Project Information

Batman DOOM is a Mac/PC DOOM 2 Total Conversion

The TC features:

-A total replacement of DOOM 2 characters plus a few more (20 new characters)
-25 new levels with hundreds of new textures + 7 interlevels
-Incredible new physics not seen in any other wads
-9 new weapons
-28 new superb music pieces (also available for Mac version)
-and much, much more!

Batman DOOM credits:

ACE Team Software:

-Level Construction: Andres Bordeu, Carlos Bordeu, Edmundo Bordeu

-Sprites/Textures/Graphics: Andres Bordeu, Carlos Bordeu, Edmundo Bordeu

-Physics (DOOM Hacking): Edmundo Bordeu

-Music: Martin Linda, Juan Sanchez, Janek Szulew, Andrew Wood

-PC conversion: Anthony Soto, Laz Rojas, Marc A. Pullen, Ty Halderman

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