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  1. Today
  2. Hey buddy, I just wanted to say that there's no reason to take things personally, nobody is trying to upset you. I'm up front when I give advice, but in all honesty I did not think that I was even being blunt this time, nor did I intend in any way to be cruel or act like I was making fun of you. I was simply giving some generic advice in the most straightforward way, without any sarcasm. I understand that even talking online can be a lot of pressure sometimes, so don't feel bad about that. But you'd be doing yourself a disservice by walking away over constructive criticism. I looked at your Youtube channel and you seem like a genuine guy, and that's pretty rare to find on Youtube. You have a good voice, too. So please just try to realize that me and the other fellow you were talking to weren't out to hurt your feelings. I'm familiar with most people that are here, if someone was trying to be a jerk I'd let you know, but that isn't the case here. Take care man.

  3. I just uploaded Guntoberfest 2022.wad on ModDB...I hope they're going to make it available. We have to wait 24hrs...


  4. Third track.


    Probably won't post anymore tracks for a little while - gotta get back to making more stuff. I've got about 20 more tracks available right now, but maybe another 1-2 more are 'good' - most are just experiments I did as I began learning.


    Anyway, this is in the genre of chill / downtempo - although it is a little bit faster BPM than most conventional chill tracks.


    If you do happen to listen, I'd be happy to hear what you think - all of this is a learning process for me - I'm brand new to this.


    Thanks!! :D


  5. Yesterday
  6. doubt anyone will see this but if you do any kind of midi stuff could you hit me up cuz I've been trying to make songs for a while and I keep getting stuck trying to make things longer - I have some cool sounding sections but they're short and I still don't know how to bridge properly between them :/

    1. AD_79


      I don't have any super-concrete advice, but my usual approach involves listening to what I currently have done and then imagining where the piece wants to lead next, what a given section feels like flowing into in the place of that empty space. As a result of this, it feels less like I'm stringing sections together and trying to make them sound natural, and instead simply letting the track grow the way it wants to. This approach does tend to have the opposite effect where a lot of the results end up being fairly lengthy, and occasionally a little time-consuming to write as the "proper" way to continue isn't always obvious. It does also become a little tougher when I have a disconnected section later on in the song's runtime, in which case I usually just try to lead into it as naturally as I can. If that can't be done, I may simply delete that section and continue as usual.

  7. A shameless promotion of my video and my channel:

  8. On 8/31/2015 at 5:41 AM, Linguica said:

    Stupid BSP Trick 3: Oh Hey A Portal Sorta

    Building on the last thing, let's try and wrangle this occlusion trick into something more impressive.


    This level is a small little area where the player is trapped, and then a giant hellish area up outside the map that can't be accessed.


    Here's a closeup of the main area.

    Now what we need to do is mess with the NODES structure involving this subsector right here:


    The left side of this BSP dividing line points to subsector 17. When the engine gets this far down in the tree, it will draw subsector 17 and continue. But what if instead of the NODES structure jumping to subsector 17 at this point, it jumped to BSP node #20, which just happened to be the node that contains all of the hell stuff up north of the map? Wouldn't the engine just shrug and draw all that stuff instead?

    (Also I edit the division line here so that it's outside the main area of the map for other reasons, but that's secondary.)


    Oh hey it works! A "portal" in vanilla Doom!

    http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/hax/portal2.wad (not in ZDoom)

    On 9/3/2015 at 6:37 AM, Linguica said:

    I guess I should explain the trick in a little more detail.


    So this is the map as it looks in a map editor. As you can see, the slime area is entirely separate from the main area of the map. I have it vertically aligned from its "final" location, but that was more for the ease of hex editing than any necessity.


    Here's the root node of the BSP tree. As you can see, the main area and the slime area are both in their own separate "worlds" so to speak. This part is critical - if the nodes were built in such a way that bits of both were in the same node, it would be much more difficult, and probably impossible.


    Now let's zoom down to the bit of the main map we care about.


    Here it is zoomed in.

    So if you remember how the BSP tree works, all the engine does is test the player's position against an arbitrary line, and then descend to the node on either the front or back side of that line, where "front" and "back" are defined as from the player's current location. So what we want to do here is have the engine draw the green (front) side of this node split, and then instead of next drawing the blue (back) side, have the renderer jump to drawing the slime area instead. This is (relatively) trivially done, because the NODES structure doesn't have any sort of sanity checking or anything - you just go in and have the left side of this node point to the top node for the slime area, instead of the triangle subsector, and the engine will happy descend into the slime area and draw it instead!

    (Note: For this particular effect, I edited the partition line for this node to be outside the main map, so it would *always* register as hitting the "front" side of the line which would point to the green bit, and then the blue subsector would reroute to the slime area as the "back" side. Remember that partition lines are completely arbitrary as far as the engine is concerned, and here, we ALWAYS want the redirect to the slime area to be on the BACK side of a partition line. This is important because the engine ONLY checks the bounding box for the BACK side of a line to see if it can skip rendering the bit altogether, and we need that bounding box check to prevent the slime area from being rendered at certain other (bad) positions. This is kind of complex and not really the main point at the moment though.)

    Of course, this is only half the battle, because the slime area is still outside the main map, so it's not like it will appear right on the other side of the "window". So next you have to edit the VERTEXES and SEGS lumps as well.


    Basically, you imagine realigning the slime area into its "proper" position. Then you add new vertices to the VERTEXES lump that correspond with where the vertices for the slime area would properly be. Then you edit the segs for the slime area to use the new vertices you just created, instead of the ones associated with the linedefs the segs are tied to.

    Remember, the vanilla Doom engine doesn't care where segs are physically located. Every Doom node builder just created segs in the exact location of the linedefs they are derived from, but the vanilla Doom engine doesn't enforce this at all.

    So the outcome after doing all this is that when the engine is walking the BSP tree and gets to the node with the redirect to the slime area. Now it goes about drawing the subsectors in the slime area, which in other words, means drawing the segs associated with those subsectors. And since those segs have been manually edited to be on the other side of the window, they get drawn there and appear to be part of a non-euclidean space.

    So IMO a basic tool should sort of act like the following:


    👀 Sounds interesting.

  9. This isn't worth a post in and of its self but there is something about Doomworld that is so comfy. Not sure what it is or why I'm even writing this, but when it's late at night and I wrap up in a warm blanket and stare at my monitor, Doomworld is very comfy to scroll and post on. Play some Eno quietly in another tab and just see what these internet people have to say - whether it's about my favorite game, or maybe speed demos, or possibly source ports, Raven Software games, maybe even just some casual chatting in the Everything Else section. Not sure what it is about this site but feeling so connected to people who are passionate about the same thing feels nice - relaxing even. I've been on the site for over a year now and I meant to post something about my first year here but I never got around to it. I guess this will do.


    Happy to be here :D

    1. Endless


      I had the same feeling during my early years here, especially when browsing/reading the /newstuff Chronicles. It was a good way to let myself get lost in worlds from other POVs.

    2. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      People that are enthusiastic about communicating through what they love is exactly why I stick around, too.


      Glad to have you around, Dream.

  10. Last week
  11. Do u like my profile picture

  12. Completed Plutonia for the... I think the third time in my life, this time on Ultra-Violence (as my previous runs) but with pistol starts. It's the best commercial IWAD, but if I ever want to play an IWAD back to back, it'd be Ultimate Doom. Now, a run of Plutonia maps 1-20 something... why not. But the final stretch of Plutonia is just, ugh, I guess it's good, but lesser than the first two episodes or so.

  13. My youTube channel Nightmare 2989 - YouTube which is to help with with my mental health and my social issues I have a Discord Server if anyone interested just PM  

    1. Codename_Delta


      Okay, I hear discord server, and am interested

  14. None of your article links work :( Too bad, they seem like an interesting read! I hope you still have them saved somewhere.

    1. head_cannon


      Oh, they still work, but the website no longer brings you right to the correct comment because of this stupid "infinite scroll" tech it uses. I apologize for the amount of grief it takes, but in order to get to those megawad reviews:


      First you have to click on the link, THEN you have to scroll down the entire body of the article, THEN you have to wait for the comments section to finally load, THEN you have to click "Show All Replies", THEN you have to manually scroll down the comments until finally landing on one written under the pen name "The Demons". (At least that last step is easy because you can't miss all the screenshots.)


      That's an absurd amount of work to do for something so simple - I've heard a saying about web design that "for every click you add, you lose half your audience", and I really should just sign up for Medium or Wordpress and repost them there. I'm just fond of their original context, on an open forum for any kind of videogame recommendations: Talking shop with community members is great because we have a shared vernacular, but I quite enjoy the exercise of trying to explain why this is fun or why this is appealing when I'm speaking to someone who knows nothing about Doom.

    2. Scypek2


      Oh, it's a part of the comment section! I didn't see that coming... I see there's a option to get permalinks to comments, but rather shitty permalinks at that... I suppose that's in part a counterintuitive use of the feature on your part, but largely confusing design on their side. If the permalink just had a word like "comment" in the url, I might have figured it out.


      Now that I know what's up, this seems like a pretty alright format. Once I scroll and click, the right comment is actually at the top. May be a good idea to also reupload the writing elsewhere just in case, but a word of clarification next to the link would probably do the trick too.

    3. head_cannon


      You're absolutely right, I'm going to have to update my "About Me" profile with context & instructions. When I first made the profile back in 2020, The AV Club website's "link to comment" function still worked as intended, and your browser would drop you right on the linked comment thread so there was no ambiguity to it. I liked the convenience of how their system would let you add as many screenshots as you wanted without having to do the extra work of Imgur links or anything (and the activity on those weekly community-driven "open threads" was still bustling at that point since the members hadn't yet all quit in disgust and migrated over the The Avocado). But now it fails to do what it's supposed to do and drops you at the very top of the article instead, which is no help whatsoever. Thanks for pointing out that my shit was broken; I might have left it in that state indefinitely without the helpful prod.

  15. I got a date! I'm about to get fucked in the ass at over 155mph by a hurricane named Ian, I'm already getting wet!

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    2. Stupid Bunny

      Stupid Bunny

      Wow I didn't know you own a hotel

    3. TheMagicMushroomMan


      I only work here as somewhat of a manager/slave, although my family used to own it. House got foreclosed eight years ago so I've been living in a hotel room ever since. $2200/month to listen to crackheads having an orgy all night in the room next door.

    4. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      If you want to clear out the crackheads, you gotta start spending your evenings carrying a vacuum cleaner around while wailing "MAAAAAARIIIOOOOO". I didn't see no crackheads in Luigi's Mansion 3, is all I'm saying...


      Nice to hear you're alive, though.



  16. hahaha same

    ^^^ still the best user interface in any video game
    (i didnt add image at first i'm dummy)

    system shock's biggest design flaw is the fact that you can just save wherever. it would have been much better if there were like 2 max of the respawning zones per floor

    this is not a design flaw: having 20 individual digital inputs for control plus a mouse and window interface instead of mouselook. the controls of system shock, underworld and terra nova are actually great. close to wasd despite being fully digital (in practice, its not sensible to actually click around exclusively for movement).

    1. yakfak


      i consider UU one of the best games of all time and recognized the system shock layout immediately haha

      fave thing in UU was that right click did almost everything. massive improvement over far more recent rpg play schemes tbh

    2. heliumlamb


      the pre-thief looking glass ui and controls are definitely maximalist, yet at the same time streamlined just enough? it's strange, it's like moving the head and hands around separately. digital turning/tank-like controls in general make they way you interface with and move around an area feel different, i'm hesitant to say it but it really feels more impactful? that's at least what i noticed a few years back playing through doom, doom 64, marathon, and most of quake on a laptop without mouselook. they feel like completely different experiences to me that way

  17. New original electronic song! Bit of a chill one, although feels a little dystopian in places.


    I know I'm still starting out, but if you happen to like this song, feel free to use it in a Doom-related project!


    I've got about 3-4 more tracks that I feel okay about - going to be releasing them in the next little while.


    Feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated!


  18. This would be the alternate theme to HacX: The Aftermath.


  19. Eyup bro

    1. Mr. Freeze
    2. MrFroz


      Would never have thought I would see another Mr. F in here!

    3. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      I just discovered a Youtuber named Mr. Freeze, he does Hitman playthroughs. But I made this account on a Batman TAS kick and don't feel bothered to change it lol 

  20. I'm going to try and do this dumb project with my brother where we play doom but we treat it like a movie. If it actually happens it will be posted on youtube but I doubt it will happen.

  21. Something i feel like doing is collecting a bunch of links to stuff with opinions, observations, info, ideas etc about Doom.

  22. Giving the Heretic mapping thing another spin and... it's kind of working out. Lots of help from the 'share your textures' thread and simply thinking outside the box of what Heretic can be, combat-wise and thematically. Wing of Wrath-only map? Distorted Doom techbase textures in Heretic? Heretic void slaughtermaps?

    Shooting for a full episode in 3-4 months. 




    1. LadyMistDragon


      Love to see what you can do!

  23. Welcome to doomworld, Vegerot!


  24. The fun part with a proper weapon's rack is in multiplayer games. The first player gets the lower gun by crouching, the second one gets the middle one by walking by normally & the third player just needs to jump to get the upper weapon...


  25. Welcome to doomworld, Kallyavaldivia

  26. knowledge gained: if an atx power supply isn't 80 plus anything don't even bother, or expect it to go out within 5-6yrs. something was not good going on with the pci-e rail and the gpu anytime it needed Some use-juice and it would hard reboot under any demands. i am still going to take a multimeter to it. back to working on a tetanus base


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