This is list of Doom II add-on textures to base your own custom maps on. Note that I have not created any textures here. I am not a skilled texture artist. I either converted these textures from other palettes/games or uploaded other's work. If you have any texture sets that you think should be in this list, then please contact me via e-mail.
5th Episode (Doom II | Doom) [327k] by Nick Baker nb5tex
Biolage [366k] by Rick Clark biotex
Dark Arena [561k] by Samuel Villarreal darnatex
Dark Base [67k] by David Gevert dgdbtxtr
Dark Forces [1.46mb] by Lucas Arts darkftex
deConstruct [396k] by stecki decontex
Doom Textures For Doom II [219k] by Owen Lloyd d1gfxd2
Erratic 1 [487k] by Jonathan Rimmer erattex1
Gothic Textures [697k] by Gothic Team gothictx
Graphtallica #1 [345k] by Sean Johnson graphtx1
Graphtallica #2 [445k] by Sean Johnson graphtx2
Graphtallica #3 [233k] by Sean Johnson graphtx3
Malice TC [449k] by Team Epochalypse mlcetex
NMN Corporation Part 1 [551k] by Pawel Zarczynski nmncorp1
NMN Corporation Part 2 [1.2mb] by Pawel Zarczynski nmncorp1
Quake [868k] by id software q1tex
Quake II (merged | split) [3.3mb] by id software q2tex
SS's Textures Pack [71K] by SailorScout sstex