Where were you when Doom turned 19? Were you huddled at your computer, eagerly awaiting the Cacowards? Were you snuggled in bed, secure in the knowledge that the festivities would be there for you the next morning? I was in the latter camp, tuning in the next day only to find that there was no ceremony planned, its orchestrator mysteriously absent.

But Doomworld wasn't content to just go without its annual tradition. They would have Cacowards, one way or another, so they dragged Xaser, Alfonzo and me, kicking and screaming, to the high-security compound where they perpetuate this grisly ritual. Subjected to a dangerous cocktail of stimulants, we were forced to play and write and play and write until we had decided upon the very best of 2012 - for your pleasure.

Though the awards were D. Lade, we hope you enjoy this current round of circlejerking. It wasn't easy; if I had known I'd help write this article back when the year started, I would have spent a lot more time playing current material. Regardless, I think we did a dynamite job for what's turned out to be a dynamite year, in spite of the chronic yet groundless fears of the death of the community and a perceived dearth of quality PWADs. I don't envy the poor suckers who do the 2013 awards - they're going to have one Hell of a time in the judging booth.

I guess I'll have to bring my shotgun.

- kmxexii

2012 Cacowards

Page 1

  • Doom The Way id Did
  • Strife: Absolute Order
  • Putrefier

Page 2

  • 5till L1 Complex
  • Community Chest IV
  • Reelism

Page 3

  • The Eye
  • Combat Shock 2
  • Winter's Fury
  • Base Ganymede: Complete

Other Awards

  • Best Multiplayer
  • Best Gameplay Mod
  • Mordeth Award
  • Mockaward
  • Mapper of the Year



  • Beyond Reality
  • Masters of Chaos
  • Frozen Time
  • Planisphere 2
  • Coffee Break Episode I