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  1. Today
  2. Update on my friend:

    Out of the blue, the friend in the toxic relationship had decided to simply declare me an ex-friend and block all forms of social media and contact. (The catalyst was me buying a signed print from her store as she used to be a model, and today I got a refund for that, along with her more recent actions.)

  3. I consider Universal Soldier for SNES (played on a emulator) better than Super Mario 64. I really enjoyed Universal Soldier.

  4. Yesterday
  5. Evening Of The Undead ..... someday


  6. What game is your avatar from? It looks pretty cool.

  7. Last week
  8. well........I'm back from my break and I wanted to tell you tha...


    123 notifications......oh well...

  9. Ahh, geeze, it's been a while! I haven't Doom-ed in so long, lol.

    What's new with me? Ahh, nothing really. Rather, you guys tell me what's up, how yall doin'? :3

  10. a short post:


    for me, one of the most satisfying parts of DOOM (other than one shotting imps with a shotgun) was exploring the map and seeing where everything goes. and at this point i can legitimately run thorough the maps in my sleep. with that having been said,I have decided to try for the Ultimate DOOM speedrun record. I realize at this point it is more or less unbeatable, but that's part of the fun. my plans are to practice (alot) then speedrun in vanilla doom, and then brutal doom for the fastest possible time i can.


    what brought this on was that i was playing and i realized how slow the player was, which was why i always used brutal doom (until v.21 >:(   )

    i decided to try and got pretty far pretty quick, impressing even myself with the haste and accuracy of shots fired.


    ill record some tries, and upload them to my channel. which will then be copied here. ideally, it will include me breaking the record.


    so, wish me  luck guys,  ill see ya soon.



    (also yes been in doombuilder trying things)

  11. In case you're interested, I have a Twitter:


    Thank you!

  12. A project I spent about a year and a half on is totally ruined... But Chokehold has finally come out of hiatus because I'm no quitter. So I guess there's that at least.

    Enjoy this topdown view of a map called Machina for now. Slow but steady!


    1. Scorpinax


      Scorpbonusmapbase is gone. 15 something odd maps with varying degrees of effort, just gone due to a serious code issue that fucked everything. I may be repurposing some of the maps at some point, some of them were way too good not to.

    2. Voltcom9


      Whoa! That sucks man! So sorry to hear that! :(

    3. Scorpinax


      Thanks man :)    
      The glitch is pretty odd, for some reason every level performs as if all ammo pickups are double pickups and crashes when hitting max ammo for any weapon. I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out why but gave up: the amount of custom content in the wad is ridiculous and it could be any one of a number of things.
      Really it just forced me to focus in on my big project though


  13. enjoy sorry timothy brown

  14. hey timothy brown well i tryed to do your level on uv i did a little bit of the level it is part 1 an warning i get very angry an i say words i don.t mean so please don.t hate me i am sorry timothy brown i am sorry :(


    the video is still up loading

  15. Its the Orthodox new year everyone

  16. Hey man! What was the deadline for your Cereal Killer project? My map is about 80% done.

    1. Crunchynut44


      There is none, don't stress ;)

  17. Just finished the first metal trim texture and updated the AO map for the metal wall texture. Kinda reminds me of Alien 4 for some reason lol. More textures to come!







  18. Mobile-first indexing enabled


    Dear Search Console user,


    We are updating one or more of your properties as part of the mobile-first initiative. This means that you may see more traffic in your logs for those properties from Googlebot Smartphone. You may also see that snippets in Google Search results are now generated from the mobile version of your content.


    The following properties are being updated (list limited to 20 properties):







    Background: Mobile-first indexing means that Googlebot will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking, to better help our (primarily mobile) users find what they're looking for. Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have historically used the desktop version of your site's content, which can cause issues for mobile searchers when the desktop version differs from the mobile version. Our analysis indicates that the mobile and desktop versions of your site are comparable.


    For more information:

    •Monitor your index coverage using the Index Status report.

    •Monitor your impressions, clicks, and site appearance using the Performance report.

    •If you have any additional questions, drop by our Webmaster forum for more help - mention message type [WNC-20058194] or our public events.

  19. Some screenshots of the first PBR texture I just made for a PBR texture pack I am working on for a secret project of mine. The first screenshot is the PBR version. The second has baked lightning (There will be PBR and non-PBR versions of the textures), and the third is a in-game screenshot showing the PBR version. The images are large so I am putting them into spoiler tags:









  20. Earlier
  21. where is inverno deja vu??????? gimme

  22. Kinda annoyed, have motivation to work on game stuff, but still 3 (or 5) school assignments need to do (one of them is really long and kinda boring too), preferably before next monday (not going to happen). Work practice starts then, but really only need to have them done before the final week of the work practice.


    Just might not be able to start the work practice on next monday, because need to show my criminal record for the teacher to see if there's anything (serious) in it, or if it's an empty record. Just ordered it yesterday (thought I needed to know the exact place I go to, but didn't, it was more vague), and also heard some people telling they've been waiting for their records for a month. Info on the website said it should only take about a week. Uhhuh.


    Maybe need to reorganize my timetable, so that I'd have at least one day in the week for game development. Now just haven't dared to do any, what if I'd lose focus on the school stuff, and it's been going so well now. But don't want to get so annoyed, that I'd quit it to work on games and eventually lose motivation and get even less (than nothing) done.

  23. Juza

    ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ GIVE KAMA SUTRA 2 ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ

    KSutra is my favorite megawad of all time. It's not fair that you don't release KSutra 2, Gusta!!! It's not fair!!!

  24. tumblr_p20wktOA991riihdno1_500.jpg.3a94400015ae851f55f771f62763f38e.jpg


    Merry christmas ya silly old cat

  25. hello everyone today i had beat level 2 on uv i hope you like it well have a nice day   an also theres a issue with the door in this map





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