Tidying Up 012807

It's been over one year since Darkening Episode 2 was originally released. I've finally gotten around to making this page a "full-time archive". Many of the pages have been slightly updated. I uploaded DE1 + DE2 locally to 3D Downloads to provide an alternative download site. The FAQ page has been updated with a list of commonly known bugs.

The demos page was updated with a few interesting demos. The "Demo package of the Non-Gods" is a collection of UV Max demos (as well as a few others) of every DE2 map. There is also a complete run through of DE2. If you like DE2 they are both worth checking out. It's readily apparent now that there will be no demopack for The Darkening from the "Demo-gods" AKA the compet-n crowd. I guess that fell thru the cracks. Last I heard they could not bear to bring themselves to play through that crappy map04 of DE2. =D However, you can see some more demos for the Darkening episodes at Doug Merril's Speed Demo Archives.

I might as well also mention that I don't think we'll ever see a texture wad from Ola (Like duh, Anthony). I know some of you authors have already gone ahead and used Darkening textures. All I really ask is that you credit Ola and give a link to the Darkening webpage. So I guess that's it. Thanks for all the great comments! Darkening Team out...

Afterglows DM map 011705

Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald has created a deathmatch level using DE2 textures. As Derek describes it, "It's Q3DM1 dressed up with a quake2-ish theme." I just describe it as pretty damn good and worth the download. It requires any limit removing source port (except jdoom because it contains new sprites). If you did not download Lee Szymanski's DM map "Sureshot" grab that one too. They are both available at the add-ons page.

Look for another update in the coming days. I won't be adding anything per se but making sure everything is accurate and updated. Quite a few changes to be made. I also want to upload darken locally with the recent happenings of FTP cdrom com making the wad temporarily unavailable.