughout the five maps, you'll battle the standard hordes of demons in good layouts, but what really stands out is the atmosphere of the wad. Using the moon as a somewhat unique setting, with plenty of custom textures, a nicely detailed environment, and music that perfectly matches the mood, getting drawn into this adventure is easy and enjoyable, for any skill level of player.

2011 Cacowards

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  • Plutonia Revisited
  • Vapordemo
  • Lunatic

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  • Double Impact
  • Vanguard
  • Reverie

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  • Jenesis
  • Icebound
  • Mandrill
  • Khorus' Speedy Shit

Other Awards

  • Best Multiplayer
  • Best Gameplay Mod
  • Mordeth Award
  • Mapper of the Year

Changing of the Guard

This year, Scuba Steve retired from doing the Cacowards and passed the responsibilities on to Hobbs. We appreciate Scuba's service to the Doom community and his unique contribution to the awards process. He will be missed. Thanks Scuba!

The 18th Annual Cacowards are written entirely by Hobbs, except for a much appreciated guest appearance by Esselfortium, who wrote the Mordeth and Mapper of the Year awards.