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You wonder how to defeat that ugly goat face in Doom2 level 30..? Or how to get that last pesky secret on that hellish Doom level, or how to defeat that ugly Hexen Boss monster? Then this section is for you, since it contains pointers to lots of "frequently answered questions" documents, or for short: FAQs. I've kept the number of these FAQs listed here to a bare minimum. Most of these FAQ offer pointers to other more specific ones... just follow the links and you'll eventually find what you're looking for.

This section mainly deals with stuff you'll encounter when playing these games. Editing information can be found in our Editing Tutorials section. Up-to-date information on and programs for internet Dooming can be sought at our multiplayer section instead.

We've also provided links to the official Doom and Heretic newgroups below. Here you can ask questions or just chat with fellow Doomers around the world. To watch some live Doomers you can also visit the OFTC IRC channel #zdoom. Do not feed them though.


The official FAQ posted in the RGCD newsgroups, maintained by Frans P. de Vries. This FAQ points you towards essential files and gives answers to somewhat commonly asked questions. It also provides the URLs of some well-known Doom sites, ftp mirrors and lots of other FAQs which also deal with non-DOS platforms.

The Doom FAQ v6.666

Hank Leukart's Doom FAQ, dealing with id Software's first game. Old, but -very- detailed. Contains descriptions of utilities and a trouble-shooting section, as well as a secret list for Doom.

Support For Console And PC Doom Games

This site contains all the cheats for all the platforms Doom or its cousins has ever appeared on, plus demo walkthroughs for all levels. Also contains some FAQs on more obscure matters, such as the Archvile bug.

Doomgate's Doom Help Service

Old but comprehensive FAQ, which also points you to other FAQs for eg. Heretic and non-DOS platforms. Contains basic stuff like "how do I use add-ons" and walk-throughs for the games, to editing information and internet gaming.

Doom WAD Yellow Pages

Really extensive list of Doom sites. Sometimes updated, but most of times out of date. However, you can still find a great number of sites, and the DWYP itself is well organised.

Doomworld Links - Information

Collection of links with information about the Doom games.

Master Levels FAQ

Henrik Larsen's Master Levels FAQ, which aims to inform you about all the aspects of this official WAD compilation.

Heretic FAQ

Small outdated FAQ, dealing with basic questions. Contains a secret list for the first three episodes. A FAQ for download can be found here. A description of the secrets, monsters and items in the first three episodes can be found here.

Arne Michaelsen's Hexen FAQs

The original site is down, but this archive contains several resqued (html) FAQs: basic Hexen info on cheats, monsters and weapons / classes; level hints and walkthroughs for all episodes including Deathkings of the Dark Citadel (1st hub only). Transparant, very well done. Recommended.

Hexen: Deathkings... 2nd hub

Following-up on Arrne's walkthrough, here's a walkthrough for the 2nd hub of Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel.

Hexen Walkthrough

Good Hexen walkthrough, which concentrates on the puzzle side of the game.

Rogue's Strife Site (archived)

Official Strife site. Here you can find information about getting your modem to work with Strife and a Strife technical support FAQ.

/docs/faqs dir

Directory at the /idgames Archive containing lots of (small) FAQs, dealing with things from how to use a chaingun in combat to a secret list of Ultimate Doom episode 4.

FTP And WWW Sites List

John van Essen's list of basic ftp and www Doom sites. Updated regulary, contains also pointers to essential FAQs.

Doom Newsgroups

Heretic/Hexen Newsgroups