Batman DOOM characters

Terrorist: These guys come in four different flavours. Keep an eye for the brown ones because they carry keys. An easy prey.
Strake: The type of thug you'd find in Battergate "the war zone". These guys can take more punishment than most common enemys.
Shotgun thieves: Do you think these guys have a license to carry those things? They sure didn't get them for christmas. A good blow from one of your batarangs should do the trick.
Cheung: Aggressive gang fighters that lurk the dark streets of chinatown. They come packed with shurikens and a wicked iron claw.
Slum lord: Don't let these guys get near you or you'll see yourself reduced to bat bits. They're so annoying you'll want to get rid of them quick.
Hawk: Trained wild birds. Sometimes they come in packs. They're so fast you won't see them coming.
Sniper: All a soldier. Their shooting is very accurate and that's not the worst thing; they use explosive shotgun shells! Watch it because they hide in hard to reach places or high grounds.
Penguin Bomb: These are extremly dangerous gadgets created by the Penguin's men. They might look harmless, but if they reach you you better start thinking of quickloading your game.
Zeke: Fatso may be slow, but he has a nasty surprise for unwelcome super heros. Get in his firing range and he'll hurl an exploding molotov bomb that will turn the background to hell. His attack is so extense that some times even he will be caught under his fire.
Clown: This character isn't here to make majic tricks or animal baloons. He's here to stop you and what could be better than throwng high speed darts at you. And thats not the worst: They throw two at a time! Yipes!
Flamethrower dude: Further in the game you will encounter these gas packed villians, waiting for the opportunity to make bat hamburgers with you. At least their flamethrowers have a short range, so nail them with long distance weapons.
Firefly: Hey! It's the rocketeer! No...that's not the rocketeer! It's the firefly! This is maybe the worst of all baddies. Floating high above the ground he has a perfect aim for bat dressed dudes. And he won't hesitate to use that nasty machine gun of his. Flying heavy weapon dudes! Oh no!
Waylon Jones, alias "Killer Croc": He started out as a gangster with common motives. Now his mind is degenerating and his objectives are turning primitive. You must stop him before all that was once human in him is destroyed by his insanity.
Tally Man: He's a hired killer. He's killed 61 people and only one of them was motivated by his fury. The rest of them were business. It seems you're the next one in his list.
Oswald Cobblepot, alias "Penguin": He runs a large amount of illegal activities in Gotham. He is the principal suspect of many crimes but he hides safe from where the law can nail him. It's time for someone who is beyond the law to stop him.
Penguin-Copter: Do you think the Penguin would turn himself in so simply? Uh oh, looks like you're in trouble cause this time he didn't pick up the cute umbrella.
Jonathan Crane, alias "Scarecrow": He's plotting a revenge against the only person that masters fear better than him: Batman. He's using Major Kroll as bait to lure you into his traps. Watch out, because he's full of tricks under his sleeves.
Harvey Dent, alias "Two Face": When the mafia boss Moroni threw a glass of acid to Harvey Dent's face he created a new villain that would fill Gotham's streets with fear: Two Face. He has two personalities, two ways of thinking, but he's got only one way of killing: with a rocket launcher! Wish you had one?
Joker: The clown of death is Batman's archenemy. The Joker defies all logic. He kills for fun and a good laugh. You won't be laughing when you see his firepower. Could madness be a superior state of the mind?
Bane: The final test and the ultimate goal of your crusade. He wants Gotham for himself, but before Gotham he must destroy the Bat. He has released Arkham asylum's hordes to turn your mission into a nightmare.
Batman: The caped crusader, the the dark night, the avenging angel, need we say more?
???: You're gonna have to find the super secret level to encounter this fella. Will it be he or it?

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